Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Do you know the feeling, the one where someone does something for you because they want to...not because you have asked, not because you have hinted, not because you have whined, not because you have expected or demanded....just because they wanted to and they love you??? Well, that is the feeling that I have had for the past few day!!!...such a nice feeling!!! :) :) :)

I've also been busy today...and RUTHLESS!!! I have finally started sorting my scrapping area properly!! My scraping area is in our family room and visible to all. It is, unfortunately, the messiest area in my house-arrrrggghh!!
I'm so proud of myself, I have been so ruthless!!! I have got scrap stuff that is years old and I KNOW I will NEVER use it, yet I keep it......not any more!!! I haven't finished yet but WOW my area is looking so much better, cleaner and more usable already!!! I also have a green garbage bin full and a huge box of scrapping supplies to donate!!!
It is nearly time to pick the girls up from school so I'll leave you with just a few of the beach photos I took Sunday. I haven't even had time to edit them properly yet but I'm loving them already! I can see lots of happy scrapping hours ahead with these photos!!!
I hope your day is just as wonderful as mine! I'm off out to dinner tonight with some girlfriends- looking forward to that.. good food, good wine and good company- just what I love!!
Be happy,
Love Janine xxx
Oh and if you have a chance, check out the new site at The Boxx- Maria has done a fantastic job!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Sunday.

Firstly....Meet Miss Rani! Rani is staying with us while her Mummy and Daddy are off having a wonderful holiday in Phuket(Aunty Lorraine has gone too!). She is an old girl like Chloe and totally gorgeous!! Rusty must think he is in doggy heaven with two females living with him but believe me both Chloe and Rani tune the young whipper snapper Rusty in when he annoys them too much!!!

We picked Rani up on Friday after school and she will be staying for a two week holiday... the girls are thrilled ....three dogs to play with!!!!
Sarah and I went to see The West Coast Eagles play on Saturday night...hmmm, what a disappointing game it was. The Eagles got flogged by Geelong. We had this very nice but rather drunk Geelong supporter sitting near us and the more goals Geelong got, the more beers he drank!! He was a happy drunk however so all was good. It was way too cold, freezing infact so I was rather glad to get home.
This morning after a little sleep in I made the most delicious mushroom soup. I saw the recipe on Tamar's blog a week or so ago so made it first thing this morning and the house smelt delish all day while it slowly simmered away- YUMMO!! Thanks Tamar!!!
I also completed my Nic Anderson scrapjack today. I must say, I loved scrap jacking Nic as I love her style- right down my alley IYKWIM. Thanks Nic!!!!

Here is a close up of the flowers.
This afternoon I took the girls for a walk along the beach and took my camera too....the result.... about 260 photos of my girls!!!! They are still on my camera at the moment however when I download them I'm positive I'll have a heap of new photos to scrap- WOOOO HOOOO!!!
Not much else to report. I have a busy, busy, busy week ahead of me but hopefully I'll get back in a few days with some beach photos.
Stay safe and BE HAPPY!!!!
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wooooo hoooooooo!!!

I just have to say.....

I have the best, most wonderful husband in the whole wide world!!!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy, happy, happy!!!!

WOW- two posts in one day!! I'm having such a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY day and yet nothing out of the ordinary has happened- strange huh???
I was busy all day but for some reason I feel really content tonight- huh, I'm happy to go with it!!!!

I had two appointments today. Firstly I had an appointment to have my eyes checked- no deterioration in my eyes (good news) and new trendy, super cool glasses on order(more good news). I had an appointment to see Emma's teacher (more good news). I made appointments for the girls at the dentist (good news for me, maybe not for them- LOL), I booked Emma's First Reconciliation (good news), I booked an appointment for Sarah at the orthodontist (hopefully good news), I had afternoon tea with Aunty Lorraine (Aunty Lorraine flys off to Phuket on Friday -good news for her!!!!!), I cleaned and washed and vacuumed (good) and I cooked a scrummo yummo dinner( good!!) .... and I scrapped a LO (good, good, good).... so..... TODAY HAS DEFINITELY BEEN A GOOD DAY- I {love} good days!!!

Here is my LO-

I so hope your day has been good!!!
Love Janine xxxx

Banana photos as promised!!!

Here they are- B1 & B2. Cutest bananas I've ever seen!!

I love seeing the closeness that these two girls share. It is so warm and fuzzy to see! Friendship is a wonderful thing!

