Monday, December 31, 2007

Auld Lang Syne time...

2007 is all but done!!!

This time last year we were in Surfer's Paradise celebrating in the New Year on the beach watching the fire works! I have heard it has been cancelled tonight due to weather conditions- sad shame because it was fabulous last year.

Today has been a fairly laid back type of day. Adam had today off work so we took the kidlets for a swim. Very relaxing. I also managed to squeeze in my Aussie Scrapjack- LOL, nothing like leaving it until the last minute- AGAIN!!!

December's jackee was Sarah VanWijck- I loved doing this LO "Meet Rusty" it just fell right into place- Thanks Sarah!!!
If you are out celebrating tonight - stay safe and look out for the people around you.
See you in 2008 and thank you for reading along in 2007.
Just before I go- sing with me!!!
For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll tak a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne!

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Life is still busy...

It is school holidays, Christmas is over and yet life still buzzes along at 300 km an hour!!! I was hoping after the hullabaloo of Christmas, that life would slow down - no chance!!!

Look at this girl!
I took this photo on Boxing day evening as we started to explore some of our Christmas presents. This game is called Blokus and we love it. Emma doesn't quite get it but Adam, Sarah & I do so the challenge is on... we love it!! Anyone else got it? Great game isn't it?

After all the sweet sugary foods we ate at Christmas we decide on a healthy breakfast on the 29th- I ate fruit kebabs too- very yummy. In fact we have been eating heaps of fruit since then - yummo it has been delicious!!! Watermelon, pineapple, bananas- mmmm mmm yummo!!!
Later that day I took 6 little gorgeous girls to see Enchanted. I thought we had better start using the pile of movie tickets that Santa left for us!!! Very romantic movie- very girly!!!! Oh I wish life was that easy- true love's kiss being the most powerful thing in the world! Dream on!!!
I also did a heap of housework- grr Santa didn't leave me a voucher for a house cleaner- grr!
Yesterday, Adam & I spent the day at the Hopman Cup. We were given tickets to a court side corporate box- very flash. It was fantastic actually - all food and drink provided and we were court side- so saw all the action. I took a squillion photos however my camera felt very amateurish after looking at all the professional photographers that sat infront of our box (even when I used my big zoom lens!) Comforting thought however that every professional had a CANON!!!!! The game was great- USA ended up beating India (2 - 1) but they were all good matches and the food and drinks in the box were excellent!!! Yum yum!!!
By the time we got back to Rockingham to pick up the kidlets, I was exhausted so didn't stay long at our friend's house dispute all the encouragement!!!!
Sunday-- well I was hoping for a sleep in, no such luck!! We had a street BBQ at lunch time today. We normally have a street get-together before Christmas however this year we just didn't get it sorted so today was the day... and it was a beautiful day. Lots of good company, good food and too much good wine!!! LOL!!!
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve... and I'm hoping for a sleep in- LOL!!!
New Year's Resolutions... does anyone make any? Does anyone keep them? What are yours? Hmmm- I will have to think about mine!!!
Have a great night!! Stay safe.
love Janine xxx
ETA- New Year's Resolution- I want these! And some of this would be nice!! :0)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

All over, red rover...

Yes, Christmas has come and gone again!
We had such a wonderful day and it all started like this....

See how two little pairs of hands are opening that present! Well, that is exactly how I planned it- all about FAMILY and SHARING. Apart from books and clothes, nearly all the girls' presents were share presents for our whole family. By family presents I mean - a family pass to Adventure World, a family voucher for a wildlife encounter at Penguin Island, movie tickets for all of us, a Wii, four different board games, Nintendo DS games, a family voucher for ice skating and of course RUSTY our gorgeous puppy who joined our family a few days before Christmas. It was great seeing the girls open the presents together. I'm so pleased and proud of them.

Don't think that they missed out on individual presents... they didn't. My parents, my brother, Adam's parents, Adam's brothers, family friends- all spoilt the girls! I was impressed with all their goodies and so were they!!

The day started with us opening our presents at our house and then mid morning we set off to Bunbury. We stopped in for an hour or so at my Mum and Dad's house before going to Adam's parents for lunch. There were lots of extended family- Nana, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunts, Great Uncles, cousins etc- 18 of us in all. Lunch consisted of great company, great food, great wine and great presents! About 4 in the afternoon we went with Adam's brother, wife and kids back to their house for a swim- and more wine for Cherie and I!!!

At about 7pm we made our way back to my parent's house for more great company, great food, great wine and more great presents.

