Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!!

I am a PROUD Australian- I love Australia Day!!

We had an Aussie BBQ breakfast this morning- complete with lamb chops (Sam would be proud!) and later on today we are going to head down to the breach front and have a BBQ and a few wines with friends! Woo hoo!!

Here are my last few pages of Project 365-
Day 21-

My bucket list is only a 'mini' bucket list- it has things on it that I wish to accomplish this year!

Day 22-

Day 23-

Day 24-

Day 25-

Yesterday was happy and sad. We had a wonderful day catching up with all my immediate family. We had a BBQ lunch and even an early birthday cake for Brad and Mark. It was sad because later in the evening I drove Brad, Georgie, Matt and Jack to the airport and they flew off :( to Langkawi (via Singapore and KL) and back to their yacht. I don't know how long it will be until we see them again :(

Anyway- whatever you are doing today to celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY- have good one!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My house is so quiet :(

Brad, Georgie, Matt & Jack have gone :( and my house is so quiet! After a week and a half of having a noisy, busy house- I didn't really know what to do with myself yesterday when they left! Sad isn't it! Good news is that they will be back on Sunday however only for the day because they fly back to their yacht in Langkawi on Sunday night.

Project 365 pages.
My latest pages-
Day 15-

Day 16-

I took so many photos on day 15 & day 16 that I really struggled to pick just some for the pages. The weather was HOT and we were really in a holiday mode- it was fabulous! He he he- the sangria's were deliciously refreshing too!!!!

Day 17-

Georgie and I left the husbands and kids at home and headed down to the yacht club to have a drink and catch up with Kim- it was, girly chat, more wine, beautiful view, no kids to worry about (well for Georgie & I anyway!), more wine, more chat- just what us girls love best!

On our way home from the yacht club I got a message from Marlene to say that Grace was in hospital with a severe ear infection. On Sunday afternoon, when Grace was feeling a bit better, I took Sarah up to visit!
Day 18-

Day 19-

On Monday, Kim and I took the kids to see 'Hotel for Dogs'- very funny and very doggy cute!!! After the movie we went to McDonalds for lunch- the kid's meals had a 'Hotel for Dogs' toy with them so the girls and Jack all got a cute little doggy- very sweet!

Later that afternoon, Sarah had to go back to the dentist and have that tooth pulled out! Everything went well but you should have seen the size of the tooth- arrrgggghh- it had HUGE roots on it- YUK! The poor little possum bled for quite a while and had to lay down as she wasn't too well. Fortunately after a good night's seep, she was fine on Tuesday morning!

Tuesday morning was when Brad, Georgie and the boys left. I felt a bit lost :( I kept myself busy cleaning, washing, vacuuming etc and scrapping of course!
I was really at a total loss of what to photograph for the day- I did consider taking a photo of my clean, vacuumed, no Lego scattered everywhere mat but decided against it- LOL!!

Then when Adam got home from work, he was home no longer than 10 minutes when I heard these squeals of joy coming from the patio- Adam and Emma were playing soccer and having a ball!
Day 20-

So now I'm up to date!
Today is looking quiet too, well this morning at least. Sarah is going to a bowling party at 1pm and then Emma has a sleep-over party starting at 4. Hmm- what will I photograph today!!!

Anyway, my girls are asking for pancakes for breakfast so I may just indulge them. Have a great day.
Love Janine xxx

Friday, January 16, 2009

Still here...

Hi all,
I'm still here, still scrapping my Project 365 and still loving the school holidays. Brad, Georgie and the boys are still here too so we've being doing lots of things together!
Last time I posted, we were about to go out to brunch. We did and it was wonderful! We went to 'The Merchant' - the food was scrummo yummo delicious!!! We had a wonderful time, eating, chatting, laughing, reminiscing, drinking coffee- it was great. We went with Aunty Lorraine, Vikki & Gavin (Lorraine's daughter & SIL) and Lynn (Lorraine's other daughter). Aunty Lorraine's family are up here to help her out as she required another operation last Tuesday. I won't go into details here however we have everything crossed that it is all good news)
So...brunch was my Project 365 topic for day 11.

