Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

Wow- that went quick- 2008 is all but done!
Hard to believe that this year is nearly over already!

We made the last minute decision yesterday to drive to Leeman to see in the New Year at my brother's house. Mum, Dad and my younger brother are staying here too so there is a house full!! Georgie's (SIL) family are here too- so there are heaps of us!! LOL!

2009 begins in just over 13 hours and I've been thinking about it. I've been reading Ali Edwards' blog and about 'one little word' so I'm going to have a word for 2009. I've narrowed it down to a couple of words and I'll make my final decision tomorrow- on New Year's Day. I bought myself this most fantastic diary which I intend to use as a family/scrapping/self journey type diary.

I'm really looking forward to the New Year- we have a party planned here so it's all good. We are just about to take all the kids to the beach- the weather here is beautiful so I'm off to take a few hundred (LOL) snaps to finish off the year.

What ever you are doing tonight- have a great night.
Please stay safe and I'll see you in 2009- WOO HOO!!!
Love and New Year Wishes,
Janine xxx

Monday, December 29, 2008

361 days until Christmas....

Well, Christmas 08 is all done and dusted but what a fabulous time we had!
Sarah was the first awake, just after 6am, she woke Emma and then they were in waking Adam and I. Hmm, bit early for my liking however we got up but, mean me, wouldn't let them start opening pressies until we had a cuppa made and I'd taken some photos in front of the tree!!
All that done- the opening frenzy began!!!

Both girls were spoilt beyond belief and were, quite rightfully, very pleased with their acquired stash!!! I was spoilt too- my favourite being a new gold bead for my Pandora bracelet!!!

I think Emma's favourite present by far were the Heelys that the King family bought for her (Sarah got a pair too!)!
LOL- I think she would sleep in them if I let her!

Heelying in her PJ's!

Now dressed but still with the Heelys on!!!

After the present opening frenzy has finished, we had breakfast and then let the girls play with their goodies! Usually we pack up and rush off to Bunbury for Christmas lunch at one of our family's houses but not this year!!! We stayed home for lunch so the girls were able to actually play with lots of their presents!!!

Look at this girl- too busy playing one of her new DS games, she wouldn't even look up for a photo!!!

About 4 in the afternoon we headed off to Bunbury. We went to Adam's brother's house for dinner and it was wonderful. Most of Adam's family were there and some of Cherie's family (SIL) so there were a heap of us to celebrate. Of course the girls were spoilt with even more Christmas presents and we all ate ourselves silly with all the delicious food- hmm- the chilli mussels and garlic prawns were my favourite (Thanks Garth!)!!!!

We stayed in Bunbury overnight and very fortunately we all got to sleep in on Boxing Day!!! Adam organized breakfast when we all finally got up - Macca's!.... and we then we went to catch up with friends. Shane and Nat have a pool so the girls swam for most of Boxing Day while the adults ate more, drank more and socialized!!
Eventually, about 5pm, we headed home to Rockingham- all tired but very, very happy!!!

We had a lazy day on the 27th. Sarah went to Grace's, Adam and Emma went shopping- Bunnings and the supermarket, so that left me home alone to SCRAP!!!!! YAY!!!

We did however pick Sarah and Grace up in the afternoon and we all went to see Bedtime Stories- what a crack up!!! I thought it was hilarious even though I'm not a huge Adam Sandler fan- and Bugsy is just cutest!!!

Yesterday I made an attempt to put all the girls' presents away. Well that ended up in a HUGE cleaning frenzy! I first started in Sarah's room, then moved to Emma's room and I now have 6 garbage bags full of clothes to pass on the my friend's little girl and both my girls have perfectly neat wardrobes!!! Lots of other stuff went in the wheelie bin too, in fact, my bins are FULL and I have even more rubbish in bags waiting until my bin is emptied tomorrow!!! I love a good throw out- LOL!!!

Today has been quite relaxed too! Emma and I hit the shops to do some grocery shopping and picked ourselves up a few bargains at the same time!!! He he- I love a good bargain (but not enough to go to the shops on Boxing Day!!!)

I've continued my 'cleaning' today but have slowed down a bit as my bins are chockablock FULL!! Bins are emptied first thing in the morning!

I have done a bit a scrapping-

I'm loving lace card stock- can you tell!

I had to include this shot- Rusty came out to see what I was up to- so cute!!! :)

See the title of this LO- 6:36am....yes that was the time on Christmas morning that this photo was taken- far too early!!! LOL!

