Tuesday, July 31, 2007


WOOO HOOOO *happy dancing*happy dancing*

Guess what my wonderful hubby got for us yesterday???

Tickets to THE POLICE!!!


LOL-can you tell that I'm a tad excited! The Police were my favourite band growing up- you know- posters on the wall, drool over every bit of information, watch them on Countdown, have all their albums! I'm super excited that we are going to see them, live, in concert!!! Now, I just have to sit tight and wait- the concert is not until February next year!!!!

Have a great day!!!
Janine xxx

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Last day of the holidays :(

Well that two weeks went quick didn't it? Tomorrow is back to school for me! The girls have til Tuesday and then it is back to school for them too, but basically that is it for sleep- ins for another 10 weeks. hmmmm, sighs!

I did manage to take the girls ice skating, as promised. We went on Friday and they had a ball. I skated too and was even brave enough to skate with my camera to get some shots. The girls are already asking when they can skate again!!!

I have some LOs that I can share. This first LO 'PARTY ON' is my Sheree McGee scrapjack for the Aussie Scrapjack site. It is a jack of a LO called 18 years. This LO is Sarah and Emily after Emma's party had finished. While Kim and I were having a wine (or two!) the girls just kept on partying! I had taken the table surround off the table so Sarah wrapped it around her waist as a skirt!!! Crazy girl!!!

This next LO 'Just so amazingly beautiful' is my week 2 entry in ScrapWorld's Back To Reality Competition. It was a back to basics theme (SURVIVOR) and you were only allowed to use card stock, pp, alphas, chipboard, ribbon and a pen. I found it hard not to use ink, paint, rub ons etc

This LO 'Happy # seven' is my take on Kate Mason's sketch over at the SketchesOz site. These three photos were taken on Emma's 7th birthday -back in March.

I got tagged by Tracey during last week too.... so here goes!

Here's the deal:
1- post these rules.
2- each person tagged must post 8 random {hopefully interesting} facts about themselves.
3- tags should write a blog post of these facts.
4- at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named.
5- go to their blogs and leave a comment telling them they are tagged.

1. I don't smoke- never have, never will.
2. I have my ears pierced multiple times- 4 in the left ear, 3 in the right however now only wear one pair of earrings.
3. I got my 'L' plates and my 'P' plates on the same day. (3 days after I turned 17!)
4. I once wore a hot pink long dress from an op shop to The Underground nightclub as a dare. Hey -I was 18 and I blended right in-LOL!
5. I still have my teddy bear- given to me as a newborn by family friends.
6. I still fit into my wedding dress. In fact I have been about the same weight (give or take a kilo here or there) for about 20 years. (Excluding my pregnancies!)
7. My middle name is Rae- named after my Dad, Raymond. Both my daughters have family names as their middle names. Sarah Jordan, Jordan being my maiden name and Emma Teri, Terry being Adam's Dad's name.
8. I must be the only living person that doesn't have a dish washer- I wash my own dishes!!!

Ok, this tag has been going around for a while so if you are reading this and haven't been tagged- consider yourself tagged!!!

Must go- I'm half way through a LO that I would like to get finished tonight!
Have a great week!
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggerty jig!!!

Honey I'm home!!!!

Last Friday after Sarah's Basketball windup at our local 10 pin bowling alley, the girls and I drove off to Bunbury for a few days R&R with my Mum, Dad and baby brother. Bunbury is only about 1 3/4- 2 hours drive from my house, so it is not far.
The girls and I spent our time relaxing, eating, shopping, more relaxing, more eating and even more relaxing!!! It was wonderful. My Mum is the best cook ever so we ate far too much! :0)

We are home again now. The girls are booked into a netball clinic in the morning with the Coastal Sharks. They are both really looking forward to it.
I have some catching up to do- scrapbooking that is- I have a few things that I NEED to get done in the next few days.
I haven't taken the girls ice skating yet and I did promise to do that, so.... I will have to fit that in somewhere!
I also have a few 'me' projects that I'm planning to start very soon- stay tuned! :0)

Anyway.... stay safe, stay healthy!

Janine xxx

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We have a dress!!!

We have a dress, a little jacket, a tiara and shoes!!! Wooo hooo!!!!

After much thought and a long phone conversation with Mum last night, I came to the conclusion that Sarah is 9 years old, this is a religious ceremony AND it is in winter! Taking all those things into consideration, I decided to drive to Canning Vale this morning and go to The Catholic Corner. I really don't know why I didn't think of going there earlier as they had a great range of gorgeous Holy Communion dresses. Sarah tried on about 6 or 7 dresses but we settled on the very first one she tried on - just stunning and very suitable for a nine year old's Holy Communion. I loved it and Sarah loved it- I feel so relieved that we have found a dress. It is a little different to the dress I had in mind but once she put it on I knew it was the one- it just suited her- IYKWIM. I also bought her a matching bolero jacket to go over the top in case it is cold. We also picked the most gorgeous tiara from the same shop- hmmm, spent way more money than I was planning but hey she looks gorgeous!! The only thing we didn't get from that shop were the shoes.