We ended up going to bed at about 11pm- very well fed and exhausted!

Adam's Dad takes a family photo every Christmas day- here we are- all very happy chappies!!!
Boxing Day was a scorcher- Adam and his brother Simon went fishing in Simon's boat most of the day so the girls and I slothed at Mum's (in the air conditioning!!!!). We left Bunbury about 6.30pm to drive home when it had cooled down a little.

Today Adam had to work however before he left he set up the Wii. Well, we all laughed ourselves silly as we created our Mii people!! So much fun! The girls have been playing Wii most of the day. Adam's parents dropped in for lunch and when Grandad had a go- we all roared with laughter again!! It is such a fantastic game. The girls received High School Musical for the Wii and they have had fun with that but the one I like is Wii Sports!! Fabulous!!!

I hope everyone else had an excellent Christmas and remembered to enjoy themselves!!!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Monday, December 24, 2007

Last minute share!

Well, with only one more sleep until Christmas...if I'm not organized now, I'll never be!!! LOL!

I thought I would share a few things from the past couple of days. Firstly sewing- I'm loving stitching things at the moment!!! A while back I bought some Doves of Peace kits through Ngaire's blog. She was making them and donating the money to NBCF, so I bought ten kits! I gave one to Kim (she had to sew it herself!) and the rest I made for family and friends. This one, despite still hanging on my tree with fly off tomorrow to my Mum's.

I decided to jazz up the one that would remain on my tree. Instead of making paper wings, I made felt ones and added lots of sparkle!! I added bells for feet instead on beads! Cute huh?

More stitching. The gorgeous Leeann sent me all the bits and pieces to make these divine decorations. I've added a few personal touches to some- THANKS LEEANN, you're a gem!

This sweet angel pattern is from Better Homes and Gardens. Emma chose the colours and has claimed this one as hers!
Now I'm on holidays so I've been blog hopping a bit! I found this gorgeous tree pattern on Mel Goodsell's blog and just had to make one myself. I think I will need to make more of these and create a little forest.
As well as stitching, the girls and I have been beading. I was at Spotlight and found some cute bead kits in the clearance section for $1.50 so bought a few. I also had some kits that I bought from Kim Archer's shop. Here is Sarah modelling two that she made.

Thought I would throw in a photo of Sarah's Nutcrackers...just because!!

Check out these yummy looking reindeers. The gorgeous Nic Wright made some similar to these and put them up in the gallery of Scrapboxx. I copied except I used raspberries for noses and M&Ms for eyes!!

I thought I would leave you with two photos of our fur babies. Rusty has fitted right in and our old Jack Russell Chloe loves him. It is so sweet to see them play together. I think it has given Chloe a new lease on life!! They even sleep together in the kennel at night- aawwwwww.
I would like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and please stay safe, enjoy your day, spent lots of quality time with your family and most of all- RELAX!!!

Love Janine xxx
ETA: We have just come home from Mass at the girls' school, we have the Ginger Beer and Ginger nut biscuits ready to put out for Santa (as he requested when the girls visited him!!!), we have carrots and a bucket of water out for the reindeer and we have heard on the news that Santa has left the North Pole- so once again... have a wonderful day tomorrow and remember "Your children need your presence more than your presents"

Friday, December 21, 2007

Meet 'RUSTY'

Isn't he just gorgeous!!! This is the newest addition to our family- Rusty. He is an 11 week old Jack Russell pup and he's totally adorable!!!!

Emma hasn't let him out of her sight yet and I don't blame her- he's just so cute. I have taken a squillion photos of him already!! Great scrapping subject isn't he???
In other news- Sarah had her expansion plate removed this morning, moulds made and then went back this afternoon to have a retaining plate fitted- you can see the wire across her teeth in this beaming photo. The orthodontist is really pleased. I just pay the bills- LOL!!!
I still have a few more things to do before Christmas however I'm sure they'll all get done- yeah, yeah, yeah!!!
Stay safe and drive carefully on the roads.
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today's share.

Another day closer until the big man in red comes!!!!

Well, this morning I had nothing planned so I did a few loads of washing etc- you know ...boring stuff but I decided to wrap all the presents for our family. Grr, no gift tags.... no worries- Emma and I made gift tags!!!! This is not an original idea- Mardi made gorgeous tags similar to these in the Kim Archer Christmas Spectacular. Emma had fun stamping away with the spud stamps that I made then I finished the tags off- great fun for all!!!

