Sunday, February 25, 2007

Invites done!

Emma's party invitations are all finished and ready to be handed out! Now I just have to get my butt into gear and organized the actually party!!!!

Other news in our house- Emma lost her second tooth this afternoon- she was so excited. Oh I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget to come- LOL!!

Hmmm, it is really hot and sticky here today- not in the mood to do much scrapping. Oh well, maybe later on when it is a little cooler!


Janine xxx

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Qucik post!

Just a quick post- I have finished my LO for this week's Scrapapple challenge. This week we had to scrap a single page LO, using only one photo and concentrating of the photography. I love this photo of my girls at Sea World. We stood and watched the sharks (and other marine life) for ages. It was very relaxing!

I have also finished designing my tags for the Scrapboxx retreat- now I just have to make all 70 of them!!! Tonight I'm going to a DT/staff crop at Steph's Scrapbooking so I will take all my tag stuff and hopefully get a few done!

That's all for now- got to fly!

Live Janine xxx

Friday, February 23, 2007

Phew-slow down!

I know it is Friday but I feel like I'm still back about Wednesday!!! Gosh this week has gone fast and I haven't done half the things that I was planning to do!
Update my blog was on my list- grrr, I wrote a huge entry before and 'wham, whizzo' - it disappeared- grrrr.
So here is this week's happenings in point form!
* Sarah is now going to swimming training with the school. That means three mornings a week I have to have her at the pool just before 7.30. It just happens to be the same three days that I work so THANK YOU to Kim who takes her from the pool back to school for me!
*Sarah has been accepted into the school's dancing programme so from this week onwards I have to have her at school just before 8am on Thursday morning. Oh I'm so not a morning person!
*I didn't make it through to the final round of the Chookscraps Survivor challenge- never mind, life is like that. Full credit to the three ladies who have gone into the final round. Their work has been amazing and I can't wait to see what they product for the final round!
*I haven't yet completed this week's challenge over at Scrapapple. I have until tomorrow night so I had better get a move on!! I have printed my photo so I have made a start- just!!! LOL
*Kim and I went shopping (scrap shopping!) on Thursday and I now have all my supplies to make my 70 tags for the Scrapboxx retreat. That is coming around really fast- only two weeks to go.
*Between now and the retreat, Emma will turn seven! I have bought the supplies to made her invitations as we are going to have a small party for her next weekend.
Gosh I had better get busy- so much to do and so little time!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Janine xxx

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Yay- I have now finished my Chookscrap's OTP project and the card to go with it- and YES it is all safely uploaded!!
HOWEVER- how bizarre- you will never believe!!!
While I was fussing around on the computer trying to get my mini album organized to upload- a PM came in. Another member of Scrapapple's forum- Natchic (Natalie from Newcastle) sent me a message. She had seen my monogram on the Scrapapple site and----- her name is Natalie King and she has a daughter called Sarah too!!! How bizarre!!!

Ok- I have
now finished my Chookscrap's challenge- phew!

This card, which I gave to DH (LATE- whoops!!) was made out of my left over bits and pieces!
If you want to see the inside pages of the mini album you will have to go over to CHOOKSCRAPS and have a look!!!
It is very late (for me!!!) so I'm off to bed! Night all!
Love Janine xxx

Monogram finished!!!

This morning I had very little idea of what this monogram would look like- in fact, I had painted it blue because Sarah had asked for a blue 'S' !!! However this is how Sarah's monogram turned out- and I love it! Don't you just love it when a project is finished and you are happy with it!!! This is Scrapapple's week 4 challenge- and it is in 1 1/2 hours before closing time!! Woooo hooooo
Now I have to rush off and do my finishing touches to my mini book for Chookscrap's next Survivor challenge- I forgot to mention that I have to make a card as well- made with the left overs from our OTP project! Arrrrgggghhhh!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

STOP the world, I want to get off!!!!!LOL!!!

Yay- I have made it to the next round of the Chookscraps Survivor competition and I'm now down to the last four!!! I have to complete an OTP project by Saturday. It must be based on Valentine's Day and be mainly red and pink. It is NOT allowed to be a canvas and must be a gift for someone- hmmmm, I shouldn't be here, I should be scrapping!!!
Look at the cute blinkie Chookscraps sent me!

I also only have until Saturday to complete Scrapapple's week 4 challenge. That is a monogram- like a free standing one! Boy will I be busy!

So- have a great Valentine's Day everyone- woo hooo my hubby remember and bought me a card and choccies! I'm off to scrap!!

Love Janine xxx

P.s.- Did anyone notice that my blog now has caught up and says February 2007! Good blogger!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hi ho!

Well, here is my LO for the next round of the Chookscrap's Survivor competition. If you had asked me this morning how I was going with it I would have just given you a seriously panicked look!!! However tonight, I have finished it, I'm unstressed about it AND I'm happy with it! What's going on I hear you say-????

