Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sneak peak...

Okay- I received the nod from the head honcho herself that I'm allowed to give you all a sneak peak of the chipboard goodness that will be coming your way in about a week!!!

Believe me- they are sugar coated yumminess!!!!
J xxx

Happy Tuesday!!

I love holidays!!! I can't believe that it is Tuesday already- school days never go this quick!!!

Yesterday I woke with a mission in mind - gardening!!! It was a glorious day here so we all went and worked in our garden. Adam fixed all the reticulation sprinklers that some naughty fur baby had chewed- RUSTY!!!! The girls and I weeded - and if I may say so myself, we did a fabulous job!!! Our garden bag is now full and our garden looks so much better. So...as a reward I took the girls to see Wild Child in the afternoon!! The girls loved it!! We had a few extras with us- as always and everyone loved it!! After the movie Sarah ended up back at Grace's house with Grace and Kaitlyn so Emma and I headed to Bunnings and bought a heap of new plants and mulch. We then headed home and planted all our new plants. Happy, happy, happy!!!!

This morning we went off to Aquajetty to meet my friend Linda and her kids who are here on holidays from Albany. The kids swam and Linda and I caught up over coffee!!! More happy, happy, happy!!!

This afternoon I have caught up on a few odd jobs that I had to do so...now I'm ready to scrap tonight!!! I really do need to get scrapping as I've only done two of Kim and my holiday challenges!!
Here is-
K4 Create a layout using a ‘group’ photo. There must be more than 4 people in the photo.
This group photo is from the last Scrapboxx retreat!! I'm in the photo- right on the left, with the black and white long top on (not looking at the camera- ops).

I can also share another of the Scrapboxx whispers as well- this one is #2.

Okay- I'm off to cook dinner for the hungry mob and scrap some more!
Hope your day is happy!!
Love Janine xxxx

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy, happy Sunday!

Actually it started as happy, happy Saturday!!!

I was up bright and early on Saturday morning to go (woo hoo) scrap shopping with my partner-in-crime!!! We had a ball! We well and truly stocked up our scrapping supplies!! Taylah and Emma came with us. I didn't have Sarah as she had slept over at Grace's house. It was great- I stocked up on heaps and heaps of delicious scrapping goodness!!! Oh I LOVE scrap shopping!!!

I had to have Emma back here by the time acrobatics started ( 12noon) and we were only a few minutes late (ops). All in all a fabulous morning!!!

I offered for Taylah to stay and play with Emma for the afternoon, Grace and Emily stayed as well so I had five gorgeous girls all afternoon and they were no problems. They made biscuits first, then dressed up, then played outside and finally scrapped some pages. All good!!!

Okay- here is my entry for week six of Scrapping Outback's Chipboard School. This week's teacher was Raechelle Bellus and we had to use tulle and layers of ink and embossing powder to texture our chipboard. Here is mine-

It is actually done on lace card stock.

Here is a close up of my butterfly. The top butterfly is the one that I have layered with ink, embossing powder and tulle. The bottom butterfly is inked and embossed with sparkly embossing powder and had bling added. I've added some actual tulle to my LO as well to give an extra layer of wings to the butterfly.

I am having so much fun and learning heaps from this chipboard school. I'll be very sad when it finally comes to an end.

The holiday challenges. I've only completed one challenge so far-
J2. Scrap lift a LO from the Scrapboxx DT gallery.

This is a scrap lift of one of Ali's gorgeous LOs- Thanks Ali- I hope you don't mind! Mwah!!!

On to happy, happy Sunday- we started the day with yummy pancakes for breakfast. We all then had a relaxing day- the girls played very happily with each other today, they even made up a play that Adam and I had to go and watch!!! Me...well I scrapped all day today but not my holiday challenges. You may remember I said that I was asked to scrap some LOs for a very talented scrapper who was releasing her own line of chipboard products- well, that's what I did today, therefore I can't share ....yet!!! Soon I hope!

More happy news- I was so very proud of my gorgoeus Sarah tonight- she was an altar server at Church for her first time tonight. I was so proud!!! Proud Mumma!!!!