Brad & Georgie and my two nephews, Matt & Jack, arrived in the afternoon.
Monday morning started off shocking. Adam got a phone call about 7:30 to say his office has been broken into. Adam is still on holidays however because we half own the business he had to go in to deal with the police, insurance etc. Rotten thieves stole about $13000 worth of mobile phones and equipment and caused a heap of damage- grr. It is all insured however a right pain in the butt. Sadly for the thief, Adam has gone through, worked out all the phones that were taken and blocked them so they can never be used in Australia (legally anyway).
Also on Monday morning Brad had an appointment at a specialist so Georgie and I took all the kids by train to The Art Gallery In Perth. There was a Lego construction zone with HUGE amounts of white Lego- all there for the kids to play and build with! I took heaps of photos- pity the Lego was white and the walls were white- no contrast!Anyway- day 12...

Sunday and Monday, Sarah had been complaining of a sore tooth so Monday afternoon I managed to get her a dentist appointment. The dentist said that she had a small crack in a back baby molar and that had caused a filling to slip. He took the filling out and replaced it, so I thought the problem had been fixed. Oh no.....
this is how my baby girl woke up on Tuesday morning- a swollen cheek and very sore!!!

Back to the dentist in the afternoon and the tooth nerve had begun to die so Sarah was put straight on strong antibiotics and the offending tooth will be pulled on Monday!
Taa daa- day 12's page.

On Wednesday I decided to take Sarah, Emma and Matt to the movies (Jack didn't come- he can't sit thorough a whole movie!). We saw The Tale of Despereaux. It was another great movie. I forgot to take my camera to the movies - shock, horror so took a photo of Sarah when we got home with the mouse toy that came with our drink/popcorn combo!

That brings us to yesterday. It was forecast to be HOT, HOT, HOT and it was! We decided to go out for breakfast. I wanted to go to The Merchant again but it was full. We went to another cafe and had a lovely breakfast before taking the kids to the park for a play. Eventually the park got too hot so we came home and Adam blew up our pool for the kids
Check out this photo- Adam took this one- cool huh!!!

About 5:30/6 ish we decided to all go to the beach for a swim. In about 10 seconds flat we collected up kids, towels, drinks etc and headed off to the beach. I'm so pleased we did, the beach was beautiful. All of us, except Georgie swam out to the pontoon, in the water. I had my camera on the beach, so Georgie pulled it out and took some photos-

This is us on the pontoon, waving to Georgie!

I've zoomed and cropped so you can see us! L-R. Adam, Sarah (sitting), Brad, Emma, me, Matt & Jack.
We played around out there for a while, jumping off over and over again- it was a blast!

All holding hands and jumping off (except for Matt- he would be in it!)

Emma jumping off the top of the ladder- it looks as if Adam has thrown her- he didn't, he was just holding her so she didn't slip before she jumped.

And if Emma can do can I!!!! Please excuse my blowing out shirt. I wore my bikinis to the beach but in our hurry left my rashie on the kitchen bench. Not wanting to blind anyone with my lillywhite skin- I wore my shirt in the water!

It was such a great time. When we did finally come home we were all much cooler and had yet another BBQ for tea. Now I have a delima- we took SO many photos yesterday, I can't decide which ones to use for my day 15 page. Hmm the decisions- LOL!!!

Today Adam and Brad have gone on a fishing charter. It was meant to be yesterday but the charter man changed it to today. Georgie has gone out to do a few things and I'm at home keeping cool with the four kids. We haven't decided what to do today. It is forecast to get to 40 so we may head off to the lovely air conditioned movies!!

Anyway, enough for today. I hope everything is wonderful where you are. Stay safe. And to my gorgeous friend (you know who you are)- I have everything crossed for you that today turns out as best it can- thinking of you.

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still going strong..

...with Project 365.

Here is day 9. After seeing "Marley & Me" I realized that Rusty hadn't made it into my book- so here he is!

