Thursday, November 29, 2007

Been There Done That

My projects went up on the Aussie Scrap Source blog today. I was given the "South Australian" papers in the Been There Done That range. Now as I haven't been to S.A. in nearly 20 years, I thought I would take a slightly different lean on these papers. I decided to use the papers to create some Christmas activities that the kids can do. Most of these activities are ones we do at Pre Primary however kids of all ages will love them, I'm sure!!!

I have templates available for some of these projects- if you would like a copy, just leave a message and I'll email you a copy.
The wooden Christmas tree is one that I got from Spotlight.
In other news- do you remember a while back I won a paper and sticker pack on the Rusty Pickle blog.... well they arrived today and not only did I get the pack that I won but another range as well!! They are gorgeous!! The Chocolate Kisses range is pinks and browns and very yummy! The other range (called Lucky) is blues and greens and very delicious too. I just have to find time to scrap with them now!!!
More news- I donated blood today. I used to donate blood before kids however haven't donated for a long time. After what happened to Mark and the amount of blood he required - I made a decision to become a regular blood donor again... so today I donated blood and I feel good about that. This will now become a regular part of my life and I urge everyone else to do the same!
My BIL and two nephews are coming to stay with us this weekend. The two boys race BMX and are coming to Perth for some championships (or something) It will balance the gender in the house a bit! LOL- it is normally 4 girls (Sarah, Emma, Chloe our dog and moi) versus 1 boy (Adam) so by having 3 extra boys here for the weekend - we will to speak!!! LOL!!
I know I said I would do Petrina's tag this post but it is getting late and I'm tired!! (Good excuse huh- in reality I can't think of 7 interesting facts about myself-LOL) Next time....
So...good night, stay safe and have a great Friday!
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy, happy Sunday!

Hi all!!!
I have had yet another busy week (what else is new-LOL) however last night and this morning I took time out to sew with my girls... yes - sew!!!

Go back a week or so.... as I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to be selected by Aussie Scrap Source to be part of their blog challenge. This week I've not only been busy at school (report writing time) and with the girls but I have been a busy little scrapper doing this challenge. Instead of one layout, I made seven mini projects. They are all now completed and emailed off. I can't share yet however am allowed to once they go up on the ASS blog. Stay tuned.

At the same time I'm doing Kim Archer's Christmas Spectacular and I've been trying to complete some of her fantastic projects. Kim (Geling, not Archer) is doing these classes too and she suggested we do a project together each week while we wait around for our girls at acrobatics for two hours. Yesterday we started making mini felt stockings. Now these are gorgeous. Kim and I stitched our little hearts out and spread our mess everywhere- LOL!!
When I got home I finished Sarah's stocking and decided to make Emma's. I was really pleased with how they turned out.
Cute aren't they!
While I was stitching away, both girls wanted to make one too. I really didn't think they were capable however agreed anyway. Well look at their results. Expect for threading needles (a million times- aaarrgghhh) I did very little. The girls chose their colours, cut out their own pieces (I cut Emma's star) and stitched all by themselves. I did show both of them how to start and end off and I did undo knots for them!! I think they did a fabulous job!! Sarah's is the green star stocking (facing the other is because she's a left hander- or so she tells me!) and Emma's is of course the pink Christmas tree one! I am very proud of clever little cookies!!

Look what bought yesterday- cool huh? I saw it in Target and decided to get one for the girls. We haven't made it yet, I think I will wait at least until December!!! Will share pictures when the girls finish it! I don't know about the girls... but I can't wait to make it!!!

Hey... the Christmas card count has gone up to eleven!!!

Anyway.. better go! I promised the girls we would go on a bike ride. The weather is glorious and they are nagging me!!

Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx
Edited to add- Opps I forgot, Petrina tagged me a week or so ago...I will do that next post- promise!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good morning!

Christmas card count is now up to five!!!
I have bought Christmas cards for my kiddos to give to their friends however have also told them that not one card leaves the house before December!! LOL!!!