Sarah's assembly went off beautifully. The class said a poem about Australia that they had written themselves and then sang a medley of Australian songs- it was fabulous. The kids had to dress as something Australian- hence...B1 & B2. Merv Hughes was there, as was Dame Edna, a kangaroo and emu joined in as well!!! I was very impressed and you could just tell that the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves too! Great stuff!
I loved the photos so much I just had to scrap one of them!!!
Sarah played in another basketball carnival on Sunday. This time it was in Australind (near Bunbury). Adam went to Bunbury on Saturday to help Mum out with some things so instead of driving home, he stayed overnight. So on Sunday morning the girls and I drove to Australind and Adam met us there. The carnival went well. Rockingham beat Willetton 1 in the first game(23 - 11), then Willetton 2 in the second game (28 - 23) and narrowly lost to Lakeside in a third game(20-22). All in all, a good day. The rain was a bit of a pain- it rained and rained and rained. We drove down in the pouring rain- the rain was so heavy between Rockingham and Dawesville that it was very difficult to even see. I don't think the rain has stopped yet and it is now Tuesday!!! Good for some I suppose!!!
YAY- guess what.... Dad is now home in Bunbury!! Woo hooo! He is so happy to be home- the rest of us are too!! Dad is now able to be at home and can continue his physio in Bunbury- happy, happy, happy!!
More woo hoo news- I've booked myself flights to Kalgoorlie and back in a few weeks time for one of my bestie's 4oth birthday party. Adam and I ummed and arred about us all going however in this busy life we lead it was going to be too much hassle so.... I'm off on my own for a party weekend- YAY!!!
Talking about turning 40 -here is my very own 40 year old!!!
I really must go- I've several appointments today. I hope your day is happy.
Love Janine xxx

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Hey- guess what I've been doing????

No idea, huh?? Well I've been making B1 & B2 costumes!!! Sarah's class has their assembly item tomorrow and Sarah and her bestie are B1 & B2- you know, the Bananas in Pyjamas. I was trying to be slack and the hire costumes ...but (darn it) the costume shop didn't have any so what was a resourceful gal to do- yep, that's right...make them!!!
Sorry I have no photos to share yet ...I delivered B2's costume this afternoon so I promise I will take heaps of photos tomorrow.

In other news, Dad has now been moved to Bentley Rehabilitation Hospital for some intense physio. He should be home in Bunbury in no time- woo hoo. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

And I have some scrapping to share!! Yeeee haaaa!

Life is still busy- zooming along at a zillion miles an hour... so whatever you are doing.... think happy, be happy and hug your loved ones!!!

Take care,
Love Janine xxx

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm married to a forty year old!!!

Yes, today my wonderful husband turned forty!!! Happy Birthday Honey!!!! I met Adam when we were both 21 so we are getting close to have known each other for half of our lives- scary!!!
Due to "life" we didn't celebrate properly. Adam's Mum and Dad are on a round the world, three month holiday, my Dad is still in hospital, Mark is still not well and Mum and Brad are back in Bunbury so we decided just to celebrate quietly for Adam's actual birthday and then in a month's time we hope to celebrate bigger. (I'm 40 in two months so we thought if we have a 'party' in a month's time, it can be a combined fortieth- IYKWIM)
Anyway I couldn't let today go by without a photo of the birthday boy and his cake!!

I bought Adam a vintage motor bike, a Bantam, for his birthday, unfortunately it's not here yet. Dad is in a vintage bike club and helped me get the bike organized however with Dad still in hospital, things didn't quite work out... so Adam will have to wait a few weeks for his bike. I have told him it is coming and he is absolutely stoked. Hmm, I'm nearly tempted to get my motor bike licence so I can ride it!!!
Mum and Dad bought Adam a woollen underlay for our bed- we put it on bed last night- WOW- it is so comfy!! LOL- I benefit from that present as well!!!!
Adam had a very quiet start to his birthday this morning...it was just he and I!!! Woo hoo!
Emma's friend Kira had her birthday back in April however due to Kira's Grandma being quite ill, Kira's sleep over for her birthday was put on hold...until last night. I dropped Emma off at Kira's house about 1:30pm esterday and I didn't see her again until about 3:30pm this afternoon. She had a ball- they made jewelry boxes, they rode bikes, they rode Green Machines, they made pancakes from breakfast and they even went boogie boarding at the beach!! Emma came home saying it was the best birthday party ever!!!
After I dropped Emma off at Kira's yesterday, I went to pick Sarah up from Grace's house however Sarah and Grace had convinced Marlene to let Sarah sleep over ....so I came home childless!!!
Adam and I enjoyed a quiet night at home together. In fact it is the first night EVER, since having children, that we have spent the night and home without kids and without going out. We enjoyed take away, wine and some movies. Well... I watched the first movie by myself while Adam watched the football (grr Eagles). I watch 27 Dresses. I enjoyed it but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Adam and I watched P.S. I Love You together and boy oh boy was it the most wonderful movie- I bawled but it was the best movie I have seen in ages- I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I loved it so much I'm going to buy myself a copy of the movie- fantastic movie and very emotionally motivating.
The rest of today (without kids) I cleaned!!! This time my en suite got the once over! The rest of the house was dusted, cleaned and vacuumed, two loads of washing were washed and I even cooked a roast dinner for Adam (he did help with this- what a sweetie!) Dinner was scrummo yummo!
Okay- let me go back to Sarah- she has been offered a place at Iona!!! Her interview wasn't really an interview. When we got there on Wednesday, there were about 12 or so girls with their parents and the principal spoke to us all as a group. The girls had been pre selected and this was more of an information talk. Earlier this year we were required to send in information such as WALNA results and school reports...so the school had already selected these students and Wednesday was merely a meeting and information night. Sarah is super excited and Adam and I are very pleased also. I now have two weeks to pay Sarah's holding deposit!!! Woo hoo!
On the scrapping front I have scrapped a few LOs- nowhere near as many as I would like to have completed however I've been going up to the hospital to visit Dad on the days I don't work so it sort of cuts into my time. Never mind...family is more important. I haven't photographed any of the LO I have done... so I will do that soon- it won't be tomorrow as I work and after school, Emma has jazz and tap, Sarah has Flames basketball training and tap and Brad will be here for dinner and to stay the night as he flies out to Port Hedland on Tuesday... oh man, my life is non-stop!!!
Hmm, I can't think of anything else to say at the moment so I'm off to spent more time with my forty year old!!!! Be happy and stay safe!
Love Janine xxx
P.S. The Parthenon was the building Sarah built for her project- LOL- had she not told me I would have never known either!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hi all...

