Thursday, November 27, 2008

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

I went into Made With Memories this afternoon to drop off my LOs and..... oh my, oh my, oh my- this shop is FULL of eye candy!!! I was SO impressed!! Anne-Marie has really done a fantastic job of stocking and displaying all of the latest and greatest scrapping products!!!
I can so see my bank account rapidly disappearing- so much yummy stuff- I honestly couldn't stop looking!!!

The shop opens at 9am on Saturday morning- hopefully I'll see you there!!!

Have a great day!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bursting with pride!!!!!!!!!

My gorgeous girl has been elected by her teachers and peers as the 2009 Head Girl for her school- I think I am going to burst with pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah's teacher told me yesterday to come to the Mass this morning so I was there to see her as her name was read out- she had the hugest smile!!!
I have the hugest smile!!!
I hope your day has been wonderful- mine has!!!
Love Janine xxxxx

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday again!!

Hello there,
WOW- another week has flown by! My girls only have three weeks of school to go! Three weeks- that's it, three week of year 5 and year 3. It is hard to believe that next year will be Sarah's final year at Star of the Sea.

Anyway, on to my challenge over at Scrapping Outback for this week. I was meant to complete a LO using Scrapping Outback chippies however the chippies didn't arrive. So I thought of my own 'surprise' challenge!
Here is my LO-

and a close up of the chippie tree.

I had so much fun with this chippie tree- it took me AGES to make all of the chippies fit into the tree shape! The chipboard alphas and shapes have either been inked or painted. For the alphas I added DM and for the shapes I used Li'l Davis Glitter Glaze -love that stuff!!! I then added some bling at - taa daa- one chippie tree!!!
I have been busy scrapping LOs for this weekend's opening of Made With Memories. I have driven past the shop a few times and each time it looks a little more like a scrap shop!! All very exciting!
Anyway, must go- I have to pick Sarah up from basketball training!
I hope you are having a wonderful day!
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Tuesday!!

Happy, happy, happy!!!
I have had another wonderful day shopping with Kim!!! This time we went right into Perth City and shopped, shopped, shopped!!!! Hee hee hee - I love shopping - even managed to pick a few things up for myself!!! Thanks again Kim!!! I can't wait until our next shopping trip!!! :)

Emma's news-

How cute does Emma look in her new glasses!!! Emma doesn't have a dominant eye, which apparently is very important when you read so she has been given glasses for her school work and reading for the next 6 - 8 months to retrain her brain to have a dominant eye. Em is so excited about wearing glasses and I may be slightly bias- but she looks as cute as a button in them!!!! LOL- I'll have to work on taking photos without the flash hitting her lenses!!!

In scrapping news-
My weekly challenge over at Scrapping Outback was a sketch.
Here is my sketch-

And here is my LO-

As a bonus, I also go through step-by-step how to make these gorgeous flowers. So if you want to know how to go from-


check out my instructions here.
Here is a close up of the flowers. They are super easy to make and I think they would look really good done in Christmas papers and used on Christmas LOs and cards.
I hope your day has been wonderful too-
Until next time,
Love Janine xxx
ETA- Check out this new blog!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ohh, it's been a while...

I have had the BEST day!!!
I met Kim in the school car park this morning and we went shopping for the day!!! Christmas shopping!!! I am really pleased with everything I've managed to get so far- I now need to re assess what I have and then make a list for what I still need to get! Kim and I have pencilled in another Christmas shopping day next week!! Woo hoo- at this rate, I may have all my Christmas shopping knocked over before December!!!! Thanks Kim- I had a GREAT day!!!

In other news-
You may remember that Sarah went to inter school last week and it was cancelled at lunchtime due to the terrible weather... well someone decided that the schools should finish the carnival, so on Tuesday morning all the schools' inter school teams met again.... and as I don't work on Tuesdays..I was able to go and watch this gorgeous girl!!

Sarah was in three events- all team events. Nine schools were there. Her team came third in the year 5 leader ball. Her relay team came fourth in the year 5 relay and Sarah was put into the year 6 relay as one of the year 6 girls was injured. Well here she is LEADING the year 6 girls around the oval! She was the second runner and her team stayed in front to WIN this event!! Woo hoo!!!