Taaa daaa- Some of the finished products!!!
This afternoon I dropped the girls with Aunty Lorraine while I did some more power shopping for them. I have only a few things to pick up and their Christmas shopping will be finished. Adam and I exchanged a squillion phone calls today as we are very close to purchasing the girl's main present- a new puppy. We are pretty sure we have narrowed one down and hopefully - all going well, Adam will pick up our new family member tomorrow!! I'm SO excited!! I am nearly bursting to get my hands on a new puppy!!! I so hope it all goes well tomorrow- I'll keep you posted!!!!
This afternoon I took the kids for a play and swim at Aquajetty. The kids swam and had fun, I stitched some delicious felt Christmas decorations (the yummy ones from Foxy Mumma)- all in all- a lovely afternoon. Will share tomorrow!!
So... with only a handful of days until Christmas, I'm now confident that I will get all my Christmas shopping done- yyyeeee hhhhaaaaa!
Stay safe and remember to RELAX...Christmas is supposed to be FUN!!!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today's fun.

Another fun day! Yee haaa I'm loving the school holidays.

Sarah has been at a birthday party since 11:15 this morning (it is 6.30pm now and I still haven't had a call to pick her up yet!!!) so Emma and I hit the shops for some power shopping! We went down to Mandurah Forum and I bought heaps of Christmas presents- I love shopping!!! I was able to finish all the shopping for my family and even snuck a few things in for the girls!!

As Sarah was off having fun with her friends, I showed Emma how to make one of these-

It is a 'jube ball'. I snitched the idea from Mel Goodsell's blog. Emma had great fun and it is now hanging on our tree.

Check out this cute cup. While I was at Spotlight buying a Styrofoam ball for the jube ball I spotted this coffee cup and couldn't resist!! Sweet isn't it!!

Stay safe and enjoy the silly season!!
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Look what we made today....

Yummo!! We had a few things to do today and I even managed to fit in a bit more Christmas shopping but this afternoon we made GINGERBREAD MEN!!! It was fun! I love doing fun things with my girls!!!

We have sampled a few too and they are YUMMY!!!!
Check out this cute guy- This gorgeous Santa is my wine bottle cork! I bought him the other day and gave one to Kim too- cute aren't they- inexpensive and great presents...even for yourself- LOL!!!

I missed a courier dropping something off at my house yesterday, he left a card, so I rang and he is going to drop it(??????) off tomorrow. How exciting...I have no idea what this something is. I am not waiting on any orders or anything so I'm hoping it is something fantastic that I have won(here's hoping anyway!)! I really hope I'm not disappointed by it being something really dull and boring- I will let you know!!!

I took my Christmas photos of the girls today for my Christmas card- but I haven't written my cards yet.....there is always tomorrow!!!

Hope your run up to Christmas is going smoothly......
Love Janine xxx

ETA: The courier came back again this morning with my parcel and was only For Keeps returning a LO. It was my LO For Keeps used on their cover a while back and (naughty me) didn't even realize that they hadn't sent it back. I've never had LOs couriered back before- bah humbug...I thought it was something exciting.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dance concert.

Sunday was a HUGE day in our house!!! It was the girl's End of Year Dance Concert. I always assist with the rehearsals (great photo opportunities!!) and this year was no exception. I was up early Sunday morning, making double sure that I had everything organized. I had the girls up reasonably early for breakfast and then we started on hair and make up. I had two extra girls to take with me and we all managed to get there in time to start.

I took photos of the costumes at home before we left... check them out. I thought they looked fabulous- the costumes and the girls!!!!

Emma's jazz costume.

Emma's tap costume.
Emma's acrobatics costume.

Sarah's jazz costume.
Sarah's tap costume.

Sarah's acrobatics costume.
I loved all the costumes! Their dancing was totally incredible and amazing too -yes, slightly bias, proud Mum!!!

Now check this out! Excuse all the bags and costumes in the background but this is Sarah in the middle of a branee (a no handed cartwheel). She was just playing around in the big dressing room when I managed to snap this shot!! Clever cookie isn't she!
And check out this photo... Emma took this one and I've left it as she has taken it- off centre!!! Here I am with my gorgeous Sarah! See that smile on her face- she LOVED this concert...and see that smile on my face- I was SO happy and proud of BOTH my girls! Boy, I'm one lucky Mumma!
Now that school and the dance concert are over, I can relax a little. Hmmmm, I just have to finish my Christmas shopping in the next 8 days!!! I have managed to cross some things off my to-do-list however. I have taken the girls for our traditional Santa photo. We did that Friday and I managed to fit some shopping too! My list is not all crossed off -I still have to send my Christmas cards and also do my annual Christmas photo shoot with the girls. (the photos go in the cards for family) I'm sure if I keep plodding away I'll get it all done- fingers crossed!

