Monday, July 28, 2008

Still here...

Yes....I'm still alive and kicking!!
Things are buzzing along nicely here. All the after school and weekend sports are back up and running now so there is little time to be idle (sigh).

I did however take a little time out during the weekend to spend time with my girls. We live very close to a nature reserve. Plenty of times we have walked through this reserve however we have never gone so far in that we have come across Lake that was our mission on Sunday. The girls took the dogs, I took my camera and off we went. It started out lovely and sunny and we did indeed find Lake Cooloongup, which looks more like a salt swamp than a lake. I had just pulled out my camera to start taking a few snaps when down came the rain. Oh dear, we had no choice but to walk home in the rain. It wasn't too bad, quite lovely actually, to walk in the rain...luckily it was light rain and not a torrential downpour!!!

We made it home safely although a little wet!!! I didn't end up with very many photos because as soon as the rain started, my camera went away!!
Here are a few I did manage...

Once we were home and changed out of our wet clothes, we decided to cook. We made a delicious Sultana Slice and then the girls made some yummy chocolate biscuits.
Here is the recipe for the Sultana Slice - it really is very easy and very yummy.
Sultana Slice
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups SR flour
1 cup coconut
1 cup sultanas
1 egg beaten
1 tablespoon Golden Syrup (or honey)
4 oz butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
Melt butter, mix in all dry ingredients. Add golden syrup, beaten egg and vanilla.
Press into a greased tray. Cook in moderate oven for 15-20 minutes.
Ice with lemon icing or sesame seeds.
No scrapping to share as I've been a busy little bee sewing things for a sewing swap that the girls and I are in over at Mel Goodsell's blog. I'm loving all the little sewing things I've been doing- great fun and very relaxing!!!
Anyway must go- time for a shower and bed!!!
Have a great week.
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just quickly...

Look what I've been given....

.... by the gorgeous Julie! Thanks so much Julie!!!
I get to award this on to other blogs I love to read however I'll do that on the weekend.
As you may know, school's back and this term I'm working full time. I'm three days in and doing just fine at the moment. I didn't really want to be full time however it is only for this term as my tandem teacher is on long service leave. One bonus- I know I'll be smiling on pay days!
I will definitely miss my days off however I'm sure 10 weeks will fly by.
Anyway must go- hope you are all keeping dry and warm.
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Sunday.

My girls and I did indeed go into Perth on Friday- we braved the wild stormy weather that was happening in Perth but it was all good because we got to have lunch with Mum, do a bit of secret squirrel shopping (he he he) and also catch up with Dad.
On the way home we went via Kim's house and picked up Taylah, who was coming for a sleep over! Taylah, Emma and Sarah had an absolute ball.... as you can see! I think every dress up in the entire house was on my family room floor at one stage!!! All good however- they had a great time, I got some classic photos and it was easily cleaned!

We had to be up and out early on Saturday morning for netball. Emma and Sarah's teams both won and after netball we had a couple of extra sweeties come over for some more fun.
Morgan and Beth came to join in the fun!! It was only the three little ones who dressed up this time- Beth and Sarah got into the big box of scrap stash and scrap booked away happily. After a while Taylah, Morgan and Emma joined them and the girls all scrapped up a storm!!!

About 5ish Kim and Lian came to collect their little possums and ended up staying for a wine (or two) and nibbles!!! Yay- my sort of end to an afternoon. Thanks girls, the little ones for playing and behaving so well and the big ones for having a drink or two of wine and a catch up with me!!!

I've been scrapping too..... more challenges!
K5. Do a non-person layout. Ops, I hope these little chipboard people don't count- ops...too bad if they do, LOL, layout's done now!!!

K10. Create a layout using only products from the June Tarisota collection.

K9. Use a diecut shape/picture on a layout. How cute is that cup cake!! The other day I got to have a play with Kim's cricut- super little toy!! Thanks Kim!!!

