Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sob, sob, sob...

Tonight is my last night of school holidays.... wail wail, sob, sob... (heavy sigh) I go back to work in the morning. :( Don't get me wrong, I love teaching however these holidays have just been SSSSOOO good that I really don't want them to end.

However.. all good things come to an end. :(

We have made the most of the last few days.... both Sarah and Emma have had friends over to play, we have been swimming at Aquajetty, we have been shopping, buying clothes that of course my girls don't need, gone out to lunch, eaten too much ice cream :) and we have relaxed and enjoyed ourselves! I have scrapped too!! (BIG smile)

The girls are quite happy- they don't go back to school until Monday - don't get me wrong here, they are itching to get back to school however the next few days will be FUN for them- unlike my days (boring school meetings etc). Tomorrow they are off to Grace's house for the day- no doubt a day of swimming, Foxtel and FUN!!! Friday, my Mum is coming up first thing in the morning and she's looking after my girls for the day. That equals fun for the girls. Friday after school, Adam and I are heading off to The Police concert- YYYYAAAYYY, YYIIIPPPEEE, WWWWOOOOO HHHHOOOO!!! Mum is staying over night so Adam and I are making a night of it- I'm SO looking forward to it!!! YYYYYEEEEEEE HHHHHAAAAA!!!!! Mum is taking the girls to basketball so I really don't have to worry about a thing- woo hoo!
The Police were my childhood all time favourite band- going to see them is a dream come true- yyyyipppppeeee- I'm just a tad excited!!!!!!

Okay, okay, I'm settled now! (slow breaths) I have some scrapping to share. I have been absolutely loving my creating time this year. You know, last year, I found myself worrying about the quality of the photo, where to put the embellishments, whether my journaling was correct etc, etc, etc.....AND I found that it was inhibiting my scrapping. I have read lots of blogs where people have talked about 'BLOGGING without obligation'- well, this year, I'm SCRAPPING WITHOUT OBLIGATION.... AND LOVING IT!!!

I honestly can't believe the difference it has made. I have been scrapping faster and have been enjoying it more. I find I have been more creative too!!! So here are some layout to share....

OMG... I have SO many photos from our DARWIN/QUEENSLAND holiday that if I don't scrap them soon, goodness knows!!! These photos are from one of our trips to Sea World.

Next is my January scrapjack. Kim Archer is this month's jackee (Woo hoo-Happy 40th birthday Kim )...and boy did I love scrapjacking her. I was thrilled to actually scrap Emma's dance photos (goodness knows how many years of dance photos I have, that aren't scrapped) but I was also thrilled to get so many photos on one page- Thanks Kim- you're a gem!!!

Lastly, a layout of Emma on Christmas morning. She had such a good time, as the photos reflected, how could I not scrap them!!!
Stay safe and be happy!!!
Lovbe Janine xxx

Monday, January 28, 2008

Australia Day, back to school and some scrapping.

Happy Australia Day for a few days ago!! I hope you and your family had a wonderfully relaxing day! We did! Relaxed for most of the day and then went down to the Rockingham Foreshore in the evening for a BBQ and a few drinks with friends. It was a very nice evening - lots of sausages, salads and drinks of wine!!The kids had a great time playing on all the equipment as we set up camp right near a playground. I took down glow-in-the-dark bracelets for all the kids as well. Rockingham council had set up a HUGE screen and played Night at the Museum. No fireworks in Rockingham, which was abit sad (the local paper said there would be) however we could see the Perth Sky show- it looked very tiny mind you!!!
I loved that we saw heaps of Australia t-shirts, hats, wigs, tattoos, flags, stubby holders, bikinis, shorts etc. We joined in and wore our AUSSIE gear proudly!

Here are a few snaps from the day- notice Rusty even managed to get himself an Australia Day tattoo!!!

