Sunday, March 30, 2008

LO share :0)

Wooo hoo- I've been scrapping!!!
Scrappaper have a cybercrop going this weekend and - wooo hooo- I've managed to complete all four of the challenges!!! I haven't done that in ages!! I'm so pleased with myself!
Here they are-
Challenge #1 (set by me as a guest challenge setter!)
The LO had to include an embellishment of the four legged variety- hence the monkey rub on!

Challenge #2- a sketch!

Challenge #3 - Easter theme, this LO had to include at least two photos and journaling on strips.

Challenge #4- had to include one photo, stitching, a heart, patterned paper and a famous quote as the title. The photo of me was taken by Kim at the Scrapboxx retreat- Thanks Kim!

And this one is a 'just because' LO. Don't you love 'just because' LOs- I do!!!

In other news-
Dad is still going well. He hasn't gone to surgery yet for his skin grafting- probably tomorrow. He is getting extremely frustrated at not being able to talk. We try our best to work out what he is telling us but sometimes he just gives us that look! You know the one- the why on earth don't you get what I'm saying look!!! Poor Dad....and POOR us trying to work out what he is trying to tell us!!!

Back to Thursday and the swimming carnival - I was hoping to take heaps of photos however I managed only three!!! I got roped into being a place selector, never mind, it was a great day and Sarah managed to knock the socks off me by coming second in the finals of the year 5 girls backstroke!! She was as chuffed as anything!!!

Friday- Adam and I went to a function at 94.5. Hmmm, the invitation say frock up so I had no idea what to wear. In the end I went shopping (I {heart} shopping) and bought new everything- including new shoes, bag and bling. We had a fantastic night, the food was sensational and I came home extremely tired due to dancing in new high heels!

That all for now- stay happy, healthy and safe!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Dad is now awake and alert!!! Mum rang me this afternoon to tell me (I was at work) so it was a huge relief. Dad is unable to talk due to the tubes in his throat however can follow all the doctor's instructions and can nod and shake his head to answer questions. We feel as if we have turned a huge corner! Fifteen days of being out to it is well and truly plenty!!!
Dad still has a long way to go however we feel now that the road to recovery has begun. The plastic surgeon has even said that they may take him back into surgery as soon as tomorrow to begin skin grafting Dad's leg. Mum and I made lots of 'good news' phone calls tonight! :0)

In other news-
My kiddos enjoyed Easter! Lots of chocolate was consumed in our house and the fridge is still overflowing. We actually gave the girls very little chocolate this year -they got winter PJs and socks from the Easter Bunny....but we still seem to have gained a truck load!!!

I even managed to scrap a few pages over the weekend (in between visitors and a long birthday party on Monday)

I have another one finished but I don't like it now so am considering pulling it apart and starting again and have a second one with just the journaling to finish. Hopefully I'll manage time to get them finished in the next few days.
I'm off to the pool tomorrow to watch the school swimming carnival. Sarah is in a few events (I think) and both girls will participate in the 'fun' afternoon. Hopefully some good photo opportunities will arise!!!
Thank you for those wonderful people who have emailed etc about Dad. The scrapping community is truly a wonderful one and I really appreciate your thoughts being with my family- THANK YOU.
Please stay safe and be happy!!!
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I was hoping that Good Friday would be a GOOD Friday and that the doctors would successfully be able to bring Dad out of his heavy sedation- unfortunately, this was not to be. The doctors didn't even try today as Dad has developed a temperature which indicates an infection some where- they will try to bring him around tomorrow so cross everything you have that it is finally successful.
My retreat name tag!

Okay- here is my rundown of the Scrapboxx retreat- as I said - it was AWESOME!!! This was my third retreat and honestly they just keep getting better and better!
Kim, Kylie and I left Friday morning and after a few stops (a stop in Busselton for a coffee and yummy nibbles with Kim's Mum and then at Watershed Winery) we finally made it to Augusta about 2:30ish. We unloaded our stuff in our rooms and then went and found ourselves a spot in the scrapping room. No one was really scrapping so we just socialized with everyone else!!! We were finally able to meet some people who we only 'knew' in cyberspace!!!