J4. Scrap a LO about your husband. (Photo of husband- optional) This is the first photo of Adam and I together- one of those self portrait ones!!! Bit dodgy looking aren't we!!!
Well that brings us to today- while I'm doing this, I'm also cracking the whip...both my girls' bedrooms look like disaster zones and they are both in their rooms cleaning away- I had better go and crack the whip, ops I mean supervise some more!!! LOL!!
I hope your day is fabulous!!
love Janine xxx

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still busy, busy, busy!!!!

Hey there!!! I'm in such a happy, happy, happy mood at the moment!!! These holidays have been fantastic although I'm very sad that they are nearly over (boo hoo) - I'm really happy that they have been so wonderful- IYKWIM.

Tuesday, while I was cleaning away, my friend Leanne rang me and said she was organizing a group of girls to go out to dinner and then go and see Sex and the City- was I interested?- WELL YES!!!!

So Tuesday night Leanne, Marlene, Sally, Lian and myself went out to dinner at Bambinos. The dinner was delish- I had chilli prawns and vegies- mmm mmm I'll definitely be going back for more!!! We then went to see Sex and the City- what a GREAT movie. I loved the TV series and I was not disappointed with the movie- I laughed, I cried and laughed some more- It was fantastic. Afterward we all went back to Leanne's for wine and coffee- such a great night. I love nights like this and we have all agreed we NEED to do it again soon!!!

Wednesday- Leanne and I took 9 kids ten pin bowling!!!! We didn't bowl but all the kids did. I had Emma's friend Kira with me for the day as she was meant to come ice skating with us on Monday but couldn't at the last minute. After the bowling and lunch Leanne asked Sarah back to play with Kaitlyn and Taylor. I took Emma and Kira home with me and the little cherubs cooked cup cakes- making a total mess of my kitchen. Never mind- easily cleaned and they had the cup cakes were yummo!!!

Tuesday afternoon the girls played happily while I cleaned!! My wonderful husband bought me a new printer so I totally cleaned out our study. Our study was more of a dumping ground than a study so it took me a good few hours to go through it and really sort it but now it looks sparkling and my new printer is set up and working beautifully- in fact I love it!!! I've printed out lots of photos already!!! Woo hoo!!!
Late in the afternoon Leanne rang to ask if Sarah could sleep over, so with one less child in our house, Emma asked if Kira could sleep at our place.... so I ended up with two anyway!!! The girls were very good, in fact, no trouble at all.

That brings us to today- I made Emma and Kira pancakes for breakfast and the girls then amused themselves while I cleaned some more- never ending isn't it!!! Just after lunch Sarah was dropped home and I dropped Kira home - in time to pick up Aunty Loraine..... the girls and I took her out to afternoon tea- mmm cake and coffee at Y2K-yum yum!!!

Tonight I have made a very delicious chicken and vegetable soup and I've managed to scrap another challenge!! I've now complete K10. Create a layout using only products from the June Tarisota collection - boy was it a challenge, I so wanted to use other bits and pieces but I refrained and I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. I'll photograph it tomorrow and show you- promise! :)
Here is J5. Scrap a LO that has the word FRIEND/FRIENDSHIP in the title.
I scrapped this Tuesday in between cleaning!!!

My plans for tomorrow have changed as Dad has to come to Perth tomorrow for day surgery- (last minute thing) so the girls and I are going to catch the train to Perth about lunch time and have lunch with Mum.
Let me divert here for a sec- a few weeks ago my wonderful husband asked me what I would like for my birthday (I'm 40 very soon- eeeekkk!!). Well I said I wouldn't mind this or that but what I would really like is xxxxxx- not expecting any more than a grunt.
Well tonight DH says "While you are in Perth tomorrow, seeing your Mum, you had better order xxxxxx (it has to be ordered) and give me the details so I can pick it up before your birthday"-WOO HOO, how happy am I???? I really couldn't believe my ears!!! Doing the happy dance here!!! Sorry but I'm not letting on to what xxxx is, just in case I jinx myself- however I'll be sure to share when I'm 40!!!!!!