I made two of these calendars (Very similar)- one for Adam's 94 year old Grandma and one for Adam's Mum- I still have one to make (for my SIL Julie)- it's coming, I promise!!!
Anyway- I've rambled on enough. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too and if you are travelling on the roads, please drive carefully- today is the 4 year anniversary of Adam's 27 year old cousin being involved in a car accident. She died the following day leaving behind a (then ) 2 and 7 year old. So, so sad.
I'll be back before the New Year so until then...stay safe!
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.

One more sleep!!!

Here are some photos from our visit to Santa Land on Sunday!

The girls rode the train- they had to have a ticket to ride (like on Polar Express!)

Smiling train passengers!!

He he he - I made them stand in front of the gigantic Christmas tree for photos!

Here they are making their 'Magic Sand' pictures!

Yesterday Sarah spent the day at Grace's so I took Emma with me and we drove up the Perth to pick up Emma's Christmas present from Adam and I. We bought Emma a new flute. She knew that we were going to buy her one as a Christmas present however was super excited when she realized that's where we were going- to pick up her flute! The two of us then went out to lunch- we had such a lovely time, just the two of us!!! :)
Later in the afternoon I picked up Sarah and Grace and we all went to Kim's house for Christmas drinks and nibbles! It was fabulous- catching up with friends, chatting, laughing, eating and drinking!!! Thanks Kim- it was a fantastic night.
I tried to get some photos of the kids....
these two cuties were happy to oblige,
but these three monkeys.....
Hmm this is the best of a bad bunch- cheeky little things- you think they would learn...let the scrapaholic lady with the camera take a nice photo or two and she'll take the camera out of your face!!! Hmmmm!
Today had been low key. I have done several loads of washing, cleaned and vacuumed through the house and Emma and I have made some Christmas cupcakes- ready to leave out for Santa.
We zipped out to the shops for about half and hour to pick up a few last minute supplies and a big bunch of beautiful flowers for myself!
I've spent some time blog hopping too- I really do love all the December albums people have been making. I think I will try one myself next December. Check some of them out here(Ali), here(Yvette) and here(Mardi)- just stunning aren't they!
Now we are just relaxing before the girls and I go to the children's Mass tonight. I'm all organized- presents wrapped, everything sorted and the house clean (except for my scrapping area which is never clean!). I do have a calendar to decorate for Adam's grandma but I'll do that after Mass.
Oh and I have some scrapping to share-

So lastly I'd like to wish you all A VERY, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. If you are driving, please buckle up and drive safely. Look after your loved ones and I hope the man in red spoils you- those who believe, receive!!!
Love and Christmas wishes,
Janine xxx

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four more sleeps!!!

Not long now!!!
We have been busy getting into the Christmas spirit in the King household!!!! Our Christmas photo shoot- today was the day! We even got Rusty in on the act!! Here are just a few-

Then about 1:30 I made a last minute decision to take the train to Perth to make our annual visit to Santa! Yep- I made the girls get changed!

The girls and I had a great time. Santaland in Myer Perth has a fun area this year so as well as visiting Santa the girls had a ride on the Santa Express, made sand magic pictures and even watched a short Christmas movie! I love that the train now comes to Rockingham- makes travelling to Perth a breeze!!!
In other news-
This little man has been part of our family for exactly 12 months. This is him when we got him this time last year-
and this is Rusty today. (hmm, he's not too sure of this Santa hat the girls put on him-LOL)
On the scrapping front-
Here is the LO I did for Leeann's doodling class over at Scrapboxx. It was such a fun class and free too!!!
Thanks Leeann!!!!
This is what I've been working on-
For Sarah's birthday I took photos of her with her friends and got her friends to write a little something for Sarah. This is the box that the accordion album comes in. I'm still working on the inside pages! I know there is an 'h' missing- grr. I bought another packet of these yummy letters but then realized I had bought a different size! I will put an 'h' on Sarah as soon as I get some more of these letters!!!
Just to finish off, here is my Scrapboxx Whisper #4- I don't think I ever put it here on my blog!!
I hope you are being good! (Santa's watching you know!)
Have a great day!
Love Janine xxxx

Friday, December 19, 2008

Whoa, slow down!!!

I'm on holidays, life should have slowed down...but it hasn't!!!!!!!!!
Let me recap-
Sunday was the girls' dance concert and it was fabulous! We (Adam, Mum, Aunty Lorraine & myself) sat in the audience and watched the matinee show and I must say- I had tears in my eyes. The whole show was fantastic but I only had eyes for my girls. I thought they danced superbly. Proud, proud Mumma here!!
I helped in the dressing rooms during the evening show and was able to get some photos- here are some of my favourites. Some are taken at home before we left and some are taken backstage.