Today we did the 'back to school' thing. New shoes, covered books, labelled pencils etc. Both girls are really excited about going back to school. They start school next Monday. I'm not so thrilled about going back- these holidays have just been so much fun and way too relaxing. Grr- I go back on Thursday.
And...some LOs to share.
This photo is from New Year's Eve, Sarah and her gorgeous friend Kaitlyn.
Sorry but this one didn't scan so well- these are photos of Emma with Rusty. I joked to Adam that I should call this LO 'The dog with no legs' as Emma loves to carry him around!!!
One final thing- Sine- you haven't emailed me your address yet- I have the Heidi Swapp date stamp ready to post!!!
Have a great day and please stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still flat out enjoying the holidays...

Mum came up on Monday afternoon and first thing Tuesday morning we set out on yet another holiday adventure!
Mum, the girls and I walked to the recently opened Rockingham Train Station and rode the train into the Convention Centre. The Mandurah rain line only opened on December 23rd. We are quite pleased that the Rockingham station is close but not too close to our house -IYKWIM. It took us about 15 minutes to walk to the station.
Anyway we got off the train at the Convention Centre and walked across to The Swan Bells. We were fortunate enough to sit in on a demonstration and all of us got to have a go at ringing the bells- what a buzz.

Here are the girls ringing bell #9 together. The bell tower also has viewing platforms on several levels. Here are Mum and the girls checking out the view on Level 3.

After we finished at the bell tower we caught the ferry across to South Perth and walked to the Perth Zoo. Mum hadn't been to the zoo in about 25 years so she was really looking forward to checking it out. I was really looking forward to seeing the new baby giraffe born on Christmas Eve. Here she is!! Isn't she cute?
Here are some other happy snaps from the zillions I took!!

When we left the zoo, we took the ferry and train back to Rockingham. We got home about 10 hours after we left, very tired but happy!
Today both girls had their hair trimmed and my Dad and Mark picked Mum up. Mark had another appointment in Perth today. I'm pleased to report that he is going really well. All the doctors are really pleased with his progress however they all keep telling him how lucky he is to be alive.
I was deeply saddened to hear of Heath Ledger's passing. It is such a tragic loss. So, so sad. I feel for his gorgeous little girl Matilda. A tragic loss.
Okay- to finish on a happier note. Sine- the Heidi Swapp date stamp is yours. Please send me your address and I'll have it in the post for you.
Please stay safe- as we have seen today with the sad loss of Heath Ledger- no one is immune from tragedy.
Love Janine xxx

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy, happy Monday!!!

We are still LOVING the holidays, late nights, sleep-ins- aaarrr BLISS!!!
Saturday was another low key day. I did some house work, some scrapping, the girls watched DVDs, played Wii- generally hung out!!!
Although Adam & I did see I Am Legend - wooowha, what a movie!! I really liked it however some scenes kept me on the edge of my seat!!! Bit scary in places however I had been warned before hand so I sort of knew what to expect- sort of- still jumped out of my skin in places!!! Will Smith is fantastic...and his body- hhhh mmm - eye candy plus!!!

Then on Sunday we went to Adventure World for the day!!! (The girls got a family pass as a Christmas present) We got there early and were still squeezing in water slide rides at 6pm!!! I didn't take my camera - shock, horror...... I wanted to forget taking photos and enjoy all the rides - and that we did. I think my favourite ride was the 'Shot Gun' - a new ride that consist of a huge water tunnel that is completely enclosed in some place so as you shoot down on the big double tubes you can't see a thing so don't know which way you'll turn next- awesome fun!!! We went on that one several times!!! Emma was bit naffed that she didn't make the height requirement for Turbo Mountain- but that didn't stop Sarah and I from going on it- extreme fun!!! Bounty's Revenge was a favourite and Adam and the girls went on it 3 or 4 times!!!
I packed a picnic style lunch- cracker biscuits, cheese, dips, smoked oysters, cabanossi etc so about 3pm we had a break, found a shady spot and nibbled on some yummies!! Only thing that was missing was a nice glass of white wine!!!
All in all we had a great day and came home totally exhausted!!!

I do have some scrapping to share-
I'm still cleaning my scrapping area- never ending battle I think. Anyway, while cleaning, I came across this old photo of Sarah- taken in Nov 06..... so I decided to scrap it!!

