Friday, August 31, 2007

Last day of winter....

Hello all!!!
Did you know today is the last day of winter and it is also the 10th anniversary of Diana's death. I know exactly where I was and what I was doing when I was told about Diana's death. Isn't it funny how some things are etched in our minds forever.

Anyway... today I took a day off work because my gorgeous girl and her class presented their item at the school assembly. Sarah and her class sang and danced their own version of "Grease". The boys were all 'T-Birds' and the girls 'Pink Ladies'- so cool!! Unfortunately I can't show you photos of all of them all however here is Grace and Sarah.... looking very cool!!!

Sarah is so fortunate to have some wonderful friends. Honestly she is really blessed. I stood amongst her class today, chatting and taking photos and the kids chatted happily to me and you could just sense the togetherness and overall happiness of them being a group together. I have some fabulous photos of the kids but unfortunately I can't share them here.

The assembly was over by about 9:45.... and then I had the rest of the day for ...ME.....!!!! I shot off to Hardly Normal and printed out a zillion photos, lots more of Sarah's Holy Communion, ones from the Cross Country, some for me for my school and lastly heaps from today's assembly to share with all the kids.

At home, I did several loads of washing, spent an hour in the garden (the weather was glorious!), sorted photos, cleaned the house (blah) and by then it was nearly time to get the girls from school. I had a parent meeting about tomorrow's Tournament of Minds and then took the girls to do some much needed grocery shopping.
Sarah had basketball tonight- woo hoo, she again got the first goal for her team!!

Tonight I have chatted online, scrapped a page (which I now realise DOESN'T fit the cyber crop challenge requirements that I was doing it for- grrrrr) drank some wine ( and after I realized my mistake, drank some more wine- LOL) and have had a yummo dinner!!!
I will share the LO soon- I have painted some chipboard on the LO so need that to dry!

I realized that I haven't shared this yet! This year (on Australia Day) a book was released called "Pride of the Nation". This is the inaugural book by Bonnie Babes and it feature photos of children from all around Australia. Well I features my two stunningly beautiful girls!

Here is their photos as they appear in the book. Please note- photography is by ROCKSEA PHOTOGRAPHY, Rockingham, W.A.
How gorgeous are my girls?? I am honestly blessed!!!

Quick LO share before I go- this LO is in the latest For Keeps magazine. It is in the 'felt' section. Funnily enough, Sarah is in the same section on a LO that Kim did.

Please stay safe- I really mean this. We have had news of two death in the last week-Adam's uncle died while on holiday in Onslow last Friday and Mum's neighbour and close friend died, while on holiday in Exmouth on Wednesday. So......please stay safe, kiss and cuddle your beautiful children and live life with love.

Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick share....

Just a quick share.... here is my scrapjack for this month! Nothing like leaving it until the last minute...LOL...however here it is! We were lucky enough this month to be able to scrapjack Jill Geraghty-Groves. Thanks Jill! :0)
Please note- photography is by Design Images, Perth, W.A.

Zipped off to Garden City again today...YAY...more shopping! I bought Adam's Father's Day presents, treated myself to some new denim shorts (roll on summer!) and started some birthday shopping for Sarah. I also had about 200 photos printed off from Sarah's Holy Communion- so hopefully I will get time to scrap some of them really soon!!! Wooo hooo!

Life is still busy. Sarah has her class assembly on Friday- that was another thing I managed to squeeze in today...a costume for her assembly!! LOL - Just call me SUPERMUM!!! I'm taking the day off work on Friday so I can go and watch...and then I have the rest of the day to myself!! Wooo hooo- I can feel some scrapping getting done! YAY!
Then on Saturday Sarah is competing in "The Tournament of Minds". Hopefully Adam is going to take her to wherever she has to go. One less job for me!

Anyway...must go... hubby is making me a cuppa!
Stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Monday, August 27, 2007

More photos to share from Sunday!!!

A photo so you can see Sarah's whole dress- gorgeous isn't she!!!

My beautiful girls with me! I am such a lucky Mum to have two gorgeous girls!!! Blessed!

Sarah and Grace- both looking stunning!!