Emma's hip hop costume.

Sarah's tap costume.

Emma's tap costume. How cute is she???

Sarah's hip hop costume.

Ninja Sarah (acrobatics)

Ninja Emma & Ninja Grace.

Sarah & Kait.

Sarah & Grace. (jazz costume)

Emily, Grace & Sarah.

Casey & Emma. (jazz costume)

We arrived home about 10:30 Sunday night extremely tired. My gorgeous little dancers just flopped into bed and were asleep almost immediately.
Unfortunately for them, they had to be up and off to school first thing in the morning. I had to go to work so they had to go to school. Good news however- Emma got the teacher I had my fingers crossed for!!!YAY!!! She also managed to get a good lot of her friends in her class as well- double YAY!!! I knew before hand Sarah's teachers. She has a tandem- a male and a female teacher and she's happy, so I'm happy. Grace is in her class again next year- that will mean that Grace and Sarah have been in the same class for their entire primary school life- amazing huh?

Tuesday- My Pre-Primary had their end of year graduation. Even thought it wasn't one of my work days I went in anyway. Everything ran smoothly and I was able to sneak away and join Kim, Lian and Sally for a delicious lunch at Bambinos. I love catching up with girlfriends- it's so good for the soul!
After we picked the kids up from school, several of us took our kids down the foreshore for ice cream to celebrate their last day of school. Emma didn't come as she went with Kira to basketball training however she rang a little later to say that training had been cancelled and she was having a play at Kira's. Eventually I made it to Kira's house and Jody twisted my arm to stay for a Christmas drink. Oh man- it was nearly 7pm before we arrived home!
Wednesday- I had to go to work -my last day before holidays YAY. Sarah had arranged to spend the day at Kait's and Emma came to Pre-Primary with me to help out. When I went back to collect Sarah after school, the girls had convinced Leanne to let Sarah sleep over so I only came home with one child.
Thursday- I did housework in the morning and then Emma and I went to meet Leanne, Kait, Sarah and 14 other kids for Kait's birthday party. The kids all had lunch at Hungry Jacks and then went to see Madagascar 2. Kait's older sister and her friend looked after all the kids during the movie so the Mums went to Bambinos for lunch- again!!!!
After the movie I had to take Sarah straight to another party! Man, this girl has a better social life than me!!! I eventually picked Sarah up a 6pm and my girls and I decided to hit the shops for a bit of retail therapy. We all managed to score some new clothes. I got myself two very nice tops from Esprit. The pattern on one of the tops reminds me of October Afternoon paper! We all came home happy!
Friday - the girls and I have spent today at my school's Christmas party. It was held on a farm down at Lake Clifton. It was a bit of a hike to get there but we had a ball. Good food, good company, good wine, Santa made an appearance for the kids, the adults played a stealing Secret Santa game, the kids swam in the pool- all great fun.
We had to leave just after 3 so we could be back for basketball at 4:30. Both girls played tonight- their last game until school goes back- YAY! can see how busy I've been! I'm on holidays- life is meant to be slowing down- arrrrggghhh!
I have done some scrapping but haven't photographed it. One of the LOs I've done was for Leeann Pearce's online doodling class over a t Scrapboxx. I missed most of the class on the actual night as I was on the phone however it was easy enough to catch up. Will post soon!
Tomorrow is a little quieter- nothing planned for the morning however Emma has a ten pin bowling party in the afternoon. Hmm, maybe I'll get some more scrapping done!!!!

Anyway I've rambled on enough.
I hope your week has been wonderful too!
Only six more sleeps until the jolly man arrives!!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time for an update...

Oh man.....only 12 days now until the big man in red comes!!!

