Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank you...

Thank you to those lovely people who emailed and left messages....YES I'm fine!!! I am just tired and was over it!!! Well, okay- I'm still over it.....

Amazing how a night of scrapping can make one feel better!! Last night I left the dishes (as Kim saw this afternoon- ops) and I scrapped!!! I scrapped the next whisper for the Boxx. I can't share yet but hopefully soon.

Tonight- well I'm scrapping tonight too!!! I've been and I'm back home from basketball- the girls played four games between them tonight (3 wins, 1 loss) !!!

Hey and guess what- NO NETBALL in the morning- woo hoo...that means I get a sleep in!!! Yee haa- doing the happy dance!!!

My wonderful hubby brought me home a new toy tonight which was totally unexpected - one of these...pretty cool huh?? I have been playing with it tonight and having lots of fun!!

And lastly- some secret squirrel news- I've been asked to do some LOs for an amazing scrapper who is bringing out a new line of scrapping products- OM flipping gawd- I am thrilled!! I can't share any info yet however I will as soon as I can- WOOOO HOOOO!!!

Anyway must buzz- I'm scrapping!!!

Thank you again- the scrapping community really is a wonderful one!!

Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeling crappy...

Hmmm, I don't normally post when I'm feeling crappy but I am today.

* My TA is still off school. Don't get me wrong here, I know full well that she is genuinely unwell and I certainly DO NOT want her to return to school until she is fighting fit however she is my team player- IYKWIM and school is just that more difficult without her.

* Working full time has really ( I mean REALLY) drained me. I worked full time for a term about 3 years ago and certainly don't recall it being anywhere near this hard. When I think back- my girls are involved in about a squillion more after school and weekend activities than they were 3 years ago so maybe that is why.

* I'm having serious doubts that I will cope (given how I'm doing now) in 18 months time when Sarah is to attend a school 45-50 minutes away from home. I'm hoping that I will overcome this 'panic mode' however am considering alternatives- just in case.

* Sarah's basketball coach has just included and extra training session each week as it is only three months until the state championships- what???

*Christmas decorations are in the shops- double WHAT???

*My pre primary kiddos begin swimming next Monday -BIG BLAHHHHHH!!!

*I am so enjoying my scrapping at the moment however am having NO time to squeeze it in. :(

Oh man I sound like a real whinger, don't I.

Don't worry about me- really, I'm just whining...maybe I should be wining. Blah- haven't done much of that either as I've been so tired.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a new better day!!!

Be happy!!!

J xx

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chipboard School.

A few weeks ago I followed a link from Nicole's blog to Scrapping Outback. Scrapping Outback were taking enrolments for Chipboard School so I signed up!!! Last Tuesday was the first roll call and class. Our homework is due by 11am tomorrow. I have dutifully done my homework .....but, what a gumby I am....I only registered for the forum, not the I am unable to upload my homework tonight as my registration for the gallery hasn't been accepted yet!!! OMG- stress...first lesson and I may miss the deadline!
I am going to upload my 'homework' here as the rules state I am allowed to upload entries on my blog so ...
My week one Chipboard School homework-
Our first lesson was by Sandra Gerdes and it was on “How to graduate colour on chipboard”

Here is a close up on mine.
I used three colours of ink - rocket red, rose coral and moonlight white and then embossed the letters with a holygram sparkle embossing powder. I was really pleased with how it turned out- I would definitely use this technique again!
I can't wait to call 'Present Miss' at tomorrow's class and see what we are doing!!!
While I'm here...
Over at The Boxx, some of us are involved in a 'Whisper'. Today we were able to upload our #3 whisper... so this is mine!
Go over to Scrapboxx and check them out- some of them are just awesome!!!
In other good news, both my girls got their results from their tap exams today and I'm thrilled to bits to say that they both achieved a "High Distinction". One proud Mumma here!!!
Sarah performs tomorrow at the Performing Arts Festival, playing her clarinet. Fortunately two of her gorgeous friends are playing in the same session so Marlene is taking Sarah with her- I'll be at work. I shall let you know how she goes!
Must zip, I've still got a squillion things to do before I head off to bed-
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Half way....

I have made it half way through this term---YAY!!!

I have to admit I'm struggling with working full time. It isn't so much the work but everything else. I'm tired and so over it however I'm soldiering on!!!