More news-
My DT task for this week over at Scrapping Outback was to complete a LO using a favourite technique. I decided on "stitching" and here is my sample LO. If you wish to see the step-by-step instructions, head over here at Scrapping Outback.

I do have some news about Emma...but I will leave that until another post!

I hope your Christmas shopping is coming together nicely!!
Have a great day,
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Hi all,
I know I am beginning to sound like a stuck record...but..... I've been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!!

I'm not really into Halloween but my girls were invited to a birthday party on Friday night and it was a Halloween party- so....we went and we had a GREAT time!!!
The Mum of the birthday boy got right into it- the house was decorated, the games and the food was all 'Halloween' related and everyone had a ball!!!
I took photos for Sally but as you can imagine I can only put a few up here as most of the photos have other people's children in them!!

Emma went as a fairy because she really didn't want to go as something scary- cute isn't she???

Sarah went as a witch!! She's cute too!!!

Sarah and her friend Issy!

The birthday boy's Dad & Mum- how cool are their costumes!!!

The party was meant to finish at 9pm but we didn't get home until after midnight!!! Great party but it left me running short of time for Saturday!
We had Sarah's birthday party on Saturday afternoon and when I woke up Saturday morning I still had a heap of things to get organized.
Fortunately I got everything done just in the nick of time and we took a gorgeous group of girls to Penguin Island for this beautiful girl's 11th birthday party!

Sarah has the best group of friends- honestly she has- they are all gorgeous!!

We went to see the penguins when we first got there- oh man those penguins are so darn CUTE!!!

After we saw the penguins I got the girls to help me with a mini album I'm making for Sarah. I'll post this later- once I've finished it !!!
We then played the 'Chocolate' game- what FUN that was!!!
We then ate, had cake and played on the beach!

It was a lovely day- far too short but lovely!!

When we arrived back at the mainland Kim, Lian, Sally and I (with a heap of kids in tow) went to the yacht club for a wine or two!!! Yet another great day!!!

Sunday was a great day too. We went to a family reunion down at the Rockingham foreshore. The weather was beautiful and the company was wonderful (about 50 extended family members!) And again- another great day!!!
I just want to share this photo from the family reunion- this is Emma with her cousin Fraser. Fraser was on his knees and he is still taller than Em- LOL!!!! We all had a fabulous time and the kids especially had a ball!!!!

By Sunday night we all had an earlyish night as we were well and truly exhausted!!!

Sarah had inter school sport's carnival on Monday and then again today. I was very proud of her as she did well. On Monday she came 4th in the A division 400m and came 6th in the A division shot put!
Today she came 6th in the A division 200m, 7th in the A division 100m and then.... one of the SOTS year 6 girls pulled out of her 100m race so they put Sarah in- she came FIRST in the YEAR 6 100m D division- she was stoked!!!!!
Unfortunately the weather turned nasty and the carnival was cancelled at lunchtime so she didn't get to compete in the 100m relay or the leader ball. Never mind- she came home one very happy girl!!! Proud Mumma!!!

Yesterday I went out to lunch with a wonderful group of girls for the Melbourne Cup. We went to Betty Blues and it was a fabulous day- any excuse to get dressed up, eat good food, drink wine and be merry!!! I didn't take my camera (shock, horror) but Marlene did so I'll nag her for the photos she took!!! When Adam got home from work he informed me that I had won the sweep at his work- woo hoo- $70- yee haaa!!!! And again- another great day!!!

Before I go- the Made with Memories blog is now up and running!!! Woo hoo- not long now until the grand opening- November 29th- mark it in your diary if you live close!!! Oh- I'm really, really looking forward to this new shop opening!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Also- you may remember I was offered a guest DT position at Scrapping Outback. Well I've been busy!!! This week I provided the card challenge! I based my card design on Sarah's birthday invitation that I made a week or so ago.
Here is the sketch-

And here are my examples-

If you have some spare time, make a card or two and enter the challenge!!! Go on- it is easy, uses up your scrap scraps and it is FUN!!!!!!!

Anyway, I must go- I have a scrapbook whisper to get finished!!!
Have a great day!!!
Love Janine xx