Firstly- Dad's operation went very smoothly and according to plan! He had his kidney removed due to a cancerous growth contained within the kidney however all went very well and Dad was released from hospital Thursday afternoon- much to everyone's surprise. When he and Mum arrived at my house on Thursday afternoon I was stunned at how good he looked. He said he was a little sore but otherwise fine! Mum & Dad have returned home to Bunbury. Thanks to all who send warm wishes- they are greatly appreciated!
The King house has have yet another busy week. Friday was a bit crazy. I sent the girls off to school for the morning then proceeded to run around madly doing all the jobs I had to do. I then picked Em up from pool at noon (school swimming lessons) and washed and conditioned her hair (at the pool). I then zipped back to school to collect Sarah and we zoomed home so I could do their hair and make up ready to be in Mandurah for a 2pm start. Normally our dance concert rehearsals are on the morning of the concert however this year there will be two concerts instead of one, so rehearsals had to be on a separate day. I took two other chickadees down with me and I stayed to be a back stage dresser. Mostly things ran smoothly. A few girls turned up minus costumes, shoes or without hair and make up done- what????? I took my camera with me hoping to get some shots however only managed a handful as we were pretty busy.
Emma in her jazz costume.
Grace, Sarah & Emily in their jazz costume.
I'm hoping I get a lot more photos tomorrow (concert day).
Poor Em started to fade out towards the end of rehearsals- it was hot and one of her costumes in particular is extremely hot. I'll have to make sure I send plenty of fluids along for her tomorrow as the temp is meant to reach 35!!!!
In other news- GGGRRRR we have some very unwelcome visitors in our house.... NITS!
Yuk! I was brushing Sarah's hair on Thursday night and when I put the brush on the bench a nasty little critter fell on to the bench- YUKKO! Poor Sarah- she's had one crazy Mumma going through every inch of her hair. Mind you- with the amount of hair product and hair spray going into her hair for the dance concerts- hopefully nothing will survive!!!! Luckily the rest of the house is nit-free.
I am one very proud Mumma. Both my girls bought home fantastic school reports. I know this sounds terrible but I expect Sarah's to be outstanding and it was. She is just that sort of child. She is a high achiever and her report reflects that however I was especially touched (nearly teary) by the general comment written by her teachers. I can see that they too can see the child that shines, that I see.
Emma (whom I'm very careful not to compare with Sarah) received a fabulous report. All her marks are either 'at target' or 'above target'. Her comment was equally glowing. She has had the most wonderful teacher this term and has blossomed. I have no complaints about her previous teacher however this new one 'nurtures' the children and Emma responds so positively to that. I have been told which teachers Sarah will be having next year so now I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs, everything crossed that Emma gets a teacher that will 'nurture' her so she can continue to blossom. We find out the 2009 teacher on Monday!!!
Finally- I have been scrapping! I haven't finished the project that I'm working on but I'll share soon- promise!
Have a great day!
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, December 07, 2008

18 days until Santa!!

I swear Christmas comes around quicker and quicker each year!!! LOL!!

OK- where to start??
Last weekend Sarah played in the U12 State Basketball Championships at Perry Lakes Stadium.
Adam went with her on Saturday. The team had three games and they were thrilled to win the first two however they went down in the third game.
I went up with Sarah on Sunday and unfortunately they lost both of their games so they didn't make the finals. Not to worry- they gained awesome game experience and I'm sure the girls will all be back next year to try again! Here they are- looking exhausted after their last game!

Tuesday Dec 2nd. The girls and I put our Christmas tree up. Taa daa...

Each year they girls get a new Hallmark decoration to add to the tree. Here are this year's selection!

Sarah's very cute nutcracker. His mouth even opens & shuts!

Emma's very sweet Cinderella. :)
Sarah's collection of Nutcrackers came out as well. She loves them and each year manages to collect a few more.

Scrapping news-
Scrapping Outback have been having Christmas classes. You must complete each class by a certain deadline to receive the next class.
Here is week 1's lesson- a gorgeous gift bag and card.

Week 2- a mini calender for your purse or wallet.

Front cover.

Week 3- this is actually a frame however I converted mine into a LO. Check out the cool stamping/inking technique we did for the background!!!

I haven't finished week 4 yet but will upload when I do!

Yesterday I took my girls to see High School Musical 3. Hmmm I maybe 40 but I LOVED IT!!! We all thought it was awesome. The cinema were selling the CD soundtrack so I bought it and we have been bopping away to the soundtrack in the car!!!

I managed to take this dodgy photo in front of the HSM3 picture however with the window in the background it made it much too exposed but you can see it enough!!

I have been busy today. I've been scrapping but sorry I can't share. I've also finished off all the sewing that I had to do for the girls' dance concert which is next weekend. I still have to buy tights, black socks and some tan tap shoes for Sarah. It is all on my monstrous to-do-list!!!

One quick photo before I go-

How cute are these!!! Each year the girls give their friends a Chrissy decoration on their Christmas card. Here are Sarah's decorations to give to her friends. She had them sitting on the kitchen bench. They looked so cute I just had to take a photo!!!

Anyway- have a great week. Please say a prayer for my Dad- he will be having a kidney removed on Tuesday so any spare 'speedy recovery' wishes- please send his way!
Take care,
Love Janine xxx