Here is yesterday's page-

We were up early and at the beach by 6am. It was beautiful- so calm and peaceful! Unfortunately we didn't catch any eating fish- just 7 blow fish!

See the two blowies on Emma's line?

After a while, the girls got tired of fishing so Adam fished on - he's in the background!

The girls played...and so did I - with my camera!

We found three star fish, a crab,

played in the sand

and even collected shells.

It was wonderful. We were home just after 8 so I then made us a yummy cooked breakfast and did a bit of housework before we headed out again for the afternoon! A totally awesome day!

Today we have another full day. We are heading off to have brunch with friends very soon (10:30) and Brad, Georgie and the boys arrive this afternoon! Busy, busy, busy!

Talk soon, stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, January 08, 2009

New look blog....

Do you like it?? I do- a change is as good as a holiday!!!

Project 365- I'm loving it!! Honestly I am loving it!
January 6th- A page for Sarah & Grace and the special friendship they share-

January 7th- our 14th wedding anniversary. My wonderful hubby bought me the most gorgeous bead for my Pandora bracelet- I love it!! I bought him a new Wii game- Guinness World Records. The Video Game- it is fantastic!
(Thanks Kim- I copied her idea of putting a bling circle around the new bead!)

January 8th- Kim messaged to say that she was taking her kids to see 'Marley & Me' and did we want to come- absolutely! It was a gorgeous movie but reduced us to tears. Too close to losing Chloe I think.

The journaling reads-
Kim and I took seven kids between us to see the movie “Marley & Me”.
It was a gorgeous movie with lots of hilarious scenes however the last
few scenes reduced Kim and I to tears. I think it was a little too raw
and a little too close to losing Chloe & Tessa for us to handle. Emily
and Sarah had a good cry too- although I think it was good therapy
for us to have a good cry. After the movies Kim & I took the girls to
McDonald’s so we could have a coffee and regather ourselves! It was
a lovely way to spend an afternoon- with friends!

L-R (Back row) Jade, Grace, Emily & Sarah.
(Front row) Alisha, Taylah & Emma.
That's all for today-I hope your day has been wonderful. Stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Project 365.

With all the excitement of Christmas and the New Year over, I've embarked on a journey which I hope will last for 365 days!! Last year I admired Jen Hall's daily diary so when I saw Pip Prosser had bought this diary to document her baby's son first year- I jumped straight online and ordered one.....then I just had to wait until the new year started!
Coincidentally Danielle started a thread over at Scrapboxx about Becky Higgin's Project 365- taa daa, it was sort of what I had planned to do anyway so I jumped on board at Scrapboxx and I haven't looked back.

Here is my yummy Kikki-K diary- it is super cute and I love it!

January 1st- I really dislike having my photo taken and as my 'word' for 2009 is DO so I thought I might as well 'just do it'. This is a self portrait taken in the early hours of 2009. I might add here that we partied until 3:30 am- woo hoo!!!

January 2nd- After another slowish start to the day (Leeman is so laid back, all mornings start slowish!!!!) Brad and Adam sorted a heap of fishing gear and later in the afternoon we headed off to this gorgeous bay just south of Leeman. Emma was the super star of the day landing a blue manna crab. She was so excited!!! The bay was lovely, we walked around the rocks and found star fish, little crabs, shells and even saw a sting ray out in the water. We took a supply of nibblies and drinks with us and the boys built a big bonfire on the beach and generally we all had a fabulous time. Just after dark we made our way home and due to the lack of fish caught we had to settle with a BBQ. We did however cook up Emma's crab and Dad & I ate it- DELICIOUS!!!!

January 3rd. We were heading home today so we all went to Jurien Bay for lunch. Lunch was scrummo yummo- and after we had eaten I talked the kids into letting me take a photo or two.

About 2 o'clock we headed off home and Brad, Georgie, Matt, Jack, Mum, Dad and Mark headed back to Leeman. We arrived home about 5:30ish, all very tired but happy little campers!