Sarah and Emily- equally stunning!!!
Hi Corrina- thanks for dropping in!! Don't suppose you want to know that I'm going back to Garden City tomorrow go shopping again!!! OK- I won't tell you then- LOL!!!! Great to hear from you and I hope things are going well for you and your boys!!!
Stay safe everyone...
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Woooo Hoooo- The BEST day!!!

Wooooiiiiiieeee- I have just had the BEST day ever!!! Today was Sarah's First Holy Communion day and I decided a week or so ago not to stress about it because what would happen- would happen! I am so pleased because I just had the BEST day! I was so organized and ready this morning that I set up a quick photo shoot for Sarah BEFORE we left for the church- then after at the Nag's Head- I relaxed, took heaps of photos, enjoyed my meal and drank wine- BLISS- no worrying, no cooking, no dishes- just BLISS!!!
Wow- what a week- on Wednesday Sarah played with her friend Grace in a clarinet duet for the Performing Art Instrumental festival- apparently they were OK ( I couldn't go) however since then the school has contacted me and asked me if she can perform at the school's open night.... so they must have been OK- LOL!!!
Thursday saw both the girl do their tap exam- sad bit was that I didn't get to take either of them out to lunch (Kim will get what I mean :0( ) No results yet- have to wait for them!
Oh my... I so hope life slows down soon or I may just wobble and fall off the edge.....
Stay safe..
Love Janine xxx
P.S. Quick LO share --- this is a LO that I completed last night in a class by Janine Kaye- great class, great teacher!!!!
Please note- photos on this LO were taken by DESIGN IMAGES, Perth, W.A.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Boy- I love shopping!!!

I dropped the kiddos off at school this morning and shot up to Garden City shopping centre with the intention of buying a new shirt for Sarah's Holy Communion. I have a gorgeous Brown Sugar skirt that I bought a few weeks ago and I also have a very nice black skirt- either of which would be very suitable to wear to the Holy Communion. So I headed off to Brown Sugar thinking it would be the best place to find a matching top. Well, I walked out of there with a new skirt & new matching top(to wear to the Holy Communion) and a different top and pair of tailored trousers! I also bought a matching beaded necklace, bracelet and earrings to wear on Sunday! THEN I went around to Myers and bought a yummo pair of black boots (which were on sale-wooo hooo) to finish off my outfit for Sunday!! All that before 11am- how's that for power shopping!
Just as I was about to leave Garden City, Adam rang to say he was just around the corner and that he was coming to have lunch with me! Perfect finish to a power shopping morning!!! LOL!!!

I have more to fill you in on but have to zip off now to take Aunty Lorraine to hydrotherapy and then we have a Holy Communion rehearsal after school....... must fly!

Stay safe...
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, August 16, 2007



Something is brewing.... not sure what it is yet..... but I can feel it.....hhhhmmmmm, will let you know when I know.

In other news.. both the girls got their jazz dance results today. It surprised me that they got them so soon. It usually takes weeks... anyway both girls got HONOURS... yes I was very proud... however Emma was more excited about the gorgeous silver shoes I bought her and Sarah was more excited about the puppy we saw at the pet shop...go figure!

Please remember Maddie McCann in your prayers...stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Whoa, slow down!!!

Boy, life has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY lately!

Firstly, here is Sarah with her medal for winning the cross country at school last week!! She was so chuffed with herself!!! So was I!! :0)

Secondly, both girls have had their jazz exams. We don't have results yet and won't for several weeks. Both the girls came out of their exams with smiles on their faces so that is the main thing! I thought the best part of that day was that Kim and I took Emma and Taylah out to lunch- very yummy and well deserved by all four of us! LOL!!! ;0)

Yay- a LO to share. I have been far too busy to get any scrapping done lately however this LO was part of the set of three classes I'm doing with Janine Kaye. This class focused on journaling. If you untie the spotty bow there is a big section of journaling underneath. Yet another great class- thanks Janine!
Monday, just gone, Sarah danced at Burswood with the school in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. It was a very rushed afternoon as the bus bringing the girls back from rehearsals ran very late leaving us very little time to feed them, dress them, do hair and make up and get them to the theatre on time- but we managed and the dance was very sweet. The girls all looked gorgeous in their costumes! I was so rushed that I didn't take any photos before we left home and then forgot my camera. I took some photos on my mobile but that is where they still are- will share when I work out how to download them! LOL!