Later this afternoon while Emma went to yet another birthday party, Sarah and I went to the shops for afternoon tea and to do a bit of food shopping. As we walked past Betts Shoe Store we spotted the perfect shoes to go with her dress- silver ballet pump type shoes with a small bow on the front. Perfect, yay- outfit complete!!!

The absolute clincher was when she put the whole outfit on for Adam tonight and his first words were "I don't care how much that cost, she looks stunning" (at this stage I hadn't told Adam how much I had spent!!)
So..... tonight I am one happy Mum!!!

On a down note, my girls have both picked up this lurgy that is going around. Both have had high temperatures, barky coughs and runny noses. I have been dosing them up with panadol and keeping up there fluids and we have been soldiering on!!! Hasn't stopped us shopping- LOL!!!

We are off to another birthday party tomorrow. Kim's daughter Emily turns ten tomorrow!! Wooo hooo, Happy birthday Emily!!! The poor little chookie hasn't been well at all this week- I so hope she is fighting fit for tomorrow!! Sending 'GET WELL' wishes your way Emily!!!

Anyway- continue to have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Stay healthy, stay safe...
Janine xxx


New day, new plan!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No dress yet!!!

Ok- we shopped today... but alas we have no dress.
The shop that was shut yesterday was open today so in we went full of hope of finding the perfect dress. Hmmm, Sarah tried on about 8 dresses and all of them were just 'not quite right'. The one that we loved the most, looked gorgeous on... was made of very light material- and I mean light. Now Sarah's Communion is in August and it is quite likely to be cold, windy and even raining. I did think that I could get a little jacket or cardigan to go over the top but I really think it would spoil the look of this particular dress.
So... I'm not quite sure what to do at the moment. My MIL is a dress maker and will make a dress for Sarah if I want her to but I didn't really want that hassle- I just wanted to walk into a shop and find the prefect dress!! LOL!! Yes I know- dream on!!!
We are home now and we will think it over tonight and decide what our next action plan will be!

Happy Tuesday everyone :0)
Janine xxx

Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy, happy Monday!!!

Hi all!!!

Woo hoo- school holidays!!! I love them!! :0)

OK, let's start with Saturday. Emma went to a birthday party so while she was having fun there, a few of us went out to lunch. There were 7 of us, we sat at table 7 and the date was the 7-7-07- how totally cool!! Lunch was yummo too! Heidi Swapp's new son was born on the 7-7-07, what a great day to be born on. I was reading in the paper this morning, a lady in Thailand had a baby girl on the 7-7-07 in a taxi on the way to the hospital- the taxi's number was 7777. Spooky huh?

Sunday- we saw Bridge To Terabithia. WOW, what a great movie! I loved it, the kids loved it and even DH said he liked it. Such a great family movie- but to all the Mums out there- take tissues. I won't saw too much more but it is a fantastic family movie that would appeal to boys and girls alike.

Today- we were up and out fairly early (considering it's school holidays- LOL!!) and off to the dress shop Kim and I spied the other day with the idea of getting Sarah's Holy Communion dress chosen. Hmmm- the shop is SHUT on Mondays- BLAH!! So.... instead of wasting the day we went shopping anyway, now with Emma's outfit in mind. I took the girls to Garden City and we walked all around the shops looking for something dressy but not over the top for Emma- IYKWIM. Alas, I had no joy. Not to be outdone- we headed off to the city. YAY, YAY, YAY- I found this most gorgeous dress for Emma. I loved it, she loved it and it fitted- perfect. It is pale pink with a beautiful darker pink floral pattern through it. SOLD. Then, we can across the most adorable sandals that matched perfectly. I loved them, Emma loved them, they fitted- perfect. SOLD. Even more YAYS, we then found a light knitted cardigan to wear over the top in case it is a little cold. I loved it, Emma loved it, it fitted- perfect!!! SOLD.

So now... we will go tomorrow to check out this shop for Sarah's Holy Communion dress- I so hope it turns out to be as successful as today's shopping trip!!!