So this happy little camper is signing off now- I so hope your day is wonderful!!!!(Yes- I'm still smiling!!!)
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!!!

We are still loving the school holidays!!! Boo hoo- they are far too short!!

Sunday- the girls and I went to Emily's birthday party. It was at The Steel Tree Restaurant and man the food was delicious!!! I have a new favourite sweets too- an afagatto with baileys- mmmm mmmmm very scrummo!!!
Here is the gorgeous birthday girl-
and check out these two cuties!!!

And my other cutie who (boo hoo) will be 11 before I know it. After the yummo scrummo meal we took all the kids to the park across the road and played some very hilarious party games. It was such a great day and the weather was beautiful!!!!
Ice skating- YAY!! This is becoming a set activity that we do each holidays and the kids love it!!
These fabulous kiddos were so well behaved- the only downer was that Maursie was meant to come too however Connor wasn't very well so she gave it a miss! Hey Miss Maurise- we'll be going next school holiday so you will definitely have to come then!!!!
Here are some random shots from the skating session-

After skating Kim and I took the kids to Gateways SC for lunch and a wander around the shops. Look what Miss Taylah (well, Kim) bought for my little Miss Emma-
Taylah has the other half of the heart that says "BEST". Emma tells me she is going to wear it forever and ever because Taylah is going to be her best friend forever and ever- too, too sweet!
Today I'm at home washing, vacuuming, cleaning, etc etc- all the boring stuff!! It is a good day to stay home as it is raining. I'm hoping to get some more scrapping done a little later!!!
I had better go- it is 11:25 and I'm still in my jammies!!!!
Have a great day!
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wow- this is post # 200!!!

200 posts- well I'll be!!!

Our happy household is still enjoying the holidays!!
I didn't actually scrap on Thursday night as I had planned, rather I spent some quality time with my wonderful husband. It was a weird feeling however having no kids in the house- I missed them and was really pleased to see them when I got to Kim's on Friday. The girls had an absolute blast and didn't want to leave. Thanks again Kim!!!

Today- oh, before I tell you about today-
Kim's DD turns 11 today! All here in the King house wish you a wonderful day Emily- pop over to Kim's blog and wish Emily a Happy Birthday- she'll be thrilled!!!!

This morning, my girls were slothing around on the lounge and still in their pjs at 11am so I cracked the whip, made them get dressed and we hit the shops. We went down to Mandurah and boy did we shop!!! Four or so hours later, we staggered back to the car with all our bargains!! Lots of shops are having sales at the moment so we all got some new goodies!!! I was especially pleased to get some new skinny leg jeans so now I can wear my new rocking red boots to Miss Emily's party tomorrow!!! Both the girls scored new clothes- not that they need any!!!

Yay- I also have some scrapping to share-

J1.Scrap a LO using no patterned paper.

J8. Scrap a LO using the journaling rub on we bought (bird or owl)

Tonight I hope to get another LO or two finished- I'm seriously loving this holiday challenge Kim and I have got going. Maursie has joined in too- woo hoo- check out her rockin' LOs on her blog!!! I'm now half way through- yep, 10/20 LOs done!!!!

Please stay safe and remember to snuggle cuddle your loved ones!!!
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh man, my house is quiet......

I'm kidless...... again!

The very brave Kim took my girls home with her (and her girls) this afternoon for a sleep over! All the girls were SUPER excited and I see Kim's point - the girls will all keep each other company and she'll have time to scrap- well here's hoping anyway!!! Thanks Kim- you're a gem!

So....that means my house is very quiet and very empty (DH is still at work). I may just have to scrap myself- yay!!!