Anyway- must buzz- I'm hoping to still scrap some more tonight!
Stay safe and I hope your week is wonderful!
Love Janine xxx

Friday, September 26, 2008

Holidays... YIPPPEEEE!!!

WOO HOOO- the holidays are here!!! I love school holidays!! School holidays not only mean time off school but that Kim and my school holiday scrapping challenge is on again!!!
Here they are...the long awaited holiday challenges!!!!

K1 Create a layout that has at least 3 photos on it
K2 Create a ‘baby’ themed layout
K3 Create a layout that is black & white with one other colour
K4 Create a layout using a ‘group’ photo. There must be more than 4 people in the photo.
K5 Create a layout about a holiday in the past (not photos taken after the start of this challenge)
K6 Use the following on a layout;
1 x patterned paper
2 x photos
3 x different alphas
4 x brads or eyelets
5 x flowers
You may use more than this but all of the above must be included.
K7 Do you have an obsession, a ritual or some dirty little secret? Something that you are compelled to do or something that makes every day that bit more bearable? Show us in a layout!

K8 Use a combination of your oldest and newest products on one layout.
K9 Use your computer to enhance your layout. You can print titles or journalling, use clip art, digitally alter your photo etc..
K10 Use one of the September sketches from

J1. Scrap a non-layout i.e. card, note book, mini album, off the page item etc.
J2. Scrap lift a LO from the Scrapboxx DT gallery.
J3. Use paint to make your own pp then scrap a page using your pp. You can also use stamps etc with the paint.
J4. Scrap a LO using photo/s that you have not taken yourself.
J5. Try something new (well, for me anyway) –try quilling and use it somewhere on a LO. There is an article about quilling in the latest FK.
J6. Scrap a LO that contains “FRUIT”- the fruit may be in the photos, on the pp or an embellishment.
J7. Scrap a LO using pink and blue as the main colours (blame my kids- I got them to pick a colour each!)
J8. Look around your house and find an item that inspires you. Now scrap a LO using that inspiration. When uploading the LO, upload a photo of the item of inspiration.
J9. Take a photo TODAY (the day you intend to do the LO), scrap the photo straight away and include the word TODAY on your LO.
J10. Use a movie title as your LO title.

Feel free to join in with us!!!
Have a great evening-
Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OMG- Broome ...here we come!!!

I complained to Adam the other night that I needed a holiday- LOL- what I really meant was that I was over working full time and couldn't wait until the school holidays (which are only two days away- wooo hooo) well.......

My super fantastic husband came home after work tonight with an itinerary for a family getaway to Broome- these school holidays!!! Yeee haaaa!!! All booked and paid for- yipppeee!!
So.....we are off to Broome for 5 days!!!! YAY!!!! The girls are super excited!!!!

I've been online already, checking out the details to book a sunset camel ride along Cable Beach for us. Adam has already booked himself on a boat to go barramundi fishing- woo hoo- I so can't wait!!!
Has anyone been to Broome?? Any tips on places to visit, things to do- I'm all ears!!! I hope to pack 10 days worth of tourism stuff into five!!!

I hope your day has been wonderful too-
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, September 21, 2008

5 days to go....

Woo hoo- only five more school days until the holidays (four for the girls)!!! Yippeeeee!!! Kim and I will be doing our usual holiday scrapping challenge so 'watch this space'- the challenges will be up here soon. Don't forget- anyone is most welcome to join us- in fact, the more the merrier!!!
Hey Maursie and Kylie - are you joining in again?????

Hmm, what have I been up to this week???

Thursday- Adam and I saw Taken staring Liam Neeson- OMG what a movie, very full on and eye opening (especially if you have daughters) .

Friday- Basketball- Emma's division doesn't have finals, instead they finish off the season with a round-robin competition. All the U10s were given a medal for their efforts- cute isn't she??
If you look closely- you may be able to see that she has lost another tooth. Both front top teeth are now out!!! I love it when she smile- looks as cute as a button!!!
Sarah had two games of basketball- both finals games. If they won, they proceeded to the grand final, if they lost, they were out. Unfortunately both the games she played- they lost- so there will be no basketball for us next week (yay) although we may go down and watch the finals.

