Friday, February 29, 2008

29th February

I just had to put up a quick post tonight- being the 29th of Feb and all! I won't get a chance to post on this date again for four years!!!!

I have been busy but at the same time had a great week. On Tuesday Adam and I caught up and had lunch with our friends who are over here from Sydney. Then on Thursday Adam and I went shopping for Emma's birthday presents! I've nearly finished her birthday shopping, just one more present to pick up and I'll do that in the morning. I have to buy wrapping paper tomorrow too- to wrap all Emma's pressies!!!

I have some scrapping to share- hopefully I'll get a chance to photograph my LOs tomorrow.

Have a great February 29th!!! (Happy birthday Marina!)

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The party is over....

and we all survived!!!
In fact it was an easy peasy party!!! Emma invited three friends, Morgan, Taylah & Kira, there was Sarah and Emma of course and Taylah's sister Emily came too (she's Sarah's friend!) so that was six kids in total- a very manageable lot too! They arrived at 1.30, we fed them at 1.45ish, cake at 2.15 and then we headed off to the circus about 2.40ish. The circus started at 3 and their parents picked them up at the conclusion of the circus at 5.15 - too easy!!!
Here are a few snaps from today (I took about 225 photos :0)
My gorgeous girls before the party started.
The cake- bright animal cupcakes arranged in a numeral 8.

Emma blowing out her candles.
Cutie clowns!!!

Emma after the circus!!
Both my kiddos are in bed now- exhausted after a great day. I'm heading off to bed very soon- one tired Mumma here too!!!
Have a great week and stay safe!
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have some scrapping to share!!! I'm still scrapping without obligation and LOVING it!!!

This LO is from an online class that I participated in over at Scrap World last Saturday night. The teacher was Alice Fettling and I have a feeling that the scrapping world is going to see a whole lot more of her work. She is only 18 (or there abouts) and such a fantastic scrapper!!! Thanks Alice- I really enjoyed your class. (woo hoo- I won a prize too!!!)
My little girl will be eight soon! Emma's birthday isn't until March 3rd however the Joseph Ashton Circus leaves Rockingham this Sunday so we are having an early party for her. Emma is having three gorgeous friends come over and then we are taking them to the circus!! I can't wait. Emma has already picked out her birthday cake so stay tuned for photos after Sunday!! I'm really looking forward to going to the circus again, we went last year and it was fantastic!!!
Not much else to report- life is busy but life is good!!!
Stay safe,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just a quick post...

Phew- what a weekend!!!
We are now home and VERY exhausted!!!! Sarah played for the Rockingham Flames in a weekend carnival. Her team played two games of basketball yesterday. Sarah couldn't play in the first game because it clashed with acrobatics, the team lost by 7 points. They had a second game in the afternoon (which Sarah did play in) -close game which they managed to win by 6 points. Another game this morning- what a thriller- neck and neck the whole game and they ended up winning by 1 point- 1 point!!!!! Then this afternoon there was a fourth game- an easier game which they won by 23 points (I think).
So after playing so well Sarah's team made the finals!!! YAY!!
Unfortunately they got beaten in the finals, well flogged actually! Sarah played really well and scored 5 of the 12 goals her team got in the final. However now- she is totally shattered and ready for bed! An early night for us all tonight I think.
Here are a couple of action shots from today!

Here she is with her runner up medal- a happy girl!!
I do have some scrapping to share however I haven't taken photos of the pages yet and I'm not going to tonight- too tired. Maybe tomorrow.
Have a great week and stay safe.
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello good people,

I so hope you have had a wonderful day today!
Boy did I have one busy day!! I was planning to scrap. I have a LO nearly finished on my scrapping table but alas it is still sitting there. I had put a load of washing on this morning and was putting some clean washing away when I walked into Emma's disaster zone- her bedroom! Unable to get her wardrobe door open properly to put the clean washing away, I had a mini hissy fit and decided her room needed a 'wheelie bin clean'. So for the next 5 1/2 hours, Emma's room was totally overhauled. My wheelie bin is now FULL. I took two large garbage bags of 'stuff' to the Salvos, I have a big pile of things, mainly books, to go to my cousin's little girl and another pile of things that I'll take to my pre primary tomorrow. Phew- Emma's room now looks SO much better and despite the fact that I didn't get any scrapping done, I feel so much better that I did this. Nothing like a good throw out!!! LOL!!!

Valentines Day- Adam was sweet and bought me chocolates- yummo! I was sneaky and snuck a little note and a heart shaped chocolate into the girls' lunchboxes. Then tonight after a delicious dinner I had organized a special treat for the four of us! I cut up strawberries, pineapple, bananas, had marshmallows, cream, heart shaped chocolates and chocolate fondue!!! It was scrummy. The girls thought it was fantastic as the fondue set came with cute little forks to drip your goodies into the chocolate with. I must was DELICIOUS!!!
We haven't started yet, just waiting for the chocolate to melt. Check out the cute forks!

