Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nearly packed....

I said I'd be back before we left to share my latest Project 365 pages.... so here they are-

April 11-

April 12-

April 13-

April 14-

I'm all up-to-date, except for today!!

We are nearly all packed. We have just over four hours until we are picked up. The girls are getting super am I!!!! I still have a few little things left to do but nothing major! I just can't wait to be sitting on the plane!!!

We are not taking a lap top with us. DH is buying a brand spanking new one so hope to be able to drop in here and say 'hi'....if we are not too busy!! We have a huge list of things we want to do and places we wish to visit. I think visiting Sentosa Island and having breakfast with the orangutans are top of the girls' wish list!! Both girls have a list of friends that they wish to buy a little something special for so I'm sure we will hit the shops too!!

Oh my- this time tomorrow I'll be in Singapore!! Woo hoo!!!

Talk soon.
Love Janine xxx


Julie said...

Hi Janine!...I know you've already left but hope you're having a fab time in Singapore!! Look forward to seeing some of your pics!

chrisw said...

OH you should be proud..Well done to your daughter ,that is just awesome!!

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