Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back....

Sorry but I have been avoiding my blog because the thought of sorting through and uploading a heap of Singapore photos was way too overwhelming!
I have instead decided to just upload a few at a time so at the end of this post are some photos and when I next update I'll add a few more!!!

OK- I'm still on a high about my awesome girl winning the academic scholarship for Iona!!! We received the paperwork last week and the scholarship is for SIX years!!!! How good is that!!!!

In other news- I have a new favourite TV show. Is anyone else loving Masterchef? I love it!!! Hmmm I haven't decided which contestant I'd like to win yet although Tom, Trevor, Geni and Julie are a few of my favourites!!!! I even took a photo of the TV the other night while the show was on as my 'photo of the day' for my Project 365. I'm still plodding along with my 365 pages however due to going to Singapore I'm a little behind. I have still been taking my photos and have been slowly catching up with my pages- I think I'm still about two weeks or so behind!!
Hopefully next post, I'll show you my latest pages!

This weekend I have my Mum, my Aunty and my MIL coming up to stay. We are all off to the Craft and Quilt Fair on Sunday. I'm hoping there will be lots of scrapping stands to visit. Kim and Maursie will be there each day, on the Fiskars stand so if you go- stop in and say hello to them!!

One more thing- woo hoo, I've booked my place already for the Scrapboxx October retreat!!! I love, love, love Scrapboxx retreats and can't wait to go again. LOL- only about 149 more sleeps to wait!!!

OK- here are some photos from Singapore Zoo. We went and had breakfast with the orangutans. It was awesome!!!

This is Emma, eating her breakfast. You can see in the background the large flat branch. This is where the orangutans came and sat. We weren't allowed to touch them but we were so close- it was amazing!!!

Here are the girls with some of the gorgeous orangutans.

I took heaps of photos- it was really hard to pick a favourite but I do particularly like this one. The baby was soooo cute!!!!

More soon,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Hi all,
We are back from Singapore- we had a fantastic time however I haven't yet had time to sort all the squillions of photos I took!! Soon I promise!!!

I just have to share our AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME news!!!
About six weeks ago Sarah sat a scholarship exam at Iona Presentation College.

SHE WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The principal left a message on our answering machine on Thursday night asking me to ring her. I did ring on Friday morning however had to leave a message. The Principal's assistant rang back and left me a message (my phone was turned off as we were at our school's ANZAC assembly) saying CONGRATULATIONS that Sarah had won the academic scholarship and I'll receive a letter next week with all the details!

I am so proud, proud, proud of my gorgeous girl!!!! I could nearly burst with pride!!!

Back soon with a SINGAPORE update!!!!

Love one PROUD Mumma!!!! xxxx