Check these out!!!

Saturday was the last game of netball for the winter season and one of the very talented Mums in Sarah's team made the team cup cakes. How gorgeous do these look??? And they tasted yummo too!!!!

Both the girls and their teams have had a wonderful season and Sarah has been asked to try out for the Under 12 Talent Development Squad for 2009.

Sarah played today at Perry Lakes Stadium in the last Under 12's basketball carnival before the State Championships in November.
The team played absolutely sensationally and WON every game!!! Woooo hooo!!!! One proud Mumma here!!!

While Sarah and I spent the day at Perry Lakes, Adam and Emma went to Bunbury to attend a birthday lunch for Adam's Nana's 94th birthday. Happy Birthday Nana!!! Bring on the BIG 1-0-0!!!

Yay- I have even managed to scrap this week.

I scrapped this LO on Friday night- after a crappy week at school, I so needed to lose myself in scrapping and after chatting in the Scrapboxx chat room for waaaay too long, I was determined to stay up until I finished this LO. I am really pleased with how it turned out- Emma is a total stunner- yes, I am bias!!! Proud Mumma here!!!

I do have another LO to share but by the time I got home tonight, it was too dark to photograph it so tomorrow or the next day will have to do!!! I am so loving my scrapping at the moment. I think it is my 'escape' from everything else!!! I am really enjoying creating!!!
Anyway, I had better go, I'm watching the closing ceremony at the same time!!!

Have a great week!

Love Janine xx

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just had to share....

This cute little box will be needed tonight....

as we now have a 'gappy' in the house!!! Emma finally lost one of her top front teeth!!! YAY!!!
She was so excited - can you tell!!! I swear she is the last, by a long way, of all her friends to have a top front tooth fall out!
Yooooo hoooo- TOOTH FAIRY- please stop by our house tonight!!!
Some more happy mail arrived today!! I was lucky enough to win some delicious chippies from Ann Lederhose's blog and they arrived- yummo!!! I can't wait to use them!! Thanks Ann!!!
Just quickly- I so needed to scrap tonight that I scrap this month's scrapjack. Taaa daa....
This month we got to scrapjack Clair Bremner . Thanks Clair- I loved doing this.....actually I so needed to scrap! I have had a BUSY few days at school- Remember I said that I had my assembly item on Tuesday- yes??? Well, it was postponed due to rain- arrrgghhh. On top of that my teacher assistant is in hospital and I have a relief TA. Fortunately the assembly went ahead today and was a great success. Yee haa! Unfortunately my TA will be away until Monday. :(
Anyway- must buzz......I have heaps of things to do!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!
love Janine xxx

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi there....

Quick run down from last week-
Last Tuesday my gorgeous girl came fourth in the inter school cross country - wooo hooo!!! She was so excited when she rung me, I was thrilled for her! One proud Mumma here!!!

Wednesday- work for me, school for the girls and Hip Hop for both the girls after school.

I took the day off work on Thursday as both my girls had tap dance exams. After their exams, the poor little possums got dropped back at school so Kim and I could go shopping (hard being a kid isn't it-LOL). Kim and I first stopped off at Just Scrapbooking for a quick power shop then Scrapbooks From The Heart for another quick power shop- boy I love shopping. We still has some time to spare so we went out to lunch. We went to The Foundry Pub & Grill - the food was delicious and the wine just dissapeared far too quickly!! I could have stayed there all afternoon but alas we did have to thud back to reality and return to pick up the kiddos from school. Thanks for a great day Kim- I so NEEDED it!!!

Friday- work for me, school for the girls and then basketball after school. Sarah's Flames coach wanted all the team to go and watch the Flames (men's) play at the stadium on Friday night and I was lucky enough that Macca took Sarah with him- this allowed me to spend the evening with Marlene and Leanne, catch up and have a wine or two. Good night for all!!!

Saturday- netball and then acrobatics for both girls. We ended up with one of Emma's gorgeous little friends for the afternoon so all three girls played beautifully when we got home. This allowed me to clean the house, vacuum, washing, cleaning etc so that on Saturday night I actually got to scrap- YAY!!!
I managed only this LO because I've been glued to the Olympics! Oh my- I am LOVING the Olympics!!! It is so easy to not do anything else but watch. I am really, really enjoying watching all the sports!! I love them!!

