Friday, March 30, 2007

Freestyle Down Under

Hmmm - I have read on various blogs that it is not much longer until Freestyle Downunder- I would SO, SO, SO, SO, SO ,SO love to go!!!

{I scrapped...

For one of the CC challenges at Craft Attic, we had to create a 'FLAT' LO. No lumpy bumpy- not even chipboard!!! Initially I thought- OMG- that's impossible! But it was actually very easy .... and fun. So here is my 'FLAT' LO- only using card stock, pp, letter stickers and rub ons!

Love Janine xxx

Thursday, March 29, 2007

What makes me happy today....

Three new pair of snugly, soft, colourful PJ's!!! I love them!!! I really wanted to get the purple ones with the cute green frogs on them but they didn't have my size. I had to settle for hot pink Betty Boop, bright blue monkeys and hot pink mad cows- way to cute!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

{hi there...

Tonight I had all these grand plan to scrap- I chatted instead!!! How easy that happens. Craft Attic had their monthly CC tonight and I was SO ready to scrap however once I got on MSN and started chatting- scrapping went out the door!!! Well, you get that, maybe tomorrow!!! Hello Lisa, who Kim and I spend ages- chatting to tonight!!!! Lisa actually scrapped while she chatted- a skill that I haven't mastered yet! LOL!!!

Anyway, thought I would leave you with a photo-

This is a photo of Sarah and Emma, running back to us after they had been on the Road Runner roller coaster for the 3rd or 4th time - at Movie World. How happy to these kiddos look- that makes me happy!!! I have SO many photos from our holiday that I should really stop chatting and start scrapping!!!
Have a great day!
love Janine xxx

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 update!

Check out these happy faces! Taylah, Morgan and Emma- three gorgeous friends beaming beautiful smiles! That makes me happy!!! The photo was taken at the start of Morgan's birthday party on Saturday! It was a party at AquaJetty so these girls (and the other guests) swam, played. laughed, squealed, ran, ate, giggled and had super fun- all afternoon!
Now is this not the face of a girl who has had fun!!! Check out the chocolate mud cake crumbs around her mouth- pure bliss for a child!!!

OK- news of a different kind.
Adam and his brother Garth spent Sunday at Barbagallo Raceway watching the V8 Supercars. They also got an opportunity to meet and talk to Rick Kelly. This baby face looking 24 year old is the current World Champion for V8 Supercars(2006). He is also leading the points tally for this year's championships. Doesn't he look SO young!!! DH and his brother were amazed at how young he looks (and is!) compared to how much he has achieved- good on him I say!!
On the scrapping front- I haven't done any!! When Adam went off to the Supercars on Sunday, I thought that I might spend the day scrapping- I didn't, I cleaned. One of those mega cleans, the bathroom vanities, the top of the fridge, the girls wardrobes, bookshelves, under beds- Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end of Sunday- and my bin was chocablock FULL!!!
Yesterday I worked and then last night was my netball grand final- we lost. All credit to the other team, they played well - we didn't. Never mind there is always the winter season!!!
Today, I have cleaned some more- does it ever stop!!!! and done a couple of loads of washing. Now I'm about to zip out, take Aunty Lorraine to the hydro pool and then we are going out to lunch for her birthday- HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORRAINE!!!
SO.... maybe tonight I will get so scrapping done....maybe!!!!
Have a great day-
Janine xxx

Monday, March 19, 2007

I scrapped (yay) and some great news!

I wanted to scrap this photo of Adam and Emma at the Scrapboxx retreat last weekend however every time I looked at pp, the blue in Adam's shirt threw me. So this weekend I was determined to scrap it. I decided to go right away from blue and choose another colour- so taaa daaa- here it is!!! The photo was taken at Sea World while we were on the Sky High Skyway.
And for some GREAT news. As you know I have been entering the Scrapapple 8 week challenge. I managed to get an entry in for 7 of the 8 weeks- woops, I missed the weekend that I went on the Scrapboxx retreat!!!
Well anyway I entered the LO "They Just Click" as my entry for week 8- and I WON!!! wooo hoooo!! How cool is that? As I missed a week, I can't win the overall prize (which they will announce on Friday) but I was thrilled to beat 44 other LOs to win this week- yay, doing the happy dance!!! I will let you know my prize when I receive it!!!
Ok- off to watch 'Desperate Housewives' Have a great night!
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just quickly...

Here are some LOs that I completed at the retreat. This one "They Just Click" is Emma and her friend Morgan at Emma's Hawaiian party last week. Love the bright colours contrasting with the white brackground on this one! How cute are these girls????

This is Sarah, Emma and I on the beach in Surfers Paradise on New Year's Eve. We were waiting for the fireworks to start. Fantastic night!!!
A favourite photo of Sarah and I love these yummy flowers. They are 'fuzzy' to feel- very yummy!!!

This photo of Sarah was taken at Sea World during our holiday- I feel this LO needs something else but I'm not sure what!!! I love Kim's new stamps- very noice!!! Thanks for sharing Kim!!
I have nearly completed all the LOs from Ali's 'Two Hours of Power' class - just need to finish off some journalling and other bits and pieces, then I will upload them.
Have a great day..
Janine xxx

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Photos from the Scrapboxx Retreat.

The amazing 'boss lady' Maria strutting her stuff with Jodes during karaoke!

Nikki and Zina getting into the karaoke! Very funny!
Nic and Ronnie being naughty- gosh, you can't take these two anywhere!!!

Zina, Roz and me- with me feeling like a giant!

The very talented Nic!