The evening began with our tag swap- a crazy, noisy time where you have about 30 seconds to meet someone and then move on!!!
Here are my tags- mine were all different so people got a lucky dip with the colours!!
The gorgeous Maria and her DT then instructed us in how to make this snazzy box to keep our tags in- very cute huh?

By the time we had finished that - it was getting late so we headed off to bed.
After a delicious breakfast I started the day with Sheree's class. It was fabulous- we made our own ledger paper (very cool) and used chipboard to layer photos-a technique I will definitely use again. We scrapped two LOs in Sheree's class- lucky us!!!

We continued straight on to Mel's class- how fantastic is the LO. I love this LO and think it is my favourite from the weekend!
After lunch the very brave Lisa allowed Leeann to shave her head- raising money for cancer. She is definitely one amazing girl!!!
After that and some shopping in the shop we socialized some more in the scrapping room. Then a friend whom I know from Rockingham invited Kim and I to go with her to feed the sting rays at Hamlin Bay. We went however it turned into more of an adventure than we expected.
While feeding the sting rays, Kathy got her immobilizer wet so alas the car wouldn't start when we wanted to leave. (See Kim's blog for photos of me in the water with the sting rays!)
So with Kathy's car going no where- what were we to do- but drink our bottle of wine and take photos!!!

With no mobile reception we walked to the caravan park and rang Maria- and thankfully Maria and Kylie rescued us in a 12 seater bus!!!!
By this time it was getting late, about 8pm when we arrived back at the motel- a very quick shower and change saw us at dinner minutes later. The theme of the dinner was 'THINK PINK'. I wore pink but would you believe don't have a photo of me in my gorgeous (said tongue in cheek) pink outfit. I will have to see if someone else took one!
Then by 9pm we were at Mel's next class-yes, still dressed in my pink finery!!

Open. Pretty amazing LO huh?
Sunday - I had no classes booked however did a little scrapping!
This was a sketch challenge!

This one was a 'Rusty Pickle challenge'
At lunch all the winners were announced. Winners of the challenges, the best name tag, the best retreat tag and the raffle. GUESS WHAT!!!!
I won the raffle!! Woo hoo! I won a Cuttlebug and $50 worth of dies of my choice!!! Boy was I wrapped!!!!
Then all too quickly 4pm came around and sadly the retreat was over for another year :(
Kim and I stayed Sunday night so we didn't have to pack up and rush off home (thank goodness) We has a good night's sleep and drove home the next day.
I can honestly say, even with everything going on with Dad- I had a ball. I loved the retreat and most definitely will be going again next year.
Phew- what a long post so far...are you still reading??? Well done if you are!!! I had better go as tonight my cousin and her cute as a button 18 month old little girl are staying over. Mum is here too so I had better go and be social.
Adam should be home soon. He took Sarah to the West Coast Eagles game. (Mum and Dad's tickets but obviously they weren't going)
Here hoping that everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday. I'm hoping for some special Easter magic tomorrow and I hope you all get some too.
Love Janine xxx

Thought I would leave you with one more LO- one I scrapped on Good Friday!!
Sorry- layout removed as it has been accepted for publication.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Firstly let me say that the Scrapboxx retreat was AWESOME!!!! Honestly I had a ball!! Fabulous people, fabulous classes, fabulous everything. I have yet to down load my photos from the retreat but when I do- I'll do a proper update (promise).

Another AWESOME event was our netball grand final on Monday night. Our team only came forth on the ladder however managed to secure ourselves a spot in the finals. Come grand final night, through a series of unfortunate events, we only had 5 players for the game (the other team had a full team!!!)... well we played AWESOME!!! We didn't win however we only lost by 4 goals.... 4 goals - how AWSOME in that!!! Boy was I feeling pretty knacked afterwards however!!!!

