Wednesday, July 08, 2009

HUGE Project 365 catch up!

Here are my pages to the end of May!

May 31st-

May 30th-

May 29th- done but won't be shown.

May 28th-

May 27th-

May 26th-

May 25th-

May 24th-

May 23rd-

May 22nd-

May 21st-

May 20th-

May 19th-

May 18th-

May 17th-

May 16th-

May 15th-

May 14th-

May 13th-

May 12th-

May 11th-

May 10th-

May 9th-

May 8th-

May 7th-

May 6th-

May 5th-

May 4th-

May 3rd-

May 2nd-

May 1st-

April 30th-

April 29th-

April 28th-

April 27th-

April 26th-
April16th- 25th...Singapore holiday- pages not finished yet!

April 15th-
Janine xx


Petrina McDonald said...

I was so worried your 365 project had fallen by the wayside...that darn facebook!!! Glad to see you are still going strong :)

Kathleen said...

Wow Janine, I cant believe ur still going!! Well done!! I saw some of ur LO's at Made with Memories the other night, gorgeous, you've got some beautiful girls :)


Allie Collyer said...

Janine I absolutely love your 365 layouts. This will be totally amazing to look back on. You seem to find something interesting every day too!

Little Snoring said...

Hi Janine

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway, hope you will visit again soon.

best wishes


ps. 365 days - Wow!!! What a great project!

Mardi said...

OMGOSH Janine....your 365 project must be looking amazing....what a wonderful record of the year...a true credit to you.
I hope all is well....xx

Veena said...

Praiseworthy you have a good Design and pattern for successful project

Anonymous said...

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