I even have a LO to share! 'She Brightens My World.'
Bit bright isn't it?? Over at ScrapWorld, they have just started a Back To Reality competition. It was a last minutes decision to sign up- literally, I registered about 15 minuted before registration closed. The first challenge was to use fabric on your LO. I found this fabric the other day while I was cleaning up my scrapping area - decided I liked all the bright colours so... here is my challenge #1- already done!
I have done some more scrapping but I am unable to share at the moment- I'll share as soon as I'm allowed- promise! ;)

Anyway, I hope your Monday is going well, stay healthy, stay happy, hopefully I can report tomorrow with a Happy, happy Tuesday heading! :0)

Love Janine xxx

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Guest Scrapjacker!

I am so excited to be the first Aussie Scrapjack guest jacker on the Aussie Scrapjack site and was even more thrilled when I found out the jackee was Sheree McGee!!! Here is my jack!! I had so much fun doing this LO!!! Check out the other scrapjacks- they are fabo!!

Only one more day and we are on school holidays- YAY, YIPPEEEEEE, WOOO HOOO!!!

Have a GREAT Thursday!
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hiddy ho!

What a windy and rainy day it is today!!! Great weather for ducks and great weather for staying inside in front of the fire!! In fact most of the week has been on and off rain!!!

Wow, this week has flown by again!!! Busy, busy, busy as per usual. Only one more week and we are on school holidays- yippee!!! I love the holidays. I like the fact that we don't have to get up and rush off to school and work. I can sleep in, the kiddos can watch TV in the morning, I can stay in my jammies for longer...LOL!!! I am hoping to get some scrapping done but I do want to spend some quality time with my girls. I have promised them I will take them ice skating, we normally do a movie or two, we are heading off to stay with my Mum and Dad in Bunbury for a few days and I have booked the girls into a half day netball clinic with the Coastal Sharks.
One of my main objectives these holidays is to organize a dress for Sarah's First Holy Communion which is coming up in mid August. Adam's Mum (she is a dress maker) has offered to make Sarah a dress so we will have a look around at styles etc in the first few days of the holidays and when we go to Bunbury- Adam's Mum can do her magic and make the dress!!!

My girls received their school reports on Friday and I was one happy and proud Mumma!!! I know Sarah is doing well but her report was even more glowing than even I expected. But it was Emma's report that made me happy. Now being a teacher, I know better than anyone not to compare children, however at equivalent ages Sarah has always achieved higher results than Emma. I know I have said this before but Emma's teacher is the best thing since sliced bread. Emma's report was fabulous and better than I expected. One very proud Mum here! :)
OK- on to my scrapping. Over at Shop & Crop I have been joining in with their Book of Life. Well naughty me, missed May's deadline however I have since finished the LOs. I also finished this month's -just. They were due on the 30th and I finished the second LO on the night of the30th!!! Here are all 5 of them!

"I am" I didn't want to do the normal I am a mother, I am a sister etc... so I focused on three things I AM going to do! In fact when I pulled this LO out today to scan it, I re read the things I AM going to do and then spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone to my cousin and friend Jan- see I am keeping in contact more often!!!
Sorry but I have scanned these and the very edges of the LOs have been chopped off but it was way too rainy and windy to venture outside to photograph these!!!

"I promise" This LO was easy- I promise I will ALWAYS be these for my girls, through thick and thin. Too easy!

"Right now" I wanted to focus on what I have in my life with this LO, not what I don't have or what I want. Don't get me wrong, there are heaps of things I still want- LOL but this LO makes me realise that I do have a wonderful husband, gorgeous healthy kiddos and fantastic friends- and for that I'm VERY grateful!

"Worst fear". Again this LO was very easy. My absolute worst fear is something happening to one or both of my girls. It is a constant worry but I know I must balance this with letting them have some independence- for their sake and mine.
"I can never resist" - another easy LO- my girls have far too many clothes but does that stop me buying them more- no sir! I'm hopeless! Which reminds me- Hey KIM, don't forget we are going shopping on Tuesday!!!!! LOL!!!

Here is another LO that I complete this weekend. It is for the CC at The Craft Attic. You had to complete a LO using a black, red and cream colour scheme- very easy since this month's Tarisota Collection came in those very colours!!!

Here is another LO that I did a while back but haven't shared. This gorgeous guy is my nephew Matt. This photo as taken when we were in Darwin for Christmas. You wouldn't believe this healthy 7 1/2 year old nearly died as a new born due to a major heart condition NOT being picked up at any ultra sound OR at birth and had open heart surgery at 9 days old!!!!
More news- Emma has lost another tooth- YAY that now makes three!!! The tooth fairy will be winging her way to our house tonight!!!!
And congrats to Kim- Kim won third place on the Aussie Scrapjack site for June's Scrapjack- way to go Kim!!!
OK- off to iron uniforms for school tomorrow!
Have a great Sunday!
Love Janine xxx