Here are a few more pages for my mini King Family Favourites album.

Just before I go, whilst cleaning, I came across this Heidi Swapp date stamp. Now I already have one of these so I'm happy to give this second one away. It is still in its packet, never been used. If you would like it and you don't have one, I'm happy to put in the post and send it to you (within Australia) - just leave a comment.

That's all for today- have a wonderful, wonderful Monday.
Stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Friday, January 18, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggerty jig!!!

Yes, the girls and I are home again!!! We did miss Adam, Chloe and Rusty however so we are happy to be home!!!

We had a very relaxing time in Bunbury. Mum always spoils us with delicious food and lots of it!!! My Dad reckons that their house could be cut off for a month and they would still have enough food to survive!!! Mum made a special cherry cheesecake for Sarah and BOY was it DELICIOUS!!!
We relaxed, we shopped, we went to the movies (we saw Water Horse), we ate, we swam (Poppy and I took the girls to the Bunbury Sports Complex), we went out to lunch, we visited friends and we ate some more!!! All in all, a fantastic get away!!!!

Today I did a bit of housework (yik) and some scrapping (yippee). I scrapped the mid monthly sketch put up by Nic over at Scrapboxx.
Funny thing was that I couldn't think of a title so I was lurking around some blogs (read- procrastinating!! LOL!!). I came across a music clip on Lee Woodside's blog and taaa daa- title done!! You may notice that the date that the LO was completed (today) is missing- well my date stamp only goes up until 2007, how rude, I will have to get myself a new date stamp!!!
Please note- photography is by Design Images, Perth, W.A.

I also covered my 2008 scrapping diary. Each year I have a diary in which I record all my layouts and those accepted for publications etc (yeee haaa- I had a LO accepted today!!!) however my diary was pretty ugly - sorry Adam (Adam brought me a 2008 diary home from work)- so I had to cover it- here it is!!!!
Pretty funky huh???

Well that's about it for now- I decided to include 'New Year's Eve' in my '2008 King Family Favourites' album. I have nearly finished, just have the journalling to do, will upload tomorrow. Stay happy and stay safe...
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hiddy ho!

We have had a relaxing few days!
Both yesterday and today have been pretty low key... and I have loved it!
I am still cleaning and sorting my scrapping area as I go however I have been scrapping as well- woo hoo!
First share- Rusty...he is just too cute not to scrap! I could eat him up, he's so adorable! Infact he slept on my lap, while I scrapped for about two hours on Saturday! I have heaps of photos of him so expect to see more!

Next, I scrapped this mini album. This was a class that Erica Glover taught over at Scrapboxx last year sometime. I bought the kit however missed the class so thought I would finally get around to making it up. Inside the album are decorated tags ready for photos and journalling. Cute huh?
OK-this album I decided upon today. Despite the fact that I have been scrapping for six and a half years I am WAY behind in my scrapping. Sometimes I don't think I will ever catch up with the back log of photo I have.
So.... I have decide to scrap a sort of visual diary for this year. This is a 7x7" album, which I made myself and I'm going to scrap things of importance through out the year - birthdays, holidays, achievements, special events etc. Whatever I feel like putting in there.
Excuse the missing letters in 'favourites' but I really wanted to use those particular letters and I am missing a few- grr. I will add them! I am also missing a person. The yummy Basic Grey rub ons that I used had a Dad, a Mum and a boy and a girl...well my family has a Dad, a Mum and two girls ... so I will get another packet of those yummy rub ons and add another girl- LOL. Notice- two dogs (Chloe & Rusty) :)
Here is the inside cover- not sure if I'm going to add anything more or not.
Taa daa- here is my first page. I wasn't sure whether I should start with our New Year's Eve celebrations or not- I can still go back and add them if I choose however I decided today to scrap a photo I took of 2008's first sunset!!
The album is held together with two metal rings so I can add as many pages as I choose to. I decided to make the album 7x7" so I could easily add 6x4 photos in either landscape or portrait.
And lastly- this is a kit by Clair Bremmer which I bought through Blue Bazaar. I had every intention of having the mini album finished before Christmas so I only had to add the photos- yeah, yeah, yeah!!!
Well, I have now done the front cover- taaa daaa!!! The girls and I are off to Bunbury tomorrow for a few days R&R with my Mum and Dad so I'm taking this with me and hopefully by the time I come home it will be all finished!!!
That's all for now.
Stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Friday, January 11, 2008


LOL- sorry about the title...couldn't think of anything better!!!