Now an update on Dad. Dad is still in ICU and still heavily sedated. Things have only progressed very slowly. (some days no progress- like today) He was been taken back in the theatre everyday to change the dressings on his leg until Tuesday when a special vacuum sealed type bandage was put on his leg so the bandage wasn't changed again until today. There have been three attempts so far to bring Dad out of the sedation however each time it has failed as his blood pressure drops and they stop. Tomorrow the doctors will try again. He is still on dialysis and on a ventilator. I spent Tuesday at the hospital and then again today- it is certainly not a place that I would like to spend any length of time in. Unfortunately Dad looks as if he'll be in hospital for months. We have been told that as soon as he is more stable and no longer sedated the doctors will begin skin grafts on his leg. First things first however- I am SO hoping that the doctors are successful in bringing Dad around tomorrow- I think Mum will feel heaps better too (she is mega stressed as you can imagine)
Please remember Dad in your prayers.

Thank you and cuddle your loved ones extra well today...
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, March 13, 2008


A quick update on Dad - Dad was flown down from Broome to Perth and pretty much went straight in to surgery. They 'de-gloved' his leg, a procedure to cut away the infected skin (sounds yukky I know). Later yesterday afternoon I received a phone call to say that the procedure wasn't as successful as the doctors had hoped and they were taking Dad back to surgery to amputate his leg- OMG!!! I organized myself, Adam and the kids and off I went up the hospital (about an hours drive) to find that the doctors had NOT amputated his leg but had diagnosed my Dad with the very rare Necrotising Fascitis - a flesh eating bacteria. The doctors had in fact removed all the skin off Dad's leg to keep the bug at bay. Last night was critical. Thank goodness we received no phone calls during the night. Then today Dad was taken back into surgery to re dress the leg and to check to see if the bacteria had spread. I'm really pleased to say that I have just received a phone call from Mum to say that the bacteria seems to be under control and the Doctors are very pleased that for the first time Dad's vital signs have improved.
I have been in turmoil all day. I am meant to leave first thing in the morning for the Scrapboxx retreat and despite the fact that I'm so, so, so looking forward to it, I'd not go in a heartbeat if my family needed me. After a very long talk to my Mum this afternoon( a big heart to heart) I am going on the retreat. As Mum said I can always come back if I need to and Mum has my brother, my 4 aunties and my uncle there with her. Dad is heavily sedated and now (thank goodness) has shown signs of improvement.
I will keep in constant contact with Mum all weekend (my goodness, what did we do before mobile phones!) so now, only in the last hour or so, do I feel okay about my decision to go on the retreat.
Please everyone stay safe and tell those whom you love - that you love them.

Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wooooo hooooo- this is what I did on Sunday!!!

For my birthday last August, Adam and the girls bought me a 'tandem jump'..... well on Sunday.... I JUMPED!!!!!!

Here I am at the point of no return. I'm in that little plane taking off. It took us about 15-20 minutes to fly up to 10 000ft. YES- 10 000 feet!!!!

Not sure if you can see- but that little dot in the centre of the photo is me!!! OMGawd- what a rush!!!! I tell you- when the door of the plane is opened and you are looking down 10 000 ft to the ground- your heart beats a little faster!!!!!
Here is a better photo.
Look at this gorgeous photo. I was the last jumper of the day and jumped about 7pm. The sunset was glorious- as was the scenery from up there!!!
Down and safe and back with my little possums.
What an absolute experience. I was on a high for ages- lucky I didn't have to drive home!!!!
I am thrilled to be able to cross off one of my life's "TO-DO" things!!!
I still get all hyped up thinking about it!!! Anyone else jumped??? It is pure adrenaline rush!!!See- days later and I'm still pumped that I jumped!!!!
In other news- only 3 more sleeps until the Scrapboxx retreat. All my tags are finished and my name tag is nearly done. I am going to try and sort photos today for my classes so hopefully I'll be well and truly ready before Friday.
Some not so great news. My Dad has been away in Broome and unfortunately was taken to hospital last Thursday night. He has a severe infection in his leg. Today the Royal Flying Doctor is flying him down to Perth as he is not responding to the antibiotics that the doctors are giving him. He has other pre existing medical issues which are hampering his recovery. My poor Mum is mega stressed (again) and is on her way to Perth too. I'll keep you posted.
Stay happy, stay safe and I'll post soon!!
Love Janine xxx

Friday, March 07, 2008

My baby is eight!