Let me fill you in....

This morning I knew that this LO was due but I also knew that both the girls had games of t-ball to go to and both had an acrobatics class to attend so my scrapbooking would have to fit in and around their active social life!!!!

After t-ball, I madly ran around like a chook with her head cut off, doing loads of washing, cleaning up, feeding kids etc but just as I was about to shoot out the door to acrobatics with the girls, I got a phone call from my friend Kim. She had just witnessed a car accident and she would be late for acro, could I please let her girls know- yes, not worries! The car in front of her had pulled out right into the path of another car, causing that car to roll. Luckily no none was seriously hurt in this accident.

However that phone call got me thinking.....

What if the car that had pulled out had of been Kim's or she had been the car that had been hit- how quickly life can change.

When I got home from acrobatics, I spent TIME with my girls. TIME tickling them, laughing with them and playing with them- and if my LO didn't get finished- well so be it!

I decided that I wouldn't start my LO until Adam got home and when I did start it, it fell in to place so easily AND I actually like it!! LOL!!!

Maybe it was a higher force telling me to focus on the important things and worry less about the non important things- I don't really know. All I know is that I'm very happy that I have a happy, healthy family and that the safety of my friends (and their families) is really important to me. Kim- I'm so pleased that it it wasn't you in that accident IYKWIM-

Please, everyone safe and take care and remember to focus on the big things in your life , not the little, unimportant things!

Love Janine xxxx

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Red, red and more red!

For anyone that knows me- I don't wear red, I don't dress my girls in red, I don't scrap in red- I don't dislike the colour but it is just not my colour! So imagine my horror when this week's challenge in the 8 week challenge over at Scrapapple was all about the colour red!!! We had to photograph something from our house that was red, scrap a single page LO in predominately red and we were not allow to include photos of people! Despite the lack of red in my house- I have finished my LO and uploaded already!!!!- it is not due until Saturday!!! Wooooo hooooooo!!!!!
Here is my RED LO! Thanks Kim for the lend of the red paint!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

Love Janine xxx

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Great news!

I am through to the next round of the Chookscraps Survivor competition! The comp started with 55 participants and now I'm in the final 6- woooo hoooo. We get our next challenge tomorrow!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

You QUACK me up!!!

With only about 50 minutes to spare, I finally finished and uploaded my entry for this week 2's challenge in Scrapapple's 8 week challenge. You had to do a single page 12x12 LO using at least four textured items. The theme was open. Here is my entry. I had lots of fun with it and I used up some of my stash. My textured items were eyelets, brads, flowers, HS jewels, safety pins and beads.
The cutie with the duck whistle in her mouth is ofcourse Emma. While we were in Surfers Paradise, we went on an Aquaduck. An Aquaduck is a very large truck thing which can drive on roads and also float- great fun. On board they were selling Auqaduck whistles- and yes, they make a funny sort of duck sound!- Emma loves hers!! TFL!
Oh- did anyone notice that my very weird BLOG now thinks it is January 2007- gggrrrr bad blogger!
Happy scrapping-
Janine xxx

Friday, February 02, 2007

Phew- what a busy week!

OK, let me start by sharing some photos from Australia Day.

How cute are these little Aussie Vegemite's??

After a very nice but hot weekend, I had to go back to work on Monday. Both Monday are Tuesday were 'Student Free Days'. I have now met my school's new principal and he seems very nice and very dedicated towards the education of the students at my school! Both days were really busy but they usually are so it was nothing out of the ordinary! My Mum looked after the girls on Monday and spoilt them rotten as usual. On Tuesday both girls went to Sarah's friend Grace's house. Grace has a pool so you can guess what the girls did for 99.9% of their time there!!!

Wednesday was the first day of school for my girls. It was also the first day the kids in my class came too so Adam took Sarah and Emma in the morning.I did manage to snap a few shots of them before they left! I was able to pick them up from school and both of them talked non stop about how wonderful their day had been. Emma is totally in love with her teacher and hangs on every word she says! Sarah has two teachers and thinks both of them are great- wooo hooo we are off to a great start to this school year.

I scrapped on Thursday (my only day off this week!) and completed my next challenge for the Chookscraps Survivor competition. Our criteria was to complete a LO about Christmas, use the colours blue/silver or purple/silver and have at least 100 words of visible journalling. Here is mine.I actually wanted the heart to be bigger but didn't have enough silver ribbon- doh! It is hard to see but the large silver letters, I have painted silver and then painted with a glitter glaze so they are actually glittery!

Friday I was back at work however I had no children-yay! I did prep work all day so that was a bonus!

Tonight Sarah had her first game of basketball for this year- yay, they won (just!)

I'm home now and I'm hoping I might get some scrapping done tonight. The week two challenge for the Scrapapple 8 week challenge is due tomorrow night so I had better start that!

Have a great night everyone!

Janine xxx