We chilled out a little today and went to see Fred Claus. Despite the fact that Kim and I had TEN kids between us, there was very little for us to do except relax and watch the movie- great movie by the way!!! We then took all the kids to Hungry Jacks, which again was not a drama.
After the movies and Hungry Jacks, I had to go to the Post Office to send off a parcel and with the 4 kids I had with me I even managed to buy my girls some Chrissy pressies- sneaky huh? I sent the girls into the pet shop to check out the puppies and zipped into Games World and bought some games- see I told you I'd slowly get through my list-LOL!!!
Before I go.... remember a post or two ago, I said I wasn't a morning person but I was working on it. Well this term I set myself a personal challenge. My challenge was to be up that bit earlier and to make my girl's lunches everyday with healthy food, no canteen lunches and no rubbishy junk food and if I succeeded I would reward myself with one of these-
Well I did it!!
I got up every morning and made my girls a healthy packed lunch. No muesli bars, no roll ups, no LCMs, no chips etc- lots of fruit and vegies. I did put in small treats for them (I'm not that mean!) usually a chocolate frog. This was not really about what my kids eat, although I am mindful of what they eat, as they are normally pretty healthy eaters - this was about me getting up that bit earlier and achieving a challenge that I had set myself. Well my Clip it up has arrived and I'm slowly filling it up and I LOVE it!!!! Great investment if anyone is thinking of one!!!
Anyway, I had better go.
Stay happy, stay safe and cross your fingers that I get my Christmas shopping finished in the next 8 days!!!!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

School's out!

LOL-for my girls anyway!!! I have one more more day!!! Yeee haaaarrrrr!

Well, gosh and golly, I know heaps of people are in the same boat but.... boy is life BUSY!!! However saying that, I am slowly crossing things off my list of things-to-do. Slowly....

Let me recap-
Wednesday- last game of summer season netball for both girls.
Friday- last game of basketball for both girls before Christmas break.
- both girls got their school reports and I'm thrilled to say both were outstanding (yes, slightly bias and proud here!!!)
Saturday- yay, Sarah achieved her bronze medallion in acrobatics!! Wooo hoo- she was really proud of herself and so was I. She had to show her teacher a round off back flip (which she can do some days and not others-????) and a branee (no handed cartwheel) I was extremely proud of her!!!
Sunday- We saw Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium- wonderful movie, sad in some places, funny in others, wonderful the whole time. Such a wonderful movie for believers. A holiday must see!!!
After the movie we did a touch of shopping- Sarah bought herself the most charming nutcracker- she collects them! I must take a photo of him- he is really divine.
When we arrived home, the girls make their 'Gingerbread House' that I bought them a while back- I must say they did a fabulous job!
Looks good enough to eat- doesn't it!!!!
Monday- school as normal. My last game of netball before the Christmas break was forfeited - yay as it was far too hot to play netball!!!
Tuesday- I was up super early to make a squillion spider biscuits and also ice the cup cakes I had made the night before. Lucky netball had been forfeited!!
Kim's son Haydn will be 12 on Sunday (yay Happy Birthday Haydn!) and I made a deal with him. I would make him enough spider biscuits for his entire class if he took Sarah sailing. Now Haydn's a fantastic kid and he would have taken Sarah sailing anyway however I wanted to do something for him too.... thus I was up at sparrows making spider biscuits!!! Look great don't they- I hear the kids loved them!
Tuesday was also Sarah's class party so I made holly cup cakes. They must have been alright too as none came home- LOL!!! Emma had her class party too however her wonderful teacher provided everything!

Tuesday is not normally one of my working day however unfortunately the teacher that I tandem with, her Dad passed away Tuesday morning so I worked for her. I'm working for her tomorrow too...that is why I still have one more day before I'm on holidays.
Tuesday night- I teach Pre Primary and Tuesday night was our Christmas concert and graduation ceremony- all I can say is, phew, I'm glad it is over with! The kids looked gorgeous but so much work and effort goes in to it that it is such a relief when it is over!

Here is a quick share before I go. I participated in two Secret Santas this year. I thought I would share the items I made for my SS as I haven't done any other scrapping this week (they both have been received now so I won't be spoiling any surprises!) In both the SS you had to send scrapping supplies valuing a certain amount plus a handmade gift- these are my handmade gifts-a 2008 diary which I altered.

