Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've been scrapping!

The double page LO '38, Life is Good' is a LO I did for the 8 week challenge over at Scrapapple. The theme for this week was 'My Life' so this is what I came up with- it had to be a double page LO as well. I can't wait to see what week 2's challenge is. That will be announced tomorrow morning!
The LOs 'Fly' and 'Friends' are two that I have completed for The Craft Attic's January cybercrop. There are still two challenges in that cybercrop that I'm hoping to finish tonight- I'll see how I go!
The other LO 'This Year...' is one I did just for fun. The photo of our thongs is the first photo I took this year and I loved the quote so I thought I would combine them in a LO. The white 'H' is just there until I buy another packet of pink letters- LOL!!
Gosh it has been HOT, HOT, HOT here- melting hot! This afternoon I have labelled a squillion pencils, glue sticks, books, crayons, zoomers etc and I have only finished Emma's stuff! I still have to do Sarah's !!!
I go back to work tomorrow. My school has a new principal so I will get to meet him tomorrow. Mum is coming up to look after the kiddos. I never know who has more fun - Mum or the kids! LOL!!!
OK- off to label a squillion more pencils, crayons, textas, books - aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!
Janine xxx

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Australia Day!

I love that Australians are really starting to celebrate being Australian. We went down to Mandurah tonight and nearly every person we saw had an Australian t-shirt or hat or flag or headband or shorts etc- it was great! We went down there wearing our Australia t-shirts, hats and tattoos! What a beautiful night. We decided, last minute, to go to the Red Manna restaurant- absolutely beautiful, we sat outside on the balcony, ate delicious food, drank good wine and generally had a wonderful evening.
Something big was going on however. From the restaurant we could see a huge fire- really huge. Someone in the restaurant said Farmer Jacks (a supermarket) was on fire. On our way home we passed (going towards Mandurah) two fire engines and an ambulance- hopefully it is only buildings burnt and not injured people.
Anyway, kiddos are in bed and that is were I'm heading. I'm going to watch the TV coverage of the Sky Show. We have to be up early tomorrow- tball starts and we have to be there by 7.30- blah!
Janine xxx

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hi ho!

Yay- I'm on my way to completing my mini challenge of 8 LOs in 5 days- wooo hooo. I completed 2 today and have nearly finished another two! I can only show you sneak peaks of the ones I have finished (to prove I have done them! LOL!) as I'm not allowed to show them here yet.

One of the others- I just have to complete the journalling and finish the title. I was hoping my Scrapboxx order would arrive today as I have some lettering in the order that I think would be just right- it didn't -never mind. The other LO that is half done, I just have to add all the journalling. I did all the journalling on little strips of paper and it was too hot today to sit and stick them all down- I'll do that later!!

It was really HOT here today- 38 degrees. We veged inside as long as we could but Emma had t-ball training- yes, in this heat. The coach was really good with them, lots of drinks and a light training session. Then the girls and I went up to visit Aunty Lorraine in hospital. She had a complete knee reconstruction yesterday and it went really well. The hospital was lovely- so nice and cool that we stayed until 7.30!

We are home now, girls are in bed and it has cooled down so I might see if I can actually finish one of those unfinished LOs.

Night all,

Janine xx

P.S. For Janine, who asked about PS5- I have gone from PS2 to PS5 and think it is heaps better, I have never played with PS4 so sorry, can't comment on whether it would be worth upgrading. No help am I? Sorry matey.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nic's online class.

I have just finished doing an online class with Nic over at Scrapboxx. It was great. I haven't quite finished my journalling yet but will upload the mini book we made when I finish.

Yay- I'm allowed to drive again- not that I went too far! Adam's godmother, Aunty Lorraine is having knee surgery tomorrow so I drove her up to the hospital this afternoon. Aunty Lorraine is one of those amazing people who is just so gorgeous! She is our babysitter and one of the few people that I would trust to look after my kids. Please send 'heal quickly' thoughts her way tomorrow!

Not much else is happening- I go back to the doctors tomorrow for a post surgery check up. I'm feeling heaps better and not so sore now so I'm sure it will be no problems.

Hmmm- I only have 5 more days of holidays before I have to go back to work. Maybe I should set myself a small challenge- let's see- 8 LOs in 5 days. OK-that's my challenge to myself- anyone else care to join in! We can cheer each other on!! Leave a message in the comment if you are going to join me.