Chocolate has melted- and we were ready to dig in!! :0)

Over at Scrap World, they are running a 'calendar girls' competition. You only have to do one LO per month (I can handle that!!! ) Here is my entry for January. I kind of like the idea of of having a LO that covers everything we do in a month- great reference page!!!

No other scrapping to share however I do have some news. Sarah has been selected to play for Rockingham in an Under 12 (girls) basketball carnival this weekend. She is really wrapped because all Rockingham teams are called the 'Rockingham Flames' and she'll be given a Flames uniform to wear!! I'm really pleased that the weather forecast has been amended and it won't be as hot as first thought! I will definitely take my camera to get some action snaps!!

More news- Sarah has been selected as 'Student of the Week' for her class. She has to present a talk about herself tomorrow in class. I would love to be there to hear her and to see what she says! I'm sure she'll do well and I know she'll fill me in after school.

Anyway, must is bed time for me!!!
Stay safe and BE HAPPY!!!

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Woo hoo- I have some scrapping to share.

I think these are the first lot of 'first day of school' photos I have actually scrapped!!! I wanted to scrap both using a similar theme and I'm pleased with how these have turned out. I am going to get the girls to fill in the information themselves but when I wanted them to do it they were out helping Adam in the I'll get them to do that bit later.

I happened to snap this photo on Christmas Day. Adam's Dad loves taking photos and each of his boys have a big album full of photos from their childhood. I'm not sure how it came about that Sarah and Adam were looking through his album...but it was worth a photo...and a LO.
I love this photo of Emma and Rusty. They both look so happy!!!
School is back in full swing, so are after school sports/activities. We have another full on year but hey, you get that. All is good.
I have booked two classes at the Scrapboxx retreat. Yee haaa, I doing a class with the talented Sheree McGee and one with SM master Mel Nunn. I'm really looking forward to the classes AND the retreat. Not long now!!!!
I have designed my retreat tag, now I just have to make another 49 of them!!! Will have to get into it, this year I am determined not to leave my tags until the last minute!!!
Before I go...check this out. Here are two shirts that I bought yesterday- the black owl t-shirt for me and the pink owl long sleeved t-shirt for Sarah.
Pretty cool aren't they! Who do you think is copying whom. Is fashion following scrapping trends- owls are 'in' at the moment... or do scrapbook companies take their cue from fashion??? Million dollar question hey? What do you think?
Anyway, must fly..... I still have a squillion things to do before I sit down and watch 'Kath & Kim'.
Have a great week,
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back in the land of the living....

Hi-de-ho good people!!!

Phew- so much has happened in the past week that I'm not sure where to start! Point form might be easier!!

*I'm back at work. The school year has officially begun. So far it seems as if this year is going to be a good one. I have a lovely class and all is going well so far.

*My poor Mum- she drove up to my house very early Friday morning to look after my girls for me however had her overnight bag and handbag stolen before she even left her carport. Mum put her things in her car (which was parked IN her carport) went inside to tell Dad she was heading off and before she got back to her car (under a minute) her things were gone. Some thug was obviously watching her and has seized the opportunity to take her things- she was devastated and when she arrived at my house was still terribly upset. Rotten %$*#@***!!

*Friday night, Adam and I went to The Police concert. WOW- wonderful, wonderful music however where we were sitting was stifling hot. Coupled with the fact that I had a few wines (in hindsight I should have stuck to water) and not much dinner- before the concert was over, I felt revolting. I had a splitting headache and felt overwhelmed by the heat. We ended up moving and sitting on a grassed area and just listened to the music. This 'yukko' feeling lasted for days and I did wonder whether I was suffering from heat stroke. Another friend of mine (who wasn't at the concert) had similar symptoms to me and she ended up going to her doctor who told her she had a whatever I had, it was yuk but I'm slowly feeling better each day.

*The girls have started back at school. Sarah is in year 5 and Emma in year 3. Both have settled in beautifully, they are loving their teachers and I'm expecting another wonderful school year.
A quick 'first day' photo. Like the past five years, Adam took them on their first day as I had to be at my school.

*Scrapping- due to feeling 'yuk' over the past week I have only managed one page. Here is my February scrapjack. Jolene Pienaar was this month's jackee. Thanks Jolene for the inspiration!!

*Finally, due to the fact that I'm feeling better, I went on a shopping spree this morning with my partner in crime. We visited two yummo scrapping shops and filled our baskets with all sorts of delicious goodies. Not even the non stop rain dampened our spirits. So I'm off to play with some of my new goodies before I have to pick my kidlets up from school.

*Sine- I have posted your Heidi Swapp date stamp- if you haven't got it already, it won't be far away--- enjoy!

Anyway have a great day...
Love Janine xxx