I managed three more challenges yesterday as I was kidless yesterday too! During Tuesday my friend Jodie and I played phone tag, leaving message after message for each other before we finally caught up Tuesday night. Jodie invited Emma (with her daughter Kira) to go to a basketball clinic for the morning and then a play in the afternoon. So Jodie picked Emma up at 8:30 in the morning and I didn't see her until 5 that afternoon. Just after I got off the phone from Jodie, Gracie rang and invited Sarah over to play so off she went too. No kids all day!

I did do several loads of washing and other bits of house work before I started scrapping.
K1. Complete an online challenge & link the website when you upload.

This is this month's scrapjack for Aussie Scrapjack. We got to scrapjack Zina Wright. I found Zina a little challenging to scrapjack as her style is so unique, so Zina!!! I am pleased with how this LO has turned out and I just love this photo of Emma- it is SO her!!!!

J3. Scrap a LO that uses a song title or song lyrics as the LO title.

K4. Use more than 10 eyelets or brads on a single layout.

I've used 12 brads- they are on the wings and the body of the butterfly.
I love this Irish Blessing. It says "May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun. And find your shoulder to light on. To bring you luck, happiness and riches. Today, tomorrow and beyond."
This morning both my girls had dentist appointments. Straight after the dentist we met Kim at the cinema with her girls and we went and saw MAMMA MIA!!! WOW- what a great movie. We loved it!! My toes were tapping the whole way through. Kim gave me a copy of the Mamma Mia soundtrack CD and I've been bopping away to it in my car- love that too!!!
I highly recommend Mamma Mia, in fact I would love to see it again.
After the movie, Kim and I took the girls out to lunch. We went to Betty Blues again- boy their food is delicious!!! I ate far too much but it was YUMMY!!! That is how my girls ended up at Kim's house- they followed her home after lunch- LOL, not really!!!
Kim just messaged and she is scrapping and the girls are behaving- thank goodness!!!!
Anyway I must go and get scrapping- I have no excuse tonight for not getting some more LOs finished!
Hope your day is wonderful.
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another one down...

I have managed another challenge!! Woo hoo!!!

J6. Kim scrap lift one of Janine’s LOs and Janine scrap lift one of Kim’s LOs.

Here is my LO and below is Kim's.

I love both LOs- thanks Kim, I loved scrap lifting you!!! :)

In other news, this special girl received the sacrament of reconciliation for the first time today.

Afterwards, Emma, Sarah and I went out to celebrate with a yummo scrummo lunch at Betty Blues. We then continued to celebrate and went shopping!!! The surf shop just around the corner from Betty Blues was having a sale- he he he ..... say no more, we came out with a nice big bag of goodies!!!! I {heart} shopping!!!
Check out this photo- it was one I snapped in Betty Blues. Check out Sarah's hair colour...NO I haven't dyed her hair, this is totally natural!!! Stunningly beautiful isn't it????

After our little shopping spree at the surf shop, we went to our local shopping centre where Sarah scored some new ugg boots and some new black boots!!! Lucky possum!!!
We then met up with friends for coffee and cake down the foreshore. Kim, Lian and I managed to survive coffee and cake with all seven of our kiddos without too much drama and the kids even got a play in the park across the road. We then relocated ourselves to Lian's house for a wine- all in all, a fabulous day!! I love catching up with friends, whether it be coffee or is so good for the soul to spend time with friends!! I love it...thanks Kim and Lian!!!!

I'm home now and hopefully I'll be able to scrap another LO tonight.
Be happy and stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Monday, July 07, 2008

More scrapping....

Last night I managed to finish two more 'holiday challenges'-

K2. Use a Grungeboard alphabet on a layout.

The word 'beyond' are grungeborad letters that I have inked.

J10. Scrap school photo/s – the professional ones we pay for every year and never scrap!!!

Hmmm, I really should try harder when I photograph my LOs...they're all so crooked- sorry!!!