Saturday night- the girls, Aunty Lorraine and I went to see Beauty and the Beast at The Regal Theatre. Aunty Lorraine came in Adam's place as he went to a 30th birthday party that we were invited to. We had a great time. We arrived in Subiaco early and went out for dinner- yummo and then on to watch the show. The show was fantastic- we all loved it. I loved Lumiere the best- he was fabulous!!!!

Sunday (today)- Mum and Dad came up here for lunch. They had some paper work that I had to read through and sign so bought lunch up with them. It was a perfect day for staying home and indoor as the weather here is overcast, miserable and windy. Mum bought up a delicious lunch so we lounged around and ate ourselves silly!!!

Mum and Dad have gone now so I've just uploaded my week 5 entry for Scrapping Outback's chipboard school. This week's teacher was Iris Babao Uy and it was all about layering on chipboard. Some of my chipboard flowers have been painted, stamped, had a decorative washer and bling added and then coated with DM. The chipboard heart had been crackled, had glitter glass added and then a crown brad added on top. I've used lots of other bits and pieces too- buttons, bling, brads, pp, glitter glaze, acrylic shaped, glitter glass, ink, paint- it was all so much fun!!!

Some close up photos-

I can't wait to see what we have to do for week 6.

Both my kiddos haven't been 100% well this week- temperatures and chesty coughs. Fortunately Panadol has been keeping it under control and both have woken up this morning much better- yay!! I don't like it when my kids are sick- I would much rather be sick myself than have them under the weather.

Enjoy your week and remember to check back for our holiday challenges.

Love Janine xxx

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hump day...

I only have seven more school days until the holidays- woo hoo!! The girls only have six!!!!
Yee haaa- bring on the holidays!!!

Here is my Week Four entry for Chipboard School over at Scrapping Outback. This week's teacher was Louise Nelson and we had to cover our chipboard with non-scrapping items!! This really took me out of my comfort zone. Some people were very creative and used band aids, dish cloths, bandages, floor polish, raffia, 100 & 1000s etc- I remained a little tame!!
I love this photo of Adam and the girls from Father's Day so I used a Golden Book we had called "Butterfly Kisses" which is based on the song 'Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle. I tore pages out and covered my butterfly and my chipboard corner. I then used a pink serviette on the chippie heart. Not as adventurous as some of the others however I'm pleased with how it turned out.

A close up.
We now have Week Five's lesson so I'm busy planning that LO!!! I do have some good news- my LO "Hold a True Friend" was equal winner for the weekend assignment - woo hoo!!! I think I win a chippie pack prize!!!
More good news - I have had a LO accepted for publication from Creative Keepsakes in the Aussie Gallery- woo hoo, my very first acceptance to CK- doing the happy dance!!!
Not so good news- my little possum, Emmy, is full of a cold. Poor little thing-my kiddos are rarely sick so I'm hoping she is fighting fit really soon.
Anyway- I hope your hump day has been good. Enjoy the rest of the week!!
Love Janine xxx

Monday, September 15, 2008

Kylie is AWESOME!!!

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to win a "Kylie Original" in a draw on her blog! Well just look at this stunning layout that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon!!! How lucky am I??? I LOVE it!!!!

Believe me- it looks even better IRL!!
Thank you so much Kylie- you are an absolute gem!!!!
Have a great day!!!
love Janine xxx

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a great day!

Today Kim and I took our girls plus an extra (Emily and Sarah's friend Hayley) to The Da Vinci Machines Exhibition. We met at the train station and took the train into Perth. Quite fortunately the shops were open so we did a bit of shopping before we went and had some lunch. After lunch and a bit more shopping (Oh I love shopping!!) we walked down to Langley Park for the exhibition. It was great- lots of interesting things to look at, things to touch and play with and things to built. We spent a good few hours there looking, playing and building!!! Here are some random shots -

*Outside the exhibition.
*Em and Taylah playing with some pulleys.

