Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrapboxx March Retreat!!

OK- as promised...finally a retreat review!
The retreat was AWESOME!!! This was the 5th Scrapboxx retreat I have been on and it was, without a doubt, the best...but then again, each retreat just gets better and better. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and equally as wonderful to make new ones!

We left Friday morning. Kim and I travelled in convoy with Evana, Kelly, Kathleen, Kayla and Kylie. We arrived at about 1 o'clock and quickly settled into our rooms and claimed our 'scrap spots'. We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with 'old' friends and meeting new friends!!!

At 4pm I had my first class- a LO class with Karen Day. He he he- lots of other people have said this, so I will as well- Karen is SO much taller than I expected!! LOL! Anyway Karen's class was awesome.
Here is my LO-

I love Karen's style and I am thrilled to bits with my LO- Thanks Karen!!!

After Karen's class, we got dressed into our 'Black Friday' outfits. What a blast!!! Check out some of these costumes!!!

Fuddy having a chop of Donna!


Kim and I...or is it Me & Kim!!

Mardi & Nikala!




Gorgeous bunch aren't we????

Later in the evening we had our very chaotic and noisy tag swap! I love meeting everyone and seeing their tags but boy is it full-on!!!

Sheree and Kel instructed us in a 'make and take' -making a gorgeous fabric tag booklet to keep all our tags in! (ops -forgot to photograph that!!)

The rest of the night was filled with chatting, laughing, drinking, eating and maybe a little tiny bit of scrapping!!LOL!!

After breakfast on Saturday morning, I began a marathon of classes. Four classes back to back!!!
Mardi started us off with an awesome class 'Not just for the girls'. It was wonderful. I love Mardi's style and I love, love, love my completed LOs-

Thanks Mardi!!!!

Straight after Mardi's class, I did Nikala's 'Grow & Bloom' class. It was fantastic!! I love the LOs and the gorgoeus colours- YUMMO!!
Here are my LOs-

Beautiful aren't they??

We did have a break for lunch and then Sheree had us working very hard making the most gorgoeus inspirational file. The file is fabulous despite the fact that I punched my holes in the wrong cover-ops!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous- Thanks Sheree!!!

Kim and I then did Karen's second class- we hadn't originally booked this class however when we saw the sensational LO- we squeezed our way into the class!!! My LO doesn't have photos yet but I do know which ones I am going to put on it!!!

Far out- classes keep us busy all day but it was worth it- I love all my LOs and all the classes were awesome!!!!

The rest of the night was filled with more chatting, eating, drinking, laughing and a tiny bit of scrapping!!!

I had no classes booked on the Sunday so I scrapped!
Over the weekend I completed five LOs for Sarah Gladman's bush fire appeal and two of the DT challenges.
Here are my challenge LOs-

You can see that I was sitting next to the talented Kathleen- I used some of her ink spray stuff. It was fun to use and I am really pleased with the results- Thanks Kathleen!

Here is the 'group' photo

and a couple more....

Kim and I and the gorgeous Boss Lady- Maria!

A self-portrait of Kim & I!!! Look at the beautiful view behind us!!!

Nikala, Mardi, Karen & Maria- see I told you Karen was TALL!!

Boo hoo- the whole retreat was over waaaay too quick but it was so much fun. I can't wait until the next one- roll on October!!

Fortunately Kim and I stayed over an extra night. We went out to a yummy dinner with Denise, Tess and Donna. It was great because I caught up big time with heaps of Esperance gossip from Tess and Donna. (I'm originally and Esperance girl- born and breed!)

Monday morning came around far too quickly however Kim and I met up with Denise in Margaret River for a delicious breakfast before our drive home!

So there you have it- my Scrapboxx retreat review!!

Phew- what a looong post!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally caught up!!

I have really been working hard the past few day to catch up with my Project 365- well today I did it! Woo hoo- I'm completely up to date!!! Here are all my pages except today's - I've scrapped it however it was too dark tonight to photograph it.

March 10-

March 11-

March 12- the girls' swimming carnival.

March 13- Day 1 of the Boxx retreat!

March 14-
March 15-
March 16-
March 17-
March 18-
March 19-
March 20-
March 20 (there are two March 20 pages!)-
March 21-
March 22-
March 23-
March 24-
March 25-
March 26-
March 27-
March 28-
Woo hoo!! Like I said, I've scrapped today's page but not yet photographed it! I took the girls to see Confessions of a Shopaholic today. Gracie came too- of course! The girls all loved it!!!
I'll be back soon with my retreat update- I haven't forgotten!
Bye for now-
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Woo hoo!

I'm alive, I'm alive!!!!

I have been so busy lately that I have neglected my blog- sorry...however as more time goes on, I feel so overwhelmed due to the amount of news that I need to catch up on- I just don't- ops!

So...let me just tell you the important stuff....

this stunner has turned nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My baby girl Emma has turned nine!!!!
We had her party before her birthday and we had a BALL!
Adam hired a mini bus and we took Emma and her friends to Fremantle. We played several games at Q-Zar.... a totally awesome game!!! After two crazy Q-Zar games where the girls ran around in the dark shooting each other, they then played in the arcade gallery. After that we went to Hungry Jack's for dinner - which was average as it was only HJ's- the kids liked it (I didn't- yuk). We then went to Cold Rock for sweets...now this was YUMMO!!!! If you haven't been to Cold Rock, then treat yourself- it was YUMMY!!!
After that we played in the park for a while then drove all the kiddos home again in the mini bus- we had the CD player blaring(on the bus), all the girls were rocking- we all had a ball!! It was a great party, Emma loved it so therefore it was a success!!!!
Man-I can't believe I have a nine year old- boo hoo!

In other news...I have been to the Scrapboxx retreat!! I love Scrapboxx retreats- too much talking, laughing, drinking, eating, staying up waaaay too late and having an awesome time...like I said - I love Scrapboxx retreats!!! I have a heap of photos that I haven't even hardly looked at yet from the retreat so....I'll do a special 'retreat' update soon- I promise!

Meanwhile, I have been keeping up to date with my 365 photo taking. I'm a bit behind with my scrapping however here are my latest pages-

Feb 22-

Feb 23-

Feb 24-

Feb 25-

Feb 26-

Feb 27-

Feb 28- Emma's party!!!!

March 1-

March 2-

March 3- Emma's 9th birthday!!!

March 4-

March 5-

March 6-

March 7-

March 8-

March 9-
I promise I won't leave it soooooo long between post.
Be happy, stay safe!
Love Janine xxx