The morning after the dancing ( see I told you life has been busy!!) Sarah represented her school in the inter school cross country. There were 45 year four girls and -YAY - Sarah came second! I was so proud of her! I had tears in my ears watching her finish!!
Here she with her medal! Poor little thing - as soon as she got her medal we had to shoot off and take her to the orthodontist and she had her expansion plate fitted. So far, so good- the plate doesn't seem to be giving her too much grief. She spoke funny for a few hours however has got used to it quite quickly.
I am so looking forward to tomorrow- I am hoping to get some scrapping done. I have some that I need to do but I am hoping to do a page or two 'just because'. I really should do some house work but ... hey... that will still be there next week! LOL
What ever you are doing...stay safe!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just because...

Busy, busy, busy.... this month is chocca block full of too much!!!! But I'm thankful to have a busy, full-on life! Remember to include Maddie McCann in your prayers.
Stay safe, stay healthy!
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, August 04, 2007

So proud and so sad!

So proud- yesterday Sarah ran in her first cross country event. The year four girls had 37 runners and I am so proud to announce that Sarah came first. She was so looking forward to the cross country- she is such a sport enthusiast!!! Unfortunately I was at work, however Adam went to watch her and I received a very excited phone call at work from Sarah telling me that she had won- one proud (and teary) Mum!! (Adam took video on his phone so I sort of saw her!) She is now off to represent her school at the inter school cross country- fortunately it is on day that I don't work so I will be there cheering her on!!!! PROUD, PROUD, PROUD!!!

So sad- we watched the movie 'Miss Potter' today. Please don't let this put you off but I needed my tissues. What a fantastic movie. So motivational- what is that saying "Give a girl a spanner- girls can do anything" I loved it- would recommended this movie to anyone and everyone!!! Renee Zellwegger was sensational!!!!

Have a great day!
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, August 02, 2007



My wonderful hubby bought me a tandem skydive for my birthday!!! It is actually my birthday tomorrow (Happy birthday to me! ) but the envelope arrived and I collected the mail and sussed out what he was up to- so he said that I better open it early!!! WOOOOOO HOOOO- a tandem skydive from 10 000 feet!!! WOOOO HOOOOO- and included in the voucher is a DVD of my jump and photos!!! What a honey! I'm so excited!!! I can hear Van Halen's song 'JUMP' playing in my head!!! I am just so excited!!! Yeeeee haaaaaarrrrrr!!!

What a good week this is turning out to be- first The Police tickets, then a tandem skydive voucher AND a parcel arrived from my Mum, Dad and brother- a new pair of absolutely snugly, chocolate brown uggies!!! I'm such a lucky duck!!!

Oh and I have some scrapping to share as well!!!
Last Saturday night, I completed the first of three online classes with Janine Kaye. The first class was all about LO design and it was FANTASTIC!!! Janine gave us lots of examples and told us all about colour balancing, focal points, the 'z' movement, visual weigh and rule of thirds. It was great!! We completed a LO towards the end of the class and here is mine - 'Royal Show Fun'. I am so looking forward to the next two classes!!! Thanks Janine- you're a gem! :0)

This LO 'Two Crazy Friends' is my week 4 entry over at ScrapWorld's Back To Reality competition. This week it was 'The Biggest Loser' and we were only allowed to use 6 products/techniques from a supplied list. (card stock was free) I used pp, chipboard, paint, paper tearing, doodling and rub ons. My doodling is the little heart at the end of the writing and the line around half the page- not the black doodling on the white paper- this is a piece from the gorgeous Love Elsie range!
My older brother Brad, his wife Georgie and their two boys, Matt(7) and Jack (4)are, at this moment, sailing as part of SAIL INDONESIA 2007. How lucky are they!!! They are over 100 entrants in this race. Brad's cat is entrant # 34 Good Hope. They left Darwin on July 21st and for the next few months will sail in this race. What an adventure- I wish it were me!!!
Anyway, must go- have a great day/night- stay safe, stay healthy.
Love Janine xxx