Sunday, May 03, 2009


Hi all,
We are back from Singapore- we had a fantastic time however I haven't yet had time to sort all the squillions of photos I took!! Soon I promise!!!

I just have to share our AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME news!!!
About six weeks ago Sarah sat a scholarship exam at Iona Presentation College.

SHE WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The principal left a message on our answering machine on Thursday night asking me to ring her. I did ring on Friday morning however had to leave a message. The Principal's assistant rang back and left me a message (my phone was turned off as we were at our school's ANZAC assembly) saying CONGRATULATIONS that Sarah had won the academic scholarship and I'll receive a letter next week with all the details!

I am so proud, proud, proud of my gorgeous girl!!!! I could nearly burst with pride!!!

Back soon with a SINGAPORE update!!!!

Love one PROUD Mumma!!!! xxxx


Petrina McDonald said...

Congratulations proud Mumma! Congratulations Sarah!
What exciting news for your family.
Looking forward to your Singapore update.

Maursie said...

WOW Janine that is HUGE news - please say congrats to Sarah - she must be tickled pink!!!
Maursie xoxo

Kathleen said...

Thats AWESOME Janine!!! HUGE congrats to Sarah!! What a clever little chickadee you have raised, you should be so proud!