We rode our bikes to the Rockingham Spring Festival on Sunday- glorious day!! Met up with friends and we all had a wander around. The kids went on a few rides and each got a show bag. I went on the bumper cars with Emma- I haven't been on the bumper cars for years and boy was it fun!!!
Look at these two cute birds. I bought them at the Festival and am now kicking myself that I didn't buy more. I bought one each for the girls, thinking they would be sweet to clip on to the Christmas tree. They were only $2 each- grrr I should have bought a heap more, they would have made gorgeous little presents.

Hey look what I found!!! I love Bertie Beetles. I haven't seen Bertie Beetles in the shops for years and years. The only place you could get them was at the Royal Show. Well... Emma spotted them in the supermarket yesterday- YUMMO!!! My girls have one each in their lunchboxes today and I have had a nibble on a few!

I had better shuffle off now. I was one of the lucky people selected to scrap a paper range for Aussie Scrap Source. Wow- they are very generous with their packs. I received 48 papers and 17 packets of rub ons- to complete a single LO!!! Yes I know - WOWIE!!!!!
I'm off to do that now!!!

Have a wonderful day and stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It had to happen... had to happen sooner or later..... DD came home with her first Christmas card today------aaaaarrrrgggghhhh. The silly season has officially begun!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boy it was HOT today!!!

I'm sure it was only a post or two ago that I was complaining about the terrible weather we were having- remember, windy, rainy, stay inside and drink wine weather....well, it was HOT here today...and I loved it!!! I have had a fabulous day actually!

Let me go back a bit first. Sarah was named Year 4 Champion Girl. Unfortunately I was at work and didn't get to see her presented with her medal. Actually I haven't taken a photo of her with it yet..bad mumma. I will put that on my 'to-do-list'. Last week she went off to the interschool carnival, again unfortunately both days the carnival were on, I was at work-grr. Adam went to cheer her on and to take photos and video!! Good dadda! Sarah was in 3 events on the first day and 4 on the second. She came 5th in several of the running events however their highest achievement was coming second in the leader ball. The girls were stoked and Sarah had a great time.

Fast forward to Friday- I don't know if I have mentioned this or not- Emma is now playing basketball. I was a bit worried to begin with as Emma is not as 'sports mad' as Sarah and I was worried she may not get in there and have a go- IYKWIM. Emma and her friend Taylah (Kim's DD) are the only girls in the team and all the boys have played before- see my worry! Well Friday was her fourth game and she got her FIRST GOAL!!! Yay, I was doing the happy dance for her!!!

OK- back to this weekend. Yesterday Emma went off to a party so Sarah and I shot up to my favourite scrapping shop 'Scrapbooks from the Heart' and I had a BIG spend up!! I had my customer card full so I received $100 worth of free product so.... as I said, I had A BIG SPEND UP!!!!

I also bought my Secret Santa presents. I'm in two SS this year. One over at Scrapboxx and the other at Shop & Crop. That brings me to today- I have finished my SS presents- woo hoo. In both SS a hand made gift needs to be included so that's one of the things I did today!! I can't show you them just incase the SS recipients come and visit here!

However I can show you my November Scrapjack.
We got to scrapjack Celeste Vermeend this month and yeee haaaaa... I had fun with this one! Thanks Celeste- I loved scrapjacking you!!!!
How cool is this t-shirt??? Creative Imaginations make them and I've got one on order!!! Yeah ha!!! I thought it would be perfect for the Scrapboxx retreat next year however I can see it wore many, many time before then- I just LOVE it!!!

Back to my fabulous day. DH made a yummo breakfast this morning- eggs, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham steaks and coffee. Delish- we ate out on the patio because the weather was so beautiful this morning.
Then as it got hotter I retreated inside to scrap- finished my scrapjack and my SS presents. You see- a fabo day!!!

Anyway.. I'm better shoot off. I have to pick up Sarah- she (yet again) managed to wangle a sleep over at Grace's last night and has been there all day- swimming no doubt!!!

Have a GREAT week, stay safe!

Love Janine xxx

Friday, November 09, 2007


Janelle Wind totally rocks!!! Here is my layout that I did during her online class over at Scrapboxx. Great scrapper, great class, great satisfaction!

J xxx