I have been busy cleaning, washing, vacuuming, washing floors etc this morning. Grace has gone home now so it is just me and my girls. The girls are happily playing MarioKart- again, so I am going to see if I can scrap another challenge or two before we head out later this afternoon.
My friend Lian has organised for a group of us to go and see the West Coast Fever play against NSW Swifts tonight at Challenge Stadium. The girls and I are really looking forward to it, it should be a good game!!! (West Coast Fever is the WA netball team).

That's all folks!!!!

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Woo hoo- the holidays are finally here!!!! Yeeee haaaa!!! I {heart} holidays!!!!

Not that my life has slowed down, in fact I have been as busy as ever!!! Friday night the girls still had basketball, so I braved the cold and sat through three games of basketball when I would have much rather been at home. Never mind, once I got home I had a well deserved glass of wine and scrapped my first 'holiday challenge' LO.
Here is my first challenge- K3. Create a layout using the sketch shown below.

The girls didn't have netball on Saturday morning however they still had acrobatics. After acro Grace came home with us and myself, Sarah, Emma and Grace all went off to the movies. Emma has been filling in for her friend Kira's basketball team and the team had a holiday outing so they invited Emma Sarah, Grace and I went too. We went to the movies and saw Get Smart. I enjoyed it but I think some of the jokes went over the girls' heads. After the movies we all went to Hungry Jacks for a snack!! The kids loved this and played away happily until all the parents finally dragged them away!!!
Grace slept over because Marlene and Macca were going to a 40th. We had a wonderful time playing with the new MarioKart Wii game I bought while the girls were at acro. I bought an extra steering wheel too so we spent the night racing each other- great family fun!!! I made the girls go to bed reasonably early as Grace and Sarah had to get up for a basketball carnival Sunday morning. Grrr- my normally quiet street wasn't so quiet last night. A house about five house down from me had a rather noisy party- now I'm not one to deny people a good party however there were people everywhere, walking (or rather staggering) up and down our street, past our house all the time. Bottles were being smashed on the road and the party goers were generally being a pain. Rusty kept barking at all the noisy drunks staggering by. The police were eventually called however I was awake much longer than I had anticipated.
I did manage to finish a LO while all this was going on!!!
K8. Scrap a layout using no card stock and at least two patterned papers
There are two pp on this LO- the blue one and the second is the black Rusty Pickle paper surrounding the photo.

Sunday morning I was up and organized early. I prepared a curry in the slow cooker and even made the girls home made bacon and egg muffin burgers for breakfast!! Then we were off- Sarah and Grace had to play in a basketball carnival at Willetton. They played well, winning two of their three games and only losing the third game by two goals.
Emma stayed at home with Adam and when we got back here the girls (Grace was still with me) made cup cakes. A week or so ago I bought these gorgeous silicone star shaped patty pans and the girls were itching to try them out. I let all three loose in the kitchen and they cooked up a storm. I scrapped while they cooked. They even made the icing themselves- can you tell!!!!
Do not adjust your computer- this is really the colour of the icing!!!! Despite the in-your-face colour, the cakes actually taste yummy!!!

Tonight Grace is still here- she has managed to score another sleep over so all three girls are watching Gladiators. We have eaten our scrummo yummo curry and I'm just about to top up my wine and keep scrapping!!
I hope your day is wonderful!
Be happy,
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, July 03, 2008

July Holiday Challenges!!!

Well I won't be here at 3pm tomorrow afternoon as I'll be at work and I don't want to be square so here are Kim and my July holiday challenges!!!!

J1.Scrap a LO using no patterned paper.
J2. Scrap a LO that has a ‘sports’ theme.
J3. Scrap a LO that uses a song title or song lyrics as the LO title.
J4. Scrap a LO about your husband. (Photo of husband- optional)
J5. Scrap a LO that has the word FRIEND/FRIENDSHIP in the title.
J6. Kim scrap lift one of Janine’s LOs and Janine scrap lift one of Kim’s LOs.
J7. Scrap a LO that contains both black & white and colour photos.
J8. Scrap a LO using the journaling rub on we bought (bird or owl)
J9. Scrap a LO using one of your childhood photos.
J10. Scrap school photo/s – the professional ones we pay for every year and never scrap!!!