*Emily, Sarah & Hayley after they had built the smaller version of the bigger bridge behind them.
*Flying the parachutes that they had made!
After we left we made a stop in here- The Ye Olde Lolly Shoppe- yummo!!! I bought myself a bag of popping candy- do you remember popping candy!!!!! LOL!
It was such an enjoyable day. These five all got on so well- gorgeous little cuties!!! *Here they are all lined up on the train platform waiting for the return train!!
Thanks Kim, Emily, Taylah and Hayley- we had a fantastic day!!!
I also have some scrapping to share. I'm still working on my week four LO for Scrapping Outback's Chipboard school- we have an extension this week until Wednesday however we were given a weekend assignment. It wasn't compulsory to do but I did it and boy did I have fun!!! We had to complete a project that had a quote on it!! I started my LO Friday night and finished it last night. We didn't have to use any chipboard techniques but I loved Sandra's graduated colour technique from week one so much- I used it again!
The LO is actually circular, I have just put it on a piece of white card stock to photograph it.
Here is a close up- the butterfly wings are grunge board which I have used the graduated colour technique on. I have then used a HS clear butterfly and placed it over the top (bent up) to give a 3D effect. I was really pleased with how this LO turned out!!!
That is about it for today. It is Sunday night which means I have uniforms to iron. Woo hoo- only two weeks left until school holidays (not that I'm counting!!!)
Have a wonderful week. Stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Phew- what a week!!!

What a full-on week we have had!!!
Let's recap-
Monday- we had a very yukky incident at school- quite fortunately not directly involving me however it occurred in our Pre Primary centre. Our PP centre is very open, two classrooms with shared toilets and a kitchen in the middle and the ugly incident happened in the other PP so due to the openness of the centre, myself and my students could hear what was going on- I can't go into it too much but it involved a very angry parent, lots of shouting and choice language, crying children and gob smacked teachers. Not nice at all.
My day improved however when Emma came out of jazz later in the afternoon- my clever little chookie was awarded Honours for her jazz exam and received a gold medal- proud Mumma!!!

Tuesday- my school had their open night from 3:20 until 5:20 and my girls' school also had their open night (5:00- 7:30) - I left home at 7:50 that morning, taught all day, stayed for my open night then shot straight across to the girls' school, to their open night-phew!!!! It actually was alright, my open night went very smoothly and the open night at the girls' school was fantastic.

Sarah and her two gorgeous friends, Grace and Beth performed a song. Sarah and Grace played their clarinets and Beth played her flute and I know I'm bias...but they were sensational!!! Proud Mumma again!!!
Emma danced with the Junior Dance Troupe, the same dance that they danced in August at the Performing Arts Festival- they too were magnificent. Still a proud Mumma!!!

Wednesday- the day went okay until after school one of the Mums came back into the PP (we had already dismissed the children) to tell me that another mother had had a go at her (verbally) about a school related incident- arrrrr, what is it with some parents.

So on Thursday morning I have to ring the mother involved and sort out/calm down the situation- just what I needed to start the day- NOT!!!!

After that Thursday and Friday actually ran quite smoothly- yay!!!

Over the past few nights I have been doing this LO-
It is actually done on a transparency. I have been wanting to do one of these pages for ages so, taa daa....

I had so much fun with this LO!! Here is a close up of the cute little birdie!!!

Wooo hoo- three wonderful ladies have all awarded me the same award! Thank you so much Kim, Maursie and Kathleen!!!

The rules for the award are -
(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated

So....I award this on to- (in no particular order)
Nic P-
....all because I love seeing what they are creating on the scrapping front and I also like to keep up with what they are up too - oh sound like a stalker don't I?????

Anyway, I really must go- the girls and I are off to their netball wind up!!!

Have fun and stay safe!
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, my Dad and my father-in-law!! In fact- Happy Father's Day to ALL the Dads out there! I hope you all had (are having) a wonderful day! Double celebrations to my Dad- Happy Birthday for yesterday Dad!!!
I took a few snaps out in the garden this afternoon and here is one of my favourites- gorgoeus isn't it!! I have printed it off already...now it is just waiting to be scrapped!!!

The girls were up early this morning (far too early for my liking- LOL) to give Adam their pressies! He received a lovely selection of school made things plus school stall bought things. We don't usually make a big thing of presents for Mother's/Father's Day however I was in Harvey Normal yesterday waiting for some photos and I happen to see a Wii game that I liked the look of...so I bought it!!! It is called Playground and it is so much fun. Adam and the girls have been challenging each other on and off all day today!!! Totally cool fun!!! The kids love it ...and so does the big kid!!! LOL!!!