January 4th- I was over at IGA stocking up on some food on Sunday morning when Kira's Mum rang to see if Emma would like to go over Kira's for the day. They were heading off to Q-Zar in Fremantle and Kira wanted Emma to go too. Emma was very happy to go. That left Sarah and I to do a bit of house work. I also took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations- all packed away until December 09!! Adam cleared everything off our patio and used a high powered water thingy to clean all the pavers- look a million dollars now! About 5ish when I went to pick Emma up, her and Kira convinced me to let Kira sleep over. Hmm- it was a late night!

January 5th- Sarah, Emma and Kira played happily all morning. They played Wii, played outside and were generally very good. I did have to shoot Emma off for a doctor's appointment. Poor little chicken had a reaction to the suncream I was using on her in Leeman and had come out in a allergic rash all over her body. The doctor game us two different creams (one for the face, other for the body) and I'm pleased to report that it is clearing up very quickly. Anyway just before one we picked Grace up and we all met my friend Linda and her family for lunch. Linda now lives in Albany so it was great to catch up with her and her family again. Our next stop was the movies- we saw Bolt. It was a great movie- very funny in places, a little sad in other places but overall a fabulous movie- we all enjoyed it.

After the movie I dropped Kira home and then Grace. Sarah ended up staying the night at Grace's as she went to Adventure World with Grace all day today. I haven't long got home from picking Sarah up as she stayed at Grace's for dinner too. I've taken some photos of a very tired and slightly sun burnt girl- she's my topic for my day 6 of Project 365. I'll be printing my photo and I'll be on to my page very soon!!!

Now before I go... the gorgeous Kathleen has given me this-

Mwah-thanks Kathleen!!

Now the rules - I'm to list 5 addictions and 5 favorite bloggers...

5 addictions...
Shopping- scrap shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, any sort of shopping really!!!
Scrapbooking- love it, love it, love it - I could quite happily scrap all day!!!
Taking photos- especially of my girls.
Holidays- Both holidays away and school holiday- love them both!!!
Reading blogs and forums- I'm a sticky beak at heart and love reading about what people are doing! Nothing beats a good blog hop!!!

Now 5 of my favourite blogs-
Kim- not only is she a good friend I love her fabulous scrapping too! He he he- and she comes shopping with me!!!
Belinda- oh she scraps the most amazing layouts- I love them!!
Petrina- not only is she a sensational scrapper, she designs fantastic chippies too!
Mardi- yet another inspirational scrapper and her little granddaughter is so so cute!! You should check her out!!!
Julie- Oh my- this lady scraps the most amazing layouts and cards!!! A must see!

Anyway- I must go it is getting late and I have photo to print out. Scrapping may have to wait until the morning now, my pillow is calling me!

Have a great day,
Love Janine xxx

ETA- (7-1-09) Can I have a 6th addiction???
PANDORA- It is Adam and my 14th wedding anniversary today and he gave me the most gorgeous gold bead for my bracelet- MWAH- love you honey!!!
I'll take a photo and share a little later!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!!!

We are home!
I love holidays however nothing beats returning home!!!
We arrived home about 5:30pm this afternoon and since then I've unpacked, washed two loads of washing, rang my Mum to tell her that we arrived home safely, organized food for dinner, made the girls shower and wash their hair, checked emails, collected and checked snail mail, downloaded my camera, spoken to Adam's parent on the phone (they are in Albany on holidays), cleaned up the jar of honey Emma dropped on the kitchen floor (OMFG!!), crossed my fingers that we are the winners of Lotto's 30 million super draw, printed off my day one, day two and day three photos for my PROJECT 365...and enjoyed a glass of wine!!! PHEW!!!

So.... before I go, here are some of my favourite layouts from 2008. I was going to do this before 2008 finished however we shot off on holidays!!!
(Please note: some of my favourites are missing as they are due to be published in the coming months so I can't share them here. )

So... (in no particular order) here are some of my favourite LOs for 2008-

Now we are home, I plan to catch up on with my first few days of my 365 diary- so stay tuned!
Have a great day!
Love Janine xxx