Oh- I can hear DH and kids coming home- Adam took the kids to indoor cricket with him tonight so I could do Nic's class in peace- what a sweetie! Better go now and see if their team won!

Janine xxx

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Feeling much better.

Hello all,
Thankfully I am feeling heaps better. I shocked myself abit by thinking that I could just relax and scrap this week whereas sitting and scrapping actually caused my stomach to ache more. For the first few days, it was difficult to sit for more than 15-20 minutes or so and therefore I didn't get as much scrapping done as I had hoped. Never mind- I'm feeling much better now. Now, however, I'm being side tracked by the Australian Open- wow, what fantastic tennis. Again I found myself sitting up in front of the box watching tennis last night. What a shame that Molik and Hewitt are now out. Oh and I loved the game between Roddick and Safin- great game!
We haven't been doing heaps here. Poor Sarah hasn't been well this week either. Poor kiddo has had diarrhoea, but thankfully she is now well on the road to recovery. Adam has been fantastic this week. I know that he has been so busy at work but he has made time to come home through the day, have a coffee and some lunch and check on us. As I'm still not allowed to drive (gggrrr) he has been doing the shopping as well. Emma has been going with him- she thinks she is so special, shopping with Dad- bless her heart.
Adam came home the other night with a pressie for me- what a sweetie. I had been talking before Christmas about getting Adobe Photo shop Elements 5, but with going on holidays and then having my operation, I just hadn't got to the shops to buy it. So he got it for me. I have been playing with it a little- loving it so far!
Yesterday we got out our bread maker- gosh it has been ages since we have used it so we bought fresh ingredients and made a loaf last night- mmmmm so, so yummy. Then for breakfast Adam cooked sausages, eggs, tomatoes , hash browns (for the girls), onions and garlic sauteed mushrooms- yummo. I made the coffee and toast (out of our home made bread) YUMMO SCRUMMO BREAKFAST!
OK- the girls are happily playing, Adam is watching the cricket so I'm off to see if I can scrap a page or two!
Janine xxx

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Home but sore.

I went into hospital on Monday for a minor operation to have an umbilicus hernia repaired. I had to be at the hospital at 7am and had to have fasted from midnight. I actually had my last drink of water at about 9pm the night before. After being checked in and shown my room, I sat and read scrapping magazines and watched the tennis on TV for a few hours. About 1.30pm the nurses came and gave my my ever-so-sexy backwards gown to wear and these divide (NOT) stockings that I had to wear (it is to prevent thrombosis). They told me that I would go to the operating theatre about 2.00-2.30pm. So I waited and waited. Eventually a nurse came and saw me at 4.30pm saying that the operation before mine had caused a delay and I was finally wheeled off to surgery at 5pm. I had a drip inserted and the last thing I remember is the anaesthetist saying 'This will make you feel sleepy'. About 6.30 I woke up in recovery but was fairly out of it still. I don't remember much of what the nurse said to me!
I was wheeled back to my ward at 7pm and by then was feeling very nauseous from the anaesthetic. Adam arrived about the same time and sat with me while I recovered. At about 9pm when the nausea hadn't stopped I was given an injection of something and wow-oh within 15 minutes I was feeling good. I now wanted to go home but the nurses said 'no'. Eventually at about 10pm they agreed to ring my doctor and if he said I could go then it was OK with them. He said yes and I arrived home about 10.30pm- sore but happy to be home.
Yesterday my wonderful Mum was still here and she made the girls and I breakfast, did all the cleaning up, a load of washing, then made us lunch and even made our dinner before she headed home about 5pm. My Mum lives in Bunbury, just under 2 hours away. Mum- you are a gem!
By about 7pm last night, I realized that I probably hadn't rested as much as I should have and my stomach was extremely painful so I took some panadol forte and headed off to bed.
I'm still very tender this morning but will take it easy. I actually scrapped yesterday- a double page LO but it needs the journalling finished so I will do that today and upload later.
Happy scrapping
Janine xxx

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Off to hospital tomorrow...

Yes, in the morning I'm off to hospital for a minor operation. It is only day surgery so I should be home tomorrow night and then I will have to take it easy for a week or so. I'm not allowed to drive for a week after my op! Oh that sounds like the perfect opportunity to stay home and scrap!! LOL! I have stocked up on scrapping supplies so hopefully you will lots of LOs this coming week!. I have even gone and got a heap of new photos printed off so I have photos, supplies and time- what more could a gal need!!!