My scrapping area looks HEAPS better now. I have been busy throwing out, sorting, cleaning, organizing and I must say... my scrapping area looks SO much better than it did. I have even discovered lots of things that I had forgotten I had- that's terrible isn't it!!!

I still have a medium sized pile of things that I'm not quite sure where or how to store- but I'll get there!!! I even scrapped a LO to celebrate!!!!


Thursday was a fantastic day. Emma was invited to her friend Tommy's birthday party and Sarah went as a tag along. (Tom is Grace's younger brother- Grace is Sarah's BF) The party started off at the bowling alley for a few games of ten pin bowling and then moved to Tom's house for a swim and cake. Well I went to and so did a few other friends!!! The kids had a ball and so did the adults and it ended up being a late night!!! Boy I love holidays and the fact that you can sleep in the next day!!! LOL!

Today the girls and I went to have coffee and catch up with a friend that we haven't caught up with for ages. It was so good to see Kerry and her family. The kids especially loved it because Kerry has had a pool put in her backyard since we were last there so the kids swam while Kerry and I drank coffee and caught up!! Another lovely day!

A few post back I showed you my December scrapjack- the LO of Rusty. Well I was thrilled to win a Scrap Pile voucher and I'm even more thrilled to say that a big shipment of the new Basic Grey Two Scoops is winging its way to my place- plus lots of other goodies. I can't wait! I love the new Two Scoops range- yummo!!!

Off now to finish my page that is half done in my VERY CLEAN scrapping area- LOL!!!
Have a great night.
Love Janine xxx

Monday, January 07, 2008

13 years ago today...

Adam and I were at St Patrick's Church- getting married!!!

Yes, today is our 13th wedding anniversary. We had a slowish start to the day (I love holidays), Adam had remembered our anniversary and had a card and pressie for me (aww, he's a sweetie). Sarah and Emma had made a card and had left it on the kitchen table for us to find - awww, even sweeter!!! I remembered but didn't get anything for Adam - naughty, naughty! Sarah started asking me about my wedding dress this morning, so I got it out and put it on!!! Please excuse the lack of make up or hair being done but these photos were taken before we had even had breakfast!! The girls were still in their pjs. The dress had a hooped petticoat underneath 13 years ago but I don't have that now.
Tonight we are going out to dinner, just the four of us. I'm looking forward to it.

Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wow, what a busy few days!!!!

No, not busy cleaning my scrap area- that's still a mess!!! I'm getting there- honest!!!

Saturday morning Adam & I decided to use up more of Santa's movie vouchers and take the girls to see Alvin and the Chipmunks- great movie!!!
When we returned home there were two envelopes stuck in our front door- Christmas cards and vouchers for the girls from our friends Nat & Shane. Adam rang to see where they were and they were at the local shopping centre (they live in Bunbury) so we arranged to meet at the Nag's Head Tavern for lunch. Well you how it goes... they all ended up at our house, stayed for a BBQ that night and ended up sleeping over. Great night except I kept getting beaten at Wii- gggrrrr. I'll blame the wine- LOL!!!
Here we are- looking a little worse for wear- myself, Sarah and Nat- a self portrait!!! Shane and Adam went to primary school together. I met Nat 18 years ago when Adam and I first started going out!! These two are long time friends!!!

Thanks for a great night Nat- you know what I love about Nat... my house was a mess, I had scrap booking supplies everywhere as I was cleaning my scrapping area ... and Nat didn't care. she came to see me, not my house- I love that!!!

Sunday morning- bit slow after Saturday night- LOL!! Nat, Shane and little Michael were off by about 10.30 and we got ready to go off to the sailing club. Remember back in December when I made those spider biscuits for Haydn in exchange for him taking Sarah sailing- today was the day!!!
The day was a little windy, Sarah came back cold but very happy. Thanks Haydn- you're a legend.