Sunday- we went to the First Holy Communion of my friend Leanne's son Aaron. He looked so handsome and I got to take a heap of photos for her. The day ended up much longer that I thought it would and we didn't arrive home from lunch until about 6:30pm!! Big day but a good one!!

Monday- work for me, school for the girls. I did get some happy mail after school. A parcel arrived from Nic Howard in NZ. I won a paper pack on her blog the other day and it arrived- woo hoo, Thanks Nic, I love the papers and Nic also sent me two little idea booklets!! Woo hoo- you're a gem Nic- THANK YOU!!!

I was lucky enough to win another blog prize the other day too- so yummy chippies from Ann Lederhose's blog- they haven't arrived yet but I will share when they do!!!
My Pre primary class are doing the item at tomorrow's assembly and I've invited all the parents back to PP for coffee/tea and home-made wagon wheels after the assembly. The PP kids and I made the wagon wheels at school today. I go the recipe from Mel Goodsell's blog- boy they are yummy. Everyone in this house thinks they are delicious too!!!
So I had better go- I still have some things to get done around here!!
I hope your week is wonderful!
Love Janine xxx

Monday, August 11, 2008

YAY- I've scrapped!!!

It has been over three weeks since I've scrapped a page! I've sat at my scrapping table several times but have been too tired, remembered something else that needed doing or simply not had the mojo...but on Sunday, while glued to the TV watching the Olympics...I actually scrapped!!!

I love how this LO has turned out. The quote is a little hard to read but it says "May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day"
LO removed for publication!

I'm pleased with this one too- I like this quote as well. I must admit that finding page titles is what I find most challenging about scrapping at the moment- there is only so many times you can write 'Adore', 'Cherish', 'Beautiful' etc. I love using meaningful quotes and I'm always on the lookout for good ones- if you have any...please send them my way!! :)
Look what Sarah got!!! In Mel's sewing swap, Sarah's swap partner was her gorgeous friend Emily (Kim's DD). The girls swapped their goodies last Wednesday and Sarah was thrilled with her stash of goodies. LOL- it even went off to school the next day for her news!!! Thanks Kim and Emily!!!
We haven't had much time to do any sewing because the girls and I have been glued to the TV since last Friday. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching the Olympics here. I zoomed home from basketball last Friday so we could watch the opening ceremony- WOW, WOW, was spectacular!!! Gee the Chinese know how to impress!!! The drumming was absolutely amazing, the precision- WOW!!! I loved all of it and have been glued to the TV any spare second I have!!! Wooo hooo- GO Stephanie Rice- an amazing swim to win GOLD and break a WORLD RECORD!!! He he he- can you tell I love watching the Olympics!!!
In other home news...Sarah was awarded her medal today for winning the Year Five girl's cross country. Taa daa...

She goes tomorrow to compete in the inter school cross country and ... sob, sob...I'll be at work and will miss seeing her. Adam will be going to cheer her on so I will just have to wait for a phone call. (She came second in the inter school cross country last year) Please send 'run fast' wishes her way!!!
Anyway, I must go...the Olympics are calling me!!!
Love Janine xxx

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I survived Mad Monday!!!!

Firstly, thank you for all your birthday wishes!! I really did have a wonderful day!!!

Okay- on to Mad Monday!!! Why mad you ask....well, it was a crazy day with lots of things happening and I had to time everything so that we could be at everything at the right time before shooting off to the next thing!!!
The day started with me up early, making kid's lunches, getting Sarah ready for school and Emma ready, with her hair and make up done, for her Hip Hop exam. Emma had her exam, then she went with Kim by train up to the Convention Centre for rehearsals for the Catholic School concert. Sarah had her Hip Hop exam at lunch time so after Emma had gone with Kim, I picked up Sarah and her friend Grace from school and got them ready- dressed, hair and make up!! Their exam was at 12:30ish. After their exam, I took the girls back to school. Meanwhile Emma had caught the bus back to school with the rest of the dance troupe and she was having her make up done for the night's concert. I was able to take her home a bit early for a rest.

When we arrived home, Emma found a parcel in the letter box from Thea. It was the sewing swap parcel that Em had been waiting for!!! Wooo hooooo!!!
Here she is with all her gorgeous goodies (excuse the pink eye make up- that is for the concert)!!! Thanks Thea (and Petrina)- Emma loves all her beautiful goodies and can't wait to get in and start making something!!! Thank you also to Mel for organizing this super swap!!!

