Thursday, September 27, 2007

Woo hoo ....

.....doing the crazy chicken dance!!!

I have just won a Rusty Pickle paper and sticker pack from their new yummy range called Chocolate Kisses!!! All I had to do was leave a comment on their new blog- Nothing Rusty Here!!!

Woooo hoooo!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not long now....

....until the school holidays...YIPPEE!!!....Can you tell I'm a tad excited?
Roll on 3pm Friday!!!

OK- some LOs to share. Let me add- neither of these two LOs are the unfinished ones on my desk- they are STILL there!!!! LOL!!

I have been wanting to try a HS mask for a while, so I gave it a go. A few blobs of paint dropped where they weren't meant to but I was pleased with how this LO turned out.

This one I did last night while I was meant to be cleaning my scrap desk!!! Sorry but I couldn't be bothered photographing this one so the edges have been chopped of during the scan- but you get the idea. Please note- photography is by DESIGN IMAGES, APPLECROSS.

How this for a coincidence. During the first assembly this year BOTH my girls received merit awards. Usually, due to the number of children in the classes, kids only get one merit award a year. Well imagine my surprise (and delight) when they BOTH came home last Friday with a second merit award each!!! Clever cookies!!!

Anyway better zip off - I have to make cup cakes for a class party tomorrow!!!

Talk soon, stay safe,
Love Janine xxxx

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Waving hello!!!

Yet another week has zoomed by!! Only one week now until the school holidays (yippee) however my holidays are fast filling up and it is starting to look as if my holidays will be busier than school!!!
I have decided to go ahead with Sarah's room make-over. We have been and chosen a gorgeous wooden bookshelf which will be ready and delivered in the first week of the holidays. I will take Sarah shopping so she can choose a new doona cover and I will also organise new blinds and curtains and pick a paint colour! Oh dear I can see two weeks of school holidays will not be enough!! I have also booked the girls in for Octswim during the holidays!!!
Today I cleaned out Emma's drawers and wardrobe ready for when I clean Sarah's. In fact today I did a HEAPS of cleaning - Emma's bedroom had yet another going over- I swear, the more rubbish I throw out of that bedroom, twice as much reappears! Two huge garbage bags of 'too small' clothes have been bagged up ready for Lucy and two HUGE bags of rubbish went in the bin!
I also cleaned the girl's bathroom, toilet, our en suite, Sarah's room, changed sheets, did two loads of washing, vacuumed the entire house, and fed the tribe! a treat for myself... this afternoon I sat down and finished off two LOs that I had started.
After seeing Julie's gorgeous LO called 'One Day' I was inspired to use LOTS of flowers on a LO- Thanks Julie for the inspiration!!!

I love this photo of Emma. She was off to a 'spooky' party of one of the boys in her class. The little red witch is an actual scan of the witch on Emma's shirt!!!
I still have two more LOs on my desk- half finished. I'm hoping to get to them tonight!

OK- go back to Tuesday. Star of the Sea had their open night. Sarah and Grace performed their duet however I couldn't take photos of them on stage because some clever cookie had set up this honking great spotlight looking straight into the audience so any photos anyone took turned out black- grrr. I got the girls to pose in the music room after their performance. Notice they arranged to have their hair done the same- cute huh?

All the classrooms were open for parents to view. At the door of Emma's classroom, welcoming everyone, was her 'Red Riding Hood'. A recent project was to make a fairy tale character and here is hers. All the goodies in Red's basket, Emma (and Sarah) made out of play dough- they had so much fun making all the goodies!! I helped Emma cut the cardboard for Red and then Emma had even more fun painting her! What a great project- said it a million times...and I will say it again.... Emma's teacher is just the BEST!!

Anyway- the day is not over yet and I still have two unfinished LOs on my desk calling me!!!

Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guess what Sarah & I saw today!!

What a 'feel good' movie!!!
This morning Emma was invited over to a friend's house for the day and Adam wanted to watch the motor racing (or some sporting thing on TV) so Sarah & I decided to go and see HAIRSPRAY!!
My foot was tapping for most of the movie! Nikki Blonsky (Tracy Turnbald) was fantastic!!!
The movie was great- really good moral message behind it!! As Molly Meldrum would say- 'Do yourself a favour!!!'

The rest of the day I spent gardening, cleaning and scrapping!!!
What a great Sunday!!!

Enjoy your week!
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Howdy there!