K1. Complete an online challenge & link the website when you upload
K2. Use a Grungeboard alphabet on a layout.
K3. Create a layout using the sketch shown below.
K4. Use more than 10 eyelets or brads on a single layout
K5. Do a non-person layout
K6. Use purple & yellow as a colour combination
K7. Scrap a layout for a current magazine submission theme
K8. Scrap a layout using no cardstock and at least two patterned papers
K9. Use a diecut shape/picture on a layout
K10. Create a layout using only products from the June Tarisota collection

Please join us!

Must go- less than 17 hours until I'm on holidays- yeeeeee hhhhaaaarrrrr!!!

Be happy!
love Janine xxx

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kalgoorlie and Kung Fu!!

Okay, here is my mini review about my Kalgoorlie adventure!!! I crammed so much into such a short time and had very little sleep but boy was it FUN!!!Here is my oldest buddy Karen. Karen and I met at Castletown Primary School in year one. We have been friends ever since. We went to school together all through primary school and then for years 8, 9 and 10 of high school(Esperance Senior High School). At the end of year 10, Karen's family moved to Perth however we remained close friends. We have both married and have become mothers but remain certain friends.

I set the alarm for 3:45am on Saturday morning, got up and got myself organized and got to the airport about 5:30. (it takes about an hour to drive to the airport from my house) I checked in and the plane flew off at 6:15 right on schedule. My Aunty Elvie met me at the airport and I went back to her house for breakfast. After breakfast Elvie and I went into Kalgoorlie and went shopping. I bought Karen's birthday present - a voucher from LUSH (beauty/massage place) and we had a wander around the shops and did some more shopping. I had to buy some new shoes as I only had leather ballet pump type shoes on and my toes we freezing...any excuse, I know!!!
Elvie had to go to work at 11am so I borrowed her car to go and catch up with Karen. Karen, myself and three other friends went off out to lunch and we had a heap of laughs. It was so good... we reminisced about the 'old days' !!! After lunch the five of us wandered the shops and shopped some more!! I bought this most gorgeous pair of red boots- I love them!!!! They are an "I Love Billy" brand and very scrummo indeed...and they were on sale- wooo hooo!!
About 3 pm we all went our own ways and I caught back up with Elvie. Elvie took me on a tour around Kalgoorlie and Boulder. We drove past old houses where my grandparents and my parents used to live. We visited the Super Pit and finally we made it home to Elvie's.
I showered and got ready for the party and Elvie dropped me off at about 6.30.
I talked, drank, took photos, danced, laughed and reminisced ALL night. By 4pm I could stay awake no longer and headed off to bed (well the mattress on the floor in Karen's lounge room!!!) I slept like a log until Karen's gorgeous kids woke me about 7. I got up and made coffees for everyone- there were people who hadn't yet gone to bed!!!!!
Eventually I got Karen's Mum to drop me back at Elvie's about 11am and Elvie and I went off to catch up with her son, my cousin. We stay for a while and then Elvie and I went out to a great little cafe for lunch. After lunch we went to catch up with my cousin and her family. When we got there my other aunty and uncle, my other cousin and her husband and my cousin who I haven't seen since I was 17 were there. I was sssooo good to chat and catch up. I honestly could have chatted ALL night(again)!!!

Alas I had a plane to catch. Unfortunately my plane was delayed several hours but I eventually made it back to Perth and home to my wonderful family. I was extremely tired but so, so happy that I had had such a wonderful weekend and caught up with so many wonderful friends and family members!!! I have heaps on photos- both good, bad and ugly from Karen's party- I may just have to scrap her a mini album!!!!

And what made the weekend even better... when I arrived home, everything had run smoothly here and the house was clean, kids and dogs fed and husband happy- what more could I ask!!!!