Have a great night everyone!!!
Janine xxx

Friday, January 12, 2007

LOs and Delurking!!

I have some LOs to share - on the website Scrapboxx I am doing the Elsie 52 week challenge and I have to share with you my LOs for week 1 and week 2. The 'Second Born Girl' LO uses clear plastic flowers and the 'So' LO repeats a word.
I also read on my friend and fellow scrapper Kim's blog that it is delurking week- so if you are reading this - please leave a comment and say Hi!!! I made a point of leaving a message on every blog that I visited today!
Happy scrapping
Janine xxx

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grrrrrr bad blogger.

Why oh why does blogger have the correct date at the top of this post but on my side bar show my January 2007 entries as December 2006. GGGGRRRRR- I have tried to fix but have failed miserably and am now just annoyed by it!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yummo dinner!

We have just finished our dinner and it was so yummy that I thought I would share the recipe. It was really quick and easy to make too!!!

Bow Tie and Salmon in Lemon Sauce.
375g bow tie pasta
1 medium lemon
415g tin red salmon, drained, flaked
125ml cream
4 shallots, thinly sliced.

Cook pasta until tender, drain. Add zested lemon rind and remaining ingredients in the saucepan and heat through. Serve and enjoy!
Now how easy is that? Delicious too. Red salmon is not cheap- about $7 or $8 a tin but really yummo and worth using in this recipe!


First layout of 2007.

Before we went away, I started a LO for the Craft Attic's December cybercrop- alas, I didn't finish it. However I did complete it today so therefore this LO has the honour of being my first 2007 LO!!!- taaaaa daaaa. Hopefully it is the first of many!
The cybercrop challenge was to scrap lift a LO. Here is my scrap lift. The original LO appeared in Scrapbooks etc (October 2006 issue) and is by JENNIFER JOHNER.
I'm not really into Halloween however Sarah was invited to a birthday party of a classmate who is from America- thus a Halloween party. She did look pretty cute as a witch!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Movie World.

Movie World was excellent! We arrived just as it opened and took the girls straight to the Looney Tunes Village! As we were there right on opening, we were able to go on heaps of rides without having to wait. Emma loved the Road Runner Roller Coaster and just kept on it!- even by herself when Sarah had had enough! Adam and I went on it too but once was enough for us! LOL! The River Ride was excellent too- we all went on that twice! The girls went on every ride in Looney Tunes Village and we even managed to watch the Bugs Bunny stage show.
We all then went to the Police Academy Stunt Show- now this is a must see! Wow- so full on! I took heaps of photos but they will never be able to convey the excitement of the show. Emma squealed with excitement as she watched! I was in awe at the amazing stunts!
Another must see is the Shrek 4D Adventure- just fantastic. We all loved it- can't tell you too much as it will spoil it if you are planning on seeing it!
For lunch we went to Rick's Cafe (from the movie Casablanca), yummy lunch and we got to meet Shrek, Princess Fiona and also Cat woman! (and get photos with them of course!)
After lunch we caught the Looney tunes Musical Revue, saw the Scooby-Doo Disco Detectives show and watched the All Stars Parade!
Then it was off to the Wild West and on to the Wild West Falls Adventure Ride. There was a bit of a wait but the ride was great- yes, I got the photo of us all screaming as we came down the last big fall!!!
Adam took Emma to see the Matrix Exhibit- Sarah didn't want to see that so she and I checked out the train that was right next door!
Emma wanted to go back to the Looney Tunes Village- so we did and the girls went on more rides!!
There were other rides at Movie World but they were not suitable for the girls - we looked at them and boy they looked fast and furious- more for your teenage and adult age range!
We left Movie World as it closed and we were all tired but happy as we had a fantastic day. I took heaps of photos and will share soon!

OK- that is my Movie World run down- I will share more soon about Dreamworld and Wet 'n' Wild, and the rest of our holiday!!

Janine xxx

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Home again!!!

We are back home!! Our holiday was FANTASTIC however I am very glad to be home again! I have started on the washing (yik!) and we have picked up Chloe from the dog sitters. I'm itching to get scrapping on the zillions of photos I took!
I will blog more about our holiday soon, when I have finished unpacking and have taken down the Christmas tree and all the decorations.

Janine xxx