Of course Emma was as happy as Larry because she got to play with Taylah. Their friend Kira was there as well so she was extra happy. Kim and I managed to have a good catch over a cold bottle of wine- all in all, it was a GREAT day- Thanks Kim- fabo day, will have to do it again very soon (my buy!)

Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Friday, January 04, 2008

Oh my- what have I done....

It was inevitable.... I have started the mammoth job that I never wanted to start...... cleaning and sorting my scrapping area!!!! Oh my, I'm probably one eighth the way through it and I'm over it already!!! Why, oh why do I have so much stuff?? I swear I could open my own shop!!!
Well, today was the day- my mess will over flow no more!!! Arrrrggghhhh!!
I bought a new shelving unit, just a smallish one and I started sorting. I shall let you know how I get on. I know I will feel better when it is completed but right now I feel 'snowed under'!!!

However I shall leave you with the only page I have scrapped this year so far- scrapped on the floor, mind you, as my scrapping area was too messy to venture into!!! LOL!!

The photo opens to reveal the journaling.

Hope you are all having a wonderful time doing whatever you are doing!!!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


2008- wooo hoooo 2008 is here and we actually saw in the New Year!!!! Yeeee haaaa, I have such a good feeling about this year, not really sure why........ but does that matter? This year is going to be fabulous- I turn 40 this year so I'm going to be 40 and fabulous!!!!

New Year's Eve - We went down to our local foreshore to celebrate in the New Year with friends. Well so did about 20 000 other people!!!! It was packed!!! Rockingham foreshore usually puts on a good show for NYE and this year was no exception. They had a great band, Murphy's Law, who played lots of music that I knew- LOL!! We had a very good time and the fireworks at midnight just finished it off nicely! Here are a few photos from our night!

Adam and I - taken by Emma. Excuse the double chin but I am nearly 40 and fabulous!!! LOL!!!!

Emma, dancing on the seat to the fabo music!!! See what her shirt says - "My Mum Rocks" Yeah baby!!!
Sarah and her gorgeous friend Kaitlyn.Me getting cuddles from Em.

Some of the dozens of fireworks photos I took- I tried a few different settings to capture different effects with the firework- however you must remember these were taken at midnight- LOL!!!!- on NYE!!!!!
So that is it...2008 has officially begun. What will this year bring for me?, for my family?
I'm not one to make resolutions as that is just not my thing however I have been thinking alot about this. I have decided that 2008 is a year of BIG things for me and I have decided to be a 'giver' as my resolution. Each month this year I will preform a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) to someone, anyone. Not necessarily a scrapping RAK but a RAK to someone.... I now have 29 days left in January to 'give' my first RAK.
So no resolutions for me, just RAKs- I'm happy with that!!!
After our night out, we had a slow start to the day. We did start it however with a fabulous BBQ breakfast- hhhhmmm- well, brunch, maybe- LOL!!!
And I scrapped- I haven't taken a photo of my page yet but I thought it fitting to scrap a page on the first day of the year!!! Will upload soon!
That brings us to today- the cleaning bug bit me well and truly today!!! I washed everything in sight, put all the Christmas decorations and the tree away and the pantry is now sparkling!!! I would have kept going but my BIL, SIL and three nephews dropped in. They are on their way to QLD for a BMX meet and a holiday. We reminisced about our holiday and I pulled out all our photos- I really should scrap an album about our holiday- this time last year we were in Surfer's Paradise having a ball, visiting all the theme parks and Australia Zoo. A truly wonderful holiday!!!
Back to the cleaning- my laundry is next and the linen cupboard... only problem is, after today my bin is full and it isn't bin day until next Tuesday- LOL!!!!

I thought I would leave you with this photo- this is the first sunset of 2008 taken from our corner (we live on a corner)- how beautiful is it!!
I know 2008 will be a fantastic year- I hope you make it everything you want it to be too.
Please stay safe,
Love Janine xxxx