Taaaa daaa- here is my gorgeous Emma- looking stunning!!! I had a few minutes to spare before we shot out the door so snapped a few photos of her!
I dropped Sarah off (she stayed at Grace's for the night), picked up Adam and zipped off to catch the train to the Convention Centre.

We all arrived in plenty of time for me to snap some more photos of some gorgeous girls- adorable aren't they!!!
I was very impressed with their dance- I thought all the dance troupe danced beautifully and did a fabulous job representing their school. Proud Mumma!!

It was really late by the time we arrived home and we all went straight to bed.
Luckily for me, I didn't have to get up too early. Sarah was at Grace's so went to school from there and Emma wasn't going to school as she had another dance exam- jazz this time.
After a relaxed morning, I again did Emma's hair and make up and off we went to the dance studio. After the jazz exam, Kim and I took the little girls out for a well deserved lunch- well deserved for us as well as the girls!!!
We even had time to let Taylah and Emma have a play in the park.
So, you can see I've been busy, busy, busy!!!
LOL- I'm back to work tomorrow for a rest - LOL!!!

I'll leave you with one last photo- look at these two. This is Taylah and Emma hugging when they realized that their play time was over today and we were off to pick up the other kids. Beautiful hug isn't it- you can almost see the strength of their friendship!! BFF!!!

Have a great week.
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I am 40.

Well the inevitable has arrived.....I am 40!!!!

Mind you, after the way I have been spoilt, I think I'll turn 40 again next year!!!!
Do you remember, a few weeks back when Adam asked me what I wanted for my birthday...well I said "I'd like this or that but what I would really like is a gold Pandora bracelet" - knowing the price I didn't expect Adam to say yes so readily....well blow my socks off- he did and that's what I got!!!
It is absolutely gorgeous- I love it!!!
Adam and the girls bought me the bracelet, the safety chain, three spacers and a crown bead- because I'm a King of course!!! My Mum was with me when I had the bracelet sized so she and Dad bought me a bead too- they bought me the flower bead with the peridot stone because that is August's birthstone!!! I so love it!!!!

Adam thinks now that picking birthday, Christmas, anniversary presents etc will be a breeze- he just has to buy another bead- too easy!!!!

But that's not all....

I'm also off to the Scrapboxx October retreat!!! Woo hooooo!!!
What a spoilt girl I was!!!

Look at these beautiful flowers- they were delivered yesterday from my Mum and Dad!!!
Adam and the girls made a roast for dinner and we had cake too- a perfect top off for a fabulous birthday!!! Hmmm I really do think being 40 is fabulous after all!!!

I had better buzz off now, I'm still making sure I have everything ready for Mad Monday tomorrow. I so hope I survive it- I'll update you later!!

Be happy,
Love Janine xxxx

Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Friday!!

Two weeks down...eight to go!!!

Hey there,

Life is still zipping along. I've been busy this week with lots of school related things. I had a 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' today with my pre primary class. I was fantastic. All the kiddos brought in their teddy bears and we made lots of yummy goodies this morning. Then this afternoon we spread out a huge picnic rug and the kiddos and their teddies had a picnic with all the goodies we had made- it was excellent. I took lots of photos however I'm unable to share them- for obvious reasons!!! Great day!!!
Another reason I had a great day... my girl won the cross country!!!!
Woo hoo Sarah!!! She will now be off to the inter school cross country on August 12th- yee haaa!!! Proud Mumma!!!

OK- in my last post, I forgot to award this on

I read lots of blogs, in fact I could spend all day blog hopping...I love it.... so there are HEAPS of blogs I could very easily award this to... however I've decided only to give it to bloggers whom have not received it before.... so ....
taaa daaa...
without further ado.....
the awards go to...


Here are the Award Rules:
1. The winner can take the logo
2. Place a link to the person that send you the award
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy
4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.
5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award.

I didn't follow all of them..but you can (if you want)!!!

No scrapping to share as I've been sewing for Mel's sewing swap. I posted off a parcel today to here!!! Emma is so super excited- it is so wonderful to see. The other parcel will be hand delivered to here!

Anyway- I'm going to go and sit at my scrapping table and see if inspiration hits me!!!
Have a great day.

Love Janine xxx