I was hoping to receive a diary myself as I use one each year- (I received a gorgeous one last year that I'm still using) however my SSs send me a yummy altered note book and a gorgeous felt pin and needle wallet so I'm not disappointed at all!!

Anyway, I had better keep plodding - my to-do-list hasn't all been crossed off yet!!!
Stay happy and stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I elfed my girls!!!

This is hilarious- check out Sarah Elf & Emma Elf!!

and our whole family-

Janine xxx

Thursday, December 06, 2007

'tis the season...

Yes- sneaks up on me every year!!! It is December, the silly season once again!!!

However before I share some of my Christmas things with you...I was tagged by the lovely Petrina ages ago. I keep procrastinating because thinking of interesting facts about myself is HARD!! Back in July I was tagged and just to refresh you -here are July's interesting (???) facts about me. (This is purely so I don't cheat and use the same facts over again-LOL!!)

1. I don't smoke- never have, never will.
2. I have my ears pierced multiple times- 4 in the left ear, 3 in the right however now only wear one pair of earrings.
3. I got my 'L' plates and my 'P' plates on the same day. (3 days after I turned 17!)
4. I once wore a hot pink long dress from an op shop to The Underground nightclub as a dare. Hey -I was 18 and I blended right in-LOL!
5. I still have my teddy bear- given to me as a newborn by family friends.
6. I still fit into my wedding dress. In fact I have been about the same weight (give or take a kilo here or there) for about 20 years. (Excluding my pregnancies!)
7. My middle name is Rae- named after my Dad, Raymond. Both my daughters have family names as their middle names. Sarah Jordan, Jordan being my maiden name and Emma Teri, Terry being Adam's Dad's name.
8. I must be the only living person that doesn't have a dish washer- I wash my own dishes!!!

Today's interesting facts...hmmmm

1. I'm a middle child and only daughter.
2. I wear 3 wedding rings- my own, my Nana's and my Dad's. (My Dad and Mum are still married however Dad's wedding ring doesn't fit him, so I've worn it for about 20 years!!!)
3. I love corn- my favourite is the 'chilli corn on the cob' that I bought off the street vendor in Bali years ago- yummo!
4. I'm not a morning person although I'm getting better. I set myself a personal challenge this term and I am winning. Will elaborate more on that later!
5. I have only ever have one flu in my life. I ached ALL over and couldn't move- nearly killed me-LOL! I've had plenty of bad colds but only one flu. In fact it annoys me when people say that they have the flu when you know they really have a terrible cold.
6. I have a new favourite drink at the moment- vodka and apricot nectar with lots of ice- mmm yummy!
7. Well I'm struggling now- 6 will do won't it!!!

Yay- done! On to some Christmas sharing.

Our tree is up. Our advent calenders are up. The girl's Christmas stockings are up... so I thought I would share.
Firstly- how beautiful are these!!! Both my girls have one of these gorgeous advent calenders. My very talented mother-in-law cross stitched them a few years ago. The girls adore them and it is the first thing they check every morning in December. I fill them with little treats- chocolate frogs, happy hippos, magic elves, chocolate coins etc.

Next - the girl's Christmas stocking. Again my very talented MIL made these. She gave them to the girls for their first Christmas- they came filled however I fill them each year now. I love them and so do the girls.

Now look at this cute little fellow!!! This rustic reindeer was made by my Dad a few years ago- he take pride of place near our Christmas tree. If you look under our tree you will see my gorgeous tree skirt- yet again made by my MIL. Yes- I'm lucky!!!

I haven't put a full shot of our tree up here because this year I bought lots of new lights for the tree and it looks gorgeous at night- so I will endeavour to take a night shot. Our tree is full of decorations that have lots of meaning. Right from their first Christmas I have, each year, bought the girls a Hallmark tree decoration. I add the decorations made at school. My Mum sends the girls a new decoration each year. Friends add decorations too. I even have decorations on the tree given to me by a dear friend, fellow teacher and craft nut who sadly passed away from cancer several years ago. To me, my Christmas tree is more of a memory tree and I LOVE it!!

Thought I would leave you with this- some HAPPY MAIL. This arrived in my letterbox this morning. Foxy Mumma - you're a legend. This is a scrummy surprise from Leeann. I commented on how wonderful her felt decorations were and asked could I get a copy of her templates and this is what she send me- THANK YOU, I can't wait to start stitching!!!

Have a happy day and stay safe.
Love Janine xxx