Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm still here!

I have been so tired and so busy lately that I feel my poor blog has been a little neglected. :(
I really do need a few more hours in each day!!! LOL!
However- despite my poor blog's lack of attention, the gorgeous Julie awarded me this-

Thank you so much Julie!!!!
I am suppose to award this on however tonight I just don't have the time or energy! Maybe soon!

My Project 365 is still going strong. I am absolutely loving it- yes, still!! I love taking photos each day and find I can quite easily keep up or catch up as I keep the pages quite simple.
Anyway here are my latest-
Day 44-

Day 45-

Day 46-

Day 47-

Day 48-

Day 49-

Day 50-

Day 51-

Day 52-

Day 53-

Day 54 is today!! I have taken today's photos however haven't scrapped them yet.

One of the reasons I have been so busy is that my tandem teacher has broken her ankle. Unfortunately for her, it looks as if she will be off work all term. I am picking up most of her days, which is really great money wise, but makes for much less scrapping time!

I have been on a huge cleaning spree too- yes another one! This time I've attacked Sarah's room. Last weekend we took practically everything out of her room and only put back what she wanted! Her room looks fabulous however I had a huge pile of stuff in my family room. Well today we attacked that- it either went in the bin, in a bag for the Good Sammy's or in a bag for me to take to my Pre Primary (games, books etc). We cleaned her bookshelves, the cupboard under her bed , everything!!! Sarah's room looks so much better so all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it- LOL!!!
I have other rooms on my hit list so they will be attacked very soon!
Today we also organized lots of bits and pieces for Emma's birthday party. We have lots of little surprises for the girls coming and today Emma and Sarah help me organize them. Emma's party is next Saturday- she is so excited!!! I'll keep you posted!

Anyway- I must go, it is getting late and I have to be up early to get my girls up and out the door for swimming training.
Have a great weekend stay safe!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling helpless...

Imagine this being your home....and your neighbours....

I have been very emotional this week watching the absolute devastation of the Victorian bush fires. I feel gutted and teary as I watch the news reports. I couldn't even begin to imagine what these people are going through. It makes me feel so grateful for all that I have.
So...the least I can do is help-
This next blurb has been taken from Sarah Gladman's blog-

I feel for those families in the Victorian regions devasted by fire this week. I can’t help but feel frustrated at the limited amount we are able to do from here to help. I can donate money but I felt the need for something more tangible to be done for those families who have literally lost everything.
As scrappers, one of the most important things we deal with on a daily basis are memories. Family memories, memories of loved ones, memories of holidays, birthdays, christenings, bbq’s and days at the beach. These families in Victoria have got no tangible evidence of their lives left. No family photos. No happy snaps. You can replace a fridge, but you can’t replace years of momentos.
In order to help out these family begin to put their lives back together I have started a scrapbooking plan - called “MEMORY GIFTS”.
Quite simply, I ask each and every one of you who read this blog to donate a 12 x 12inch almost completed scrapbook LO to the “Memory Gifts” program. Each page will be sent to me. I will collect them and bind them, then hand them over to the head of Pastoral Care for the Victorian Catholic Education Office, Maria Kirkwood in Melbourne. It will not be just Catholic families benefiting, it will be anyone who needs it. The albums will then be distributed to the principals of the 4 schools that burned down, who will know exactly who to give them to.
Each family devastated by fire will be (in time) given album pages to help them begin their memories again. Those families can then approach their own families for copies of photos to put into the albums, or simply start putting in fresh memories.
If you think you can help, please lave me a comment and I will reply with my postal address so that you can send on your page. Any help you can give will be much appreciated.
I plan to have these albums finished by the 20th of March - that gives us a month to get cracking and create as many pages as we can!
If you feel you wish to contribute in some other way, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Many thanks on the behalf of the Victorian families who have lost everything.
I will be contributing by scrapping pages. I hope you are able to help in some way.
My Project 365 is still sailing along smoothly. Here are my latest pages-
Day 37-

Day 38-

Day 39-

Day 40-

Day 41-

Day 42-

Day 43 (today)-
I hope this post finds you and your family happy and healthy,
Many hugs,
Janine xxxx

Friday, February 06, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!

I have been busy, busy, busy!!! Busy at school, busy driving the girls to their numerous sporting and after school activities, busy socializing, busy at home.....but I've been keeping up with my Project 365.
Day 26-
(Yes - I know I'm missing some letter stickers!!)
Day 27-

Day 28-

Day 29-

Day 30-
Day 31-
Day 32-
Day 33-
Day 34-
Day 36-
I have just printed off the photos for Day 37 and Day 38 and I'm off to scrap them now!
Chin, chin!
Love Janine xx