Well there you mini Kalgoorlie adventure, one I will remember for a long time- HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!

Tonight (Wednesday) Adam, the girls and I went to see Kung Fu Panda!! What a fabulous movie. The school had a fun raising night at the movies and I even won a raffle prize- woo hoo -way to go!!! This is such a good movie- we all loved it.

Anyway I must go and don't forget to check back soon for Kim and my school holiday challenges- starts Friday 3pm, be there or be square!!!

Be happy and keep warm!!!
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Time for an update!

Busy, busy, busy, busy!!! I've hardly had time to scratch myself in the last week but here I am, finally updating!!!
Let me go back to last week-
Thursday- I was a parent helper for Sarah's class excursion to Scitech, which was fantastic because I took my camera along!!!! We were up and organized early as the bus left the school at 8am sharp! We arrived at Scitech and went straight into a viewing at The Planetarium- WOW- this was great. The Planetarium is an indoor theatre that presents high tech multi-media shows about our night sky, the solar system and beyond. The digital projection system accurately displays stars, planets and other celestial bodies on its dome screen, allowing you to journey through space without ever leaving your seat.
After that we had morning tea and then each group could go with their parent helper and explore Scitech. I had five fantastic girls in my group and we had a ball!!! The girls behaved beautifully and I just followed along taking photos!!! Cool huh!!

Here is just one- this is Sarah playing with this air blower thing. There are so many fantastic things to see at Scitech that I think I might go back during the school holidays and spend a day there with both my girls!!! (Marlene, Kim- you interested?????)

After we explored, it was time for lunch. Then we had to head back to school...however one of the teacher heard on the radio that a whale had washed up on the beach in Safety Bay. (Safety Bay is the next suburb to the school) We diverted the bus slightly and did a bit of impromptu adventuring. Off this group of 27 kids and 6 adults went and we found the washed up whale- unfortunately it was dead but an interesting source of conversation anyway!!!

Here it is.. It was an 18 month old humpback whale which probably died from an illness and then was half eaten by killer whales and sharks. What a wonderful impromptu lesson the kids had!!! We arrived back just in time for the end of the day siren but over an hour after we were meant to!!!
Friday- I had to work on Friday and the day was fine until after school when I walked out to my car to go and collect my girls. During the day, some *&@*@* had hit my car!!! I was fuming. Across the back bumper is a lovely big scratch. Grrr, I can't believe that someone hit my car and then failed to do anything- yep, no note was left, nothing. Boy was I pi***d off. I was spitting chips. When I finally got to pick up my girls Emma greeted me with this hugest smile and an honour certificate in her hand. She was so excited that my anger just melted away. Both the girls had their reports with them and once I had read them, my whole attitude changed. The girls had received brilliant reports and really my car can be fixed so... I'm over it. But watch out whoever hit my car...I believe in KARMA!!!
Then on Friday night (after 3 games of basketball) I packed my bags ready for my mini adventure to Kalgoorlie. I'll update on my weekend away next post!!!
Monday- I managed to drag myself out of bed for school. Then that brings us to today!!! YAY- today my partner-in-crime and I went off on a scrap shopping adventure. I love days like this!!! We dropped our kids at school and then off we went. We stopped at Just Scrapbooking first for a spend up. Then we went up to Scrapbooks From The Heart for some more spending- yeee haaa!!! We also visited The Catholic Corner so I could get some things for Emma as she has her First Reconciliation next week. Then off to Carousel Shopping Centre for lunch and some more shopping!!!! I had a great day- Thanks Kim!! I have well and truly stocked up on my scrapping supplies so that this weekend Kim and I can start our holiday challenge again!! Check back in on Friday or Saturday to see our challenges this time around...and of course you are welcome to join us if you like!!!
I really must go- Adam is home from indoor cricket and I'm off to spend some time with him- I'll update you on my fantastic Kalgoorlie trip next post...promise!!!
Stay safe and stay warm!!!
Love Janine xxx