Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Back again...with my news!

Do you remember this page??

It says that we were getting our passports sorted with the intention of an overseas holiday very soon.....


we are off to SINGAPORE!!!!!

Woo hoo- I'm sooooo excited!!! I love holidays and I love travelling!! I am so thrilled to be taking my girls to experience a different culture!! I can't wait to take a squillion photos!!!

and we are going next week!!!

We fly out next Wednesday night (16th) and we are staying at the Holiday Inn Parkview which is right near Orchard Road!!!

I'm just a tad excited- can you tell???
I have already checked out a heap of places to visit and things to do however would love to hear any suggestions. We are there for 10 days so I hope to pack a heap of touristy things in!!!

Well that is my super exciting news- hope things are wonderful in your world.
Love Janine xxx

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Kylie M said...

Have a lovely holiday Janine!!
I'm sure it will be a fantastic experience for your girls.