As I said in my last post, Nicole has been cracking the whip big time this week over at Scrapping Outback's Chipboard School.
We had to do ALL of the following-
*cover chipboard letters in alfoil, etch a pattern in the alfoil, apply paint then remove some of the paint so paint stayed in the groves- IYKWIM.
*distress chipboard.
*paint around the edges of chipboard.
*use paint on our background.
*and complete ALL of the above using a given sketch!!!
I told you she had the whip out- LOL!!
Here is my end result...

and a close up of some of my techniques.

I am really pleased with how my LO turned out. I am really enjoying Chipboard School! I can't wait to see what week four's lesson brings!!! Roll on Tuesday!!!

More sharing- here is my September scrapjack. This month we got to scrapjack Nikala O'Brien.
I love Nikala's LO and I'm pleased with how mine has turned out!! Thanks for the inspiration Nikala!!!
I have also completed #1 and the last of the Scrapboxx whispers however I can't share yet- hopefully soon! I'm a bit sad that I have finished all of the whispers- I thoroughly enjoyed doing them and now have four LOs that I'm extremely happy with.

I must keep moving- I still have uniforms to iron for tomorrow (groan).
I hope your week in wonderful!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just because...

Here is a LO I scrapped 'just because'. I love 'just because' layouts!!

I'm busy scrapping away tonight on this week's entry for Scrapping Outback's chipboard school. This week's teacher Nicole has cracked the whip big time and we are working away hard!!! I'll share when I've finished! Also- big CONGRUTULATIONS to Nicole, for getting one of those phone calls from SM- wooo hooo!!! WTG!!

In other news-
*Sarah received a 'certificate of merit' for her clarinet playing in the Performing Art Festival. Proud Mumma. The school have asked her to play at the open night next week! :)

*Both my amazing talented girls were awarded a GOLD medal for their efforts in their Hip Hop exams!! Proud Mumma!

*I was thrilled to win a blog comp on Kylie's blog- yee haaa I've won a 'Kylie' original!!! Woo hoo - thanks Kylie, I'm absolutely super excited!! Happy Mumma!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Love J xxx
Remember this LO? I was really happy with it IRL but every time I looked at it on the net, the word 'AMAZED' just seem to get lost in the pp- so I've added a piece of torn black pp under the title just to have it stand out a little clearer!! Much better huh???

Monday, September 01, 2008


I have, again, dutifully completed my homework for this week's Chipboard School over at Scrapping Outback. This week's teacher was the very talented Rachelle Minnett . Our homework was to stamp on chipboard. I've used a script stamp and then embossed it with the same holygram sparkle embossing powder that I used last week.
I am really enjoying being involved with this chipboard school and can't wait to see what tomorrow's lesson is!!! Yee haaa- bring it on!!

In other news- my big brother Brad, his wife Georgie and my two gorgeous nephews, Matt & Jack flew in from Singapore on Saturday night. Adam picked them up from the airport and we stayed up chatting and drinking wine until close to 2am!!! I haven't seen Georgie, Matt or Jack since we were in Darwin 18 months ago. Brad flew out to Port Hedland this morning but Georgie, Matt and Jack are still here. Georgie cooked the most scrumptious chicken curry for dinner tonight- YUMMO!!!
Look what Georgie brought for us- a big bag of Hershey's Kisses. I've never eaten them before but let me tell you- they are delicious!!! LOL- not many left!!!

More good news- Scrapboxx announced the dates for its March retreat today and YAY I've booked my bed- wooo hooo, doing the happy dance! The Scrapboxx retreat is absolutely fantastic- such a wonderful weekend and I so can't wait!!! Yippeeeee!!!
And finally, I just wanted to share....
Emma has been busy working on her 'Under The Sea' project which was due today. There were lots of parts to the project however this was the best bit- she had to make an 'under the sea' diorama. Now how gorgeous is this!!! I was so proud of her- I think she has done a wonderful job- my clever chickie!!!

Any way- must zip! Have a great day!
Love Janine xxx