Here she is- Emma, my beautiful eight year old!!! This is the first photo of her as an eight year old- first thing in the morning, even before opening any presents!!!

Here she is - opening one of her many presents!!!! One spoilt girl lives here!

It is traditional in our house that I make the birthday cakes. If the birthday party is on a different day than their actual birthday, then my girls get two cake. As we had Emma's party last weekend....she had another cake for her birthday. Here it is- an absolutely delicious ice cream cake, stacked full of chopped up chocolate bars and made by me!!! It was scrummo yummo!!!
Emma was lucky enough that her birthday fell on a Monday public holiday- so nice not to have to rush her off to school after opening presents. We went out to lunch with was very nice (and relaxing). During the day we had different relies drop in, my Mum, my aunty, sister-in-law and cousin. All in all a fabulous day!!!
The rest of the week has flown by. I have been busy trying to finish all my tags for the Scrapboxx retreat and have completed 30 so far- woo hoo only 20 to go!!! This time next week I'll be at the retreat!!! Yeee haaa!!!
We have yet another super busy weekend. Acrobatics tomorrow morning, followed by Grace's birthday party --HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE !!! Emma was really disappointed because her friend Kira invited her to Adventure World on Sunday however we have other plans. Sunday morning, we are off to see Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who. I'm really looking forward to it!!! Mix 94.5 gave us tickets to a pre release showing! We have something else planned for Sunday afternoon which I'm SUPER excited about however you will have to check back after the event and I'll fill you in then!!!
That's all for now- stay safe and be HAPPY!!!!
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, March 02, 2008

An awesome day..

We had a fantastic day today!!!!
Adam and I bought the girls a wildlife experience gift voucher for Christmas and today was the day we went!!!
We were up bright and early and down at the Vale St jetty by 8:30 this morning (yes I know that is early for a Sunday... but we managed!) The first boat we boarded was a dolphin watch cruise. WOW, WOW WOW- we saw heaps of dolphins and thank goodness for digital cameras because I took HEAPS of photos!!!!
On our way out we were served fresh fruit- yum!! We passed the mussel farm and a little later the deckie cooked up some chili mussels- absolutely delicious!!! As I said we saw HEAPS of dolphins and for morning tea we had tea/coffee and biscuits!!! The skipper Murray even let the girls have a turn each to drive the boat home!

Captain Emma.

Captain Sarah.
When we arrived back at the jetty, we then went on to join the Penguin Island ferry and off we went to Penguin Island. We had lunch there and went on a guided island walk. Although we didn't see any wild penguins we went to a 'penguin feeding' and saw about ten gorgeous penguins having their lunch!!
Cute, aren't they?
After that we boarded the glass bottom boat for a tour around the waters of Penguin Island to view the bird life and see the very lazy sea lions- the sea lions were all sun baking on the shores of Seal Island and didn't pay us the slightest bit of attention!!!
We made it home by about 4pm and basically relaxed for the rest of the day!! Overall - a great day!!!
I also have some scrapping to share...
This is a 'just because' LO and also my 10th LO for my 'ten LOs without shopping' challenge. YAY- I did it and now I can shop!!!
Scrappaper are having a cybercrop this weekend and this LO is based on the sketch for challenge #1.
This is another LO for the Scrappaper CC- challenge #4- free choice!!!!
That's about it for tonight- I do have another LO finished however it is too late and too dark to photograph it. I have Emma's birthday cake nearly finished and as I type Adam is making cupcakes .... all getting ready for EMMA'S 8TH BIRTHDAY tomorrow!!!!! Wooo hoooo!!!
Stay happy and stay safe!
Love Janine xxx