Hey- how good are you at Greek history??? Can you name this structure????

I have scrubbed out the name of this structure from Sarah's project so I can give away a RAK- everyone who answers correctly will go into a draw!! Come on...here's a hint...that is the Greek goddess of wisdom at the front!!!! (Kim G - you are not allowed to enter as Emily did the same project!!!!!)

How cool is this project!! Sarah is in year 5 and her class have been studying Greek mythology- I have learnt more in the past few weeks from Sarah than I ever knew from my own schooling!!! Their project was to construct one of four structures. Sarah absolutely loved doing hers- she chatted and told me all about the structure and the related Gods etc while she built it.

I went into Sarah's class this afternoon when I picked her up and I also checked out all the other kid's structures- boy some were fabulous!!! I really loved the Trojan Horses- that's what I wanted Sarah to construct however she had her heart set on constructing ???????. Go on, have a guess and you may win a yummo RAK- nothing to lose really. (I will post a RAK overseas too!!)

Not much else has been going on. As Mum is in Bunbury, I have been going up to see Dad every second day. (Someone has to do his washing as the hospital doesn't!) The last few times I have been in Perth I have been managing to squeeze in a bit of shopping (gotta love that!) I know this sounds terrible but I could shop everyday and not get sick of it!!!!

Tomorrow evening Sarah has her interview for Iona- the high school we have chosen for her. I am feeling very excited for Sarah, not at all nervous, for as much as I'm sad that my first born is growing older, I'm excited that she is beginning a new chapter in her life. I am comforted however by the fact that high school is still 18 months away despite her being interviewed now! I am not really worried about Sarah getting offered a place, in fact if I can sound conceited, I honestly believe this is just a formality. Still, it is very exciting for Sarah and she is in her own mini dilemma of what to wear- LOL!!!

What ever you are doing, I hope it is wonderful.
Have a safe and happy week.

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wild weather and a scrapjack!

Wow- Perth was hit with some crazy, wild weather yesterday. Here in Rockingham, there were trees and fences bought down, at least one roof was torn off and bins (in Port Kennedy) were thrown all over the place! The girls and I braved the weather to get hair cuts and then the girls had acrobatics....I can tell you, as soon as that was over we came home and stayed home!!!! Great day for being indoors!! Poor Adam, due to the nature of our business, (we own a communications company) he had plenty of call outs due to lightning striking and damaging telephone systems. So....he and his staff were busy, busy, busy yesterday. No damage to report here, just leaves, small twig branches and junk mail blown all over the place!!

Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned some more! YAY!!! Several more cupboards sorted and cleaned and my wheelie bin full again!!!
I did actually sit down and scrap last night- I realized that May's scrapjack was due at midnight last night so ...taaa daa....here is mine.

We were able to scrapjack Dee Heath this time and I really enjoyed creating this LO. Thanks Dee!!! This photo is an older one I found of Emma- this is at her 5th birthday party. I hired the most amazing face painter ever- RosieO - I would highly recommend her for birthday parties!!!

This afternoon the girls and I are going to visit Dad. Adam has driven to Bunbury to deal with some family issues- yes, my younger brother AGAIN! Brad (my older brother) is in Bunbury already. He went down on Friday to stay with Mum. I so hope things start to calm down and level out soon.

Hopefully your weekend is sailing along smoothly. We have a public holiday tomorrow so I hope to get some more scrapping and cleaning done.
Have a wonderful day!
Love Janine xxx