Hope life is treating you well- we are all good here but still I manage to find myself busy, busy, busy!!!

Do you remember a while back, Sarah danced at Burswood with the Junior Dance troupe for the Catholic Schools Concert- and we were SO rushed we zoomed out of the house, forgetting the camera and not taking a photo!! Well, my friend Deb took some photos that night and emailed them to me. Here is Sarah- looking stunningly gorgeous before the concert!!! So glad I have some photos of this night- will have to scrap them now!!! LOL!!!

Yet again this week has been full on however I have managed some scrapping. Here is a LO that I completed for 'Scrapbook Whispers Take 2' over at Shop & Crop. I was #6 out of 6 so therefore the last to do my LO- all the rest should be up in the gallery soon! I love this picture of Sarah before her Holy Communion.

I am so looking forward to the school holidays - only 2 weeks away now!! I am seriously considering giving Sarah's bedroom a make over. Her birthday is in about 5 weeks and this year she doesn't want a party (first time ever) so I though, during the holidays I would repaint her room, new bed cover, new curtains etc... you know- taaa daa....NEW ROOM DO for Sarah!!!
That will certainly keep me busy...HA as if I'm not busy enough already!!! I have also booked the girls into Vacswim for the holidays! Crazy aren't I!!
Thought I would leave you tonight with a quick but YUMMO recipe. This is what we had for dinner tonight. Well Adam, Emma and I did - Sarah managed to score dinner at a friend's house!!! Expect her home any minute!

Quick Malaysian Soup

2 garlic cloves
2 cm piece of ginger
1 onion
1 carrot
1 stick celery
1 tablespoon oil
1-2 cups of chopped cooked or raw chicken
3 cups hot water
2 chicken stock cubes
400g tin tomatoes in juice
1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce
¼ cup coconut cream
400g pkt instant noodles
Parsley- chopped.

Crush, peel & chop garlic.
Peel ginger- chop finely.
Peel onion, carrot- cut in 1cm cubes.
Wash and trim celery- cut into 1cm slices.
Heat oil in a large pan.
Sauté garlic, ginger, onion, carrot & celery for 5 mins or until onion is clear.
Add chicken, water, crumbed chicken stock cubes, tomatoes in juice, chilli sauce & coconut cream.
Break tomatoes up with a spoon.
Bring to boil.
Reduce heat & simmer for 10 mins.
Add noodles and cook for 2-3 mins or until noodles are cooked.
Serve garnished with parsley.
Have a great night and rest of the weekend/ week!!!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Here is my Ngaire scrapjack- oh I had SO much fun with this LO!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Steve remembered...

Steve.... today, 12 months ago we lost an Australian legend....we miss today I thought I would share some photos of our visit to Australia Zoo earlier this year. In fact it was Steve's death that prompted Adam and I to take our girls on this holiday as you really don't know what life has install for you.

Wes presented the croc show the day we were there and he was wonderful- so where the crocs! We loved Australia Zoo!

We miss you Steve.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hiddy ho!

What a wonderful weekend so far!!!

With netball finished for the girls we actually have nothing on Saturday mornings at the moment- yay, blissful!!! After breaky I cleaned the house a little, did a few loads of washing and got myself organized to take Sarah to 'The Tournament of Minds' at Edith Cowan University in Church lands. Adam was originally going to take Sarah however when he realized that the football was on TV at 2pm he opted to take Emma to acrobatics so I got the job of taking Sarah half way across Perth!! As it turned out- it was great!! We left early and headed to Floreat Forum for lunch. After a yummo lunch at Gloria Jeans, we still had some time to what else should a girl do...but shop!!!! In about 45 minutes I managed to pick myself up a totally gorgeous cupcake t-shirt, a new pair of shoes for summer and this beautiful soft light cardigan- perfect for cool summer nights! I was wrapped!

We then went off to Sarah's tournament. Their team built this amazing machine that made different sounds that represented dominant and recessive genes- too hard to explain here but the kids knew what they were on about! They also had a 'spontaneous' part to the tournament however we were not allow to watch that- luckily I took a book with me and I veged out on the grass in the glorious sun, reading while I waited!!

This morning the girls were in our bed about 7.30ish giving Adam lots of hugs, kisses and pressies for Father's Day! We have then spent a relaxing day doing not too much at all!!

I actually got to scrap a few pages over the weekend too! Here they are-

Have a GREAT week and stay safe!
Love Janine xxx