Erica posing with me while she is frantically trying to pack her suitcase!!
The very talented and amazing Ali!!
Still trying to get over the weekend- I'm very tired. I nearly took a Nana nap today but was afraid if I had a nap I wouldn't wake up in time to get the girls from school!!!
Janine xxx

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My top ten.

You Take My Breath Away- a LO that just fell into place. I love the photo of Sarah and also the colours. This LO was published by FK and the LO was also featured of the FK website. The photo of Sarah was on FK's website header.

My Sweet Baby- an older LO but I just love the soft pastel colours... and how cute is Emma with her face painted???

Already Six- Another LO that just fell into place- I love Emma's expression in this photo.

You Right Now- You know all the little bits of 12x12 paper you trim off, well I used all the little bits to make the background stripes- very easy and I love the end result!
The Bear Fact- How cute is Sarah's teddy- This LO was published in FK and also made it onto the front cover of their 50th anniversary edition- it is very small but it is there!!!
Always- This LO is based on a sketch but I was thrilled with the end result.

First Born- again I love the photo and how this page came together!

Friends- Another LO based on a sketch. I love Emma and Taylah- how gorgeous are these little munchkins???? I love this LO because it is so bright and funky!

I hope You Dance- an older LO but using a favourite photo of Sarah.

Shine- Another old LO. This LO was an entry in ASC's Scrap Idol competition- I didn't win but I did get into the final 10! This LO was published in SM.
I could have easily picked 20- but hey... that's good because it means I like my scrapping ... and that is what scrapping is all about!
Have a great day!
Janine xxx

Monday, March 05, 2007

Emma's Hawaiian Party.

Here are some photos from Emma's Hawaiian party which we survived yesterday! The weather was hot, hot, hot- perfect for 11 bikini clan little girls running around, screaming and having fun!!!
We started by greeting the girls at the door with a flower lei each and then the girls all set about making their own grass skirts- great fun, kept then occupied! After that, I set up for the girls to decorate their own milk arrowroot biscuits- another activity they loved.
Meanwhile DH was getting the party food ready so soon after the biscuit decorating had finished-out came the party food. After everyone had eaten, we let the girls play in the back yard for a while- then bought out the birthday cake- feed them all ice cream cake and there you have a 2 1/2 hour party -all done!
Thanks Kim for your help- we really DID deserve that glass (or two) of wine afterwards!!!
Blogger is back to letting me upload so I may try and upload my top 10 soon. I really should be doing my tags for the Scrapboxx retreat- arrgghhh- 4 sleeps to go and I'm so not organized!!!
Janine xxx

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Friday, March 02, 2007

My baby is seven tomorrow!

This time, seven years ago, I had a big belly!!! I can't believe how fast time goes! Seven years- wow!
I am organized for tomorrow....- nearly!!! All the presents are wrapped (except one- which was a bonus one for Emma that DH bought home tonight!) I have tomorrow's cake nearly made. I ALWAYS have a cake for my girls' actual birthday. If their party is not on their actual birthday then I make two cakes- one for their birthday and one for their party! As Em's birthday is tomorrow and her party is on Sunday, this year she will get two cakes! They are both ice cream cakes- yum, my girls' favourite and always home made. I just have to tip the ice cream out of its mould, add cream and decorate- will do that tonight once the cherubs are in bed!
Tomorrow morning, we will do the present thing first. Emma's main present is a trampoline. (We already have a trampoline but the mat is starting to come apart) The tramp is still in its box so Adam can put it together in the morning while I clean down the patio and make sure the garden looks OK. Just after lunch the girls have acrobatics so I will go and sit there for a few hours and chat to Kim. On the way home I will drop in the shops and do my final bit of party food shopping. Then tomorrow night we are taking Emma out to dinner. We are going to go to the Nag's Head Tavern- a yummo little tavern only 5 minutes drive from our house. We will come home for sweets- yep, the birthday cake that I'm going to finish tonight- LOL!!!
On Sunday I am going to power clean the house! Then at 2.30 we have Emma's little friends coming over for her Hawaiian party! I think Sunday night will be a relaxing affair- left over party food and a bottle of wine!!!!
Yay- Monday is a public holiday in WA so I don't have to go to work- woooo hooooo!!! Hmmmm,. maybe a scrapping day for me! Well maybe not scrapping but making tags!! There is only 7 more sleeps until the Scrapboxx retreat and I still have 70 tags to make before then!!!!
Better go- I have a cake to finish!!!

Have a great weekend,
Janine xxx

PS- I still can't upload any LOs or pictures- DH says he better get me a new computer- gotta love that!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Life's a blur...

My gorgeous Emma is turning seven on Saturday and it dawned on me on Tuesday that I had better do so birthday shopping for her!!! So after a power shop on Tuesday and another today .... taaaa daaaa- I've finished! I'm not quite organized for her party yet but that's on Sunday so I have a few more days to get sorted! Wouldn't you know it- I see a squillion hawaiian grass skirts around the place and now because I want to buy some for Emma's party- NONE! Leis as well- I had to buy several different sorts because I couldn't buy all the same type!
With the grass skirts... the party girls will have to make their own! Good solution hey! I will get some cardboard waist bands and buy a heap of paper strips and the girlies can have some fun making their own- it will keep the occupied for a while anyway- LOL! Not sure about party games yet- any ideas?????

Is anyone else have trouble uploading pictures on to Blogger?? Twice now I have tried to upload my top ten (See Ali's blog) and when I go to upload my LOs- blogger throws a hissy fit and closes down!!! Anyone else????

Go to go, house to clean, clothes to wash, presents to wrap